Increase Your Prosperity with the Boomerang Effect

Here’s what most folks don’t understand about the writer’s life: It doesn’t choose you. You choose it.

Too many people think being a writer is preordained. Like you have to be born with an uncanny mastery over words to even earn the label “writer.”

It follows that they’d think the writer’s life, complete with money, freedom, and admiration, only comes to those preselected by fate.

I’m here to tell you, “NOPE!” That’s not it at all.

You have to choose this lifestyle … and there’s a lot more to it than being able to string together clever sentences.

And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out)

I didn’t know all this when I first tried my hand at copywriting. I saw an opportunity to write for a living, and I took it.

At the time, I mainly needed a way to pay off some debt. I also wanted to spend more time at home with my husband and two puppies.

And I’ll admit, the prospect of earning a lot of money just working from a home office was pretty appealing. After all, I had my wish list. A new car … trips abroad … nice furniture … chic clothes.

When the money started rolling in, I cashed in on that wish list. I paid my debts, bought my new car, vacationed on an island, filled my house with hand-crafted furniture, and packed my closet with designer clothes.

But still, I wanted more.

How High Will You Go?

One of the lessons I’ve always remembered from my days as a sociology student is this: “No matter how much money people make, they tend to always want more.”

It’s true. I’ve since observed it in myself, in friends, and in celebrities.

If you make $30K a year, $50K sure looks attractive. If you top six-figures, you think you’d be better off doubling that. If you’re already a millionaire, you wonder what it’ll take to get $2 million … or $5 million … or maybe even $10 million.

It’s a trick of the ego, really. Your ego is the part of you that only cares about what you want or need. It fixates on how much money you can make or how far you can climb up the corporate ladder.

Maybe it’s also a survival instinct, where you look out for yourself. Maybe it’s cultural. Regardless, it puts you on a path where you constantly chase after material things.

Your longing for greater wealth and prestige will continue to grow — unless you make a choice.

It has nothing to do with stopping at a point where you feel content. It has everything to do with recognizing just how much you have … and then giving it away.

How to Guarantee Good Things Will Come to You

Once you start giving, you’ll be admired. It’s more or less expected in our society when you start doing well for yourself. But, I don’t think you should give just to be admired. You should do it because it’s a smart move in a lot of ways.

For starters, consider the fact that giving improves your health. It also boosts your quality of life in a way money can’t. Giving expands your prosperity. It changes the lens through which you see the world. Instead of the common man’s view of always wanting and never having enough, it offers you the ability to step up and say, “I have enough, and I am happy.”

The funny thing is, once you do that, you end up with greater wealth and prosperity — not to mention happiness, love, security, loyal friends, and true connection.

This is known as the “boomerang effect” of giving. It’s where you recognize all that you have, whether it’s wealth or talent or simple joy, and you dole some of it back out into the world.

In exchange, you no longer have to chase after good things … because they come to you. It’s the scientific principle of cause and effect: you get what you give. So, no matter how small the gesture, the act of giving will boomerang back to you in some way.

I had this happen two months ago. After leaving a waitress a $50 tip (something I’ve never done before), I went home to find an email with an offer of a $1,000 project.

But, you don’t have to give just money. Consider the value of giving your time through volunteerism, or even giving someone else a kind word or a compliment.

Even saying “thank you” is an act of giving. Feeling gratitude for everything, from the roof over your head to catching a green traffic light on your way to the store goes a long way in amplifying your ability to appreciate life.

Overcome Your Scarcity Mindset

When you start living the writer’s life, you have to face the question of what you really need to be happy. You’re literally forced off the treadmill of life other people get stuck on, where everything is about showing up, earning a check, getting what’s needed to survive, and then doing it all over again … day after day.

Money is nice and all, but wouldn’t you rather live a life that matters? When it’s your time to go, wouldn’t you like to know you did something to change this world for the better?

The key is to start with yourself.

Ghandi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in this world,” is one of my favorites, and it couldn’t be more relevant.

Adopt a Giver’s Attitude — the well-known “Attitude of Gratitude” — and you’ll start to understand where your strengths lie. A path will take shape to lead you to your goals. You just have to take the first step.

But to get there, you must first overcome the common scarcity mindset that you don’t have enough and aren’t good enough. That’s a fear-based attitude, and it’s all too common among people who want to be freelance writers. Replace it with a giving attitude, and good things will start to boomerang back into your life.

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Published: December 29, 2011

6 Responses to “Increase Your Prosperity with the Boomerang Effect”

  1. Hi Mindy Great words of wisdom...
    now to apply them....

    Guest (Larry Pelley)

  2. Thanks Mindy,

    Excellent advice, well written, and, it works!

    Guest (Jean Thompson)

  3. That was one great piece of writing and wholesome advice Mindy. I loved it. ~~ Well written, from the heart and a true life lesson.
    God bless you for sharing this wisdom. Wish you a blessed New Year that transends you writing to greater heights and with even greater impact.

    Guest (Janet Anthony)

  4. This sounds terrific! How much does it cost?

    Guest (Kat)

  5. Nice, very good information on giving, for it is more blessed to give than to receive when it is from the heart.

    Guest (Will K)

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