Four Ways You Can Use Video Marketing to Boost Sales and Make Your Clients Happier

Exciting things have been happening in the last year when it comes to online video. According to eMarketer, online video now reaches more than half of the U.S. population, and the market penetration continues to grow. And, for good reason.

Imagine for a moment, sitting down in front of your computer and doing product research for a Christmas gift you want to get for someone special in your life. Which is more likely to move you toward a buying decision — a written description of the product you’re considering or a short video showing you the product in action?

Chances are, the video promotion will have a stronger influence on your buying decision. According to sales reports by Zappos and Scribe Media, online video messages can increase sales conversions by as much as 30 percent.

Marketing with online video isn’t a trend you can afford to ignore. Those kinds of numbers can take your marketing campaign from perfectly acceptable to absolutely stellar.

Video is also flexible. There are many ways you can use online video to enhance your marketing campaign. Today I’m going to show you four methods to employ video for better lead generation and higher sales.

Using Video in Email

The first way to consider using video marketing is through email. By including links to videos in your email, you can increase your email click-through-rate and enjoy higher conversions once people are on your site. In a study conducted in 2009, researchers found that including video in an email typically doubles or triples the number of people who click-through.

As email delivery systems and security features become more sophisticated, it may become possible to reliably deliver video right into your audience’s inboxes. However, right now, the easiest way to use video in an email is to take a screenshot of your online video’s cover screen, complete with the Play button in the middle.

Then, place that image in your email and link it to the page where the video is available. The Play button on the image begs to be clicked, and when people click it, they’ll end up exactly where they expect to — on a website with the video they wanted to watch.

Email videos are a good way to share testimonials, to show before and after results that a product delivers, or to show a product in action.

Video Testimonials

Real, credible testimonials are one of the best ways to help a prospect envision how a product or service can help them. Imagine if a testimonial were more than just words on a page, though. Imagine if a happy customer was willing to lend their voice and personality to a short video testimonial. Talk about credibility!

The most successful video testimonials are almost like short case studies. The customer talks about the problem they had, what it was like to discover the solution, how your product or service helped them solve their problem, and the results they experienced.

The easiest way to produce a video testimonial is to conduct a brief interview on video with your client. Ask open-ended questions that get the client talking. Then, edit the video together into a coherent testimonial. Make sure you run the final product by the client for approval!

Then, include the video testimonial in your online promotions, on your website, or in your email messages.

Video Blogging

A video blog, or a vlog, is just what it sounds like. It’s an entry in your blog that uses a video of you talking to share your message instead of just using text on the page.

Incorporating video into your blog is great way to keep things fresh, to give people access to your personality, and to add strength to your message. According to Video Blog Marketing, adding video posts to your blog can help you keep 40 percent of the visitors on your site longer.

Plus, adding video to your blog can also help to boost your traditional search-engine rankings as well as give you a way to get positioned on video sites like YouTube, which are quickly gaining market share in the realm of search.

In short, if you aren’t using video in your blog, you’re missing out on traffic and you aren’t engaging as many visitors as you could be. Plus, video blogging is super simple. All you need is a webcam and something to say.

Video Promotions

Including video in your next promotion can get you bigger results. By adding video to your promotional materials, you could bump your click-throughs seven times over. That’s according to market research conducted by DoubleClick.

Potential buyers tend to be most receptive to promotional videos that are either informative in nature or that precede or follow an informative video. You can use this strategy to provide your prospects with useful information about your product or service, and then follow that video up with a short promotional clip that includes a clear call-to-action.

Whether you use video to promote your own services, or to help your clients generate more traffic and close more sales, video is simply one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. The question is, are you using it?

This article, Four Ways You Can Use Video Marketing to Boost Sales and Make Your Clients Happier, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: December 14, 2011

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  1. This article is right on the button. At Magicbuz we have found that online video marketing really delivers the goods. We have had huge success with cheap customer testimonials, perhaps even better than with expensive, slick commercials

    Guest (Mark)

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