Writing Confidence Soars When You Do This

Are you aware of the power you hold as a freelance writer?

I’m not talking about how you can change your own life so you can live where you want and write when you please. I’m talking about the ability to drastically improve the lives of others.

This became clear to me only recently. Because, instead of giving big tips to the service providers I employ, I did something a little different this year … I wrote copy for them.

For example, take Miriam. On Tuesday, I told you how she became an essential element of my productive process almost two years ago when she started cleaning my house on a regular basis.

I’ve since gotten to know her well, and I’m very aware (and appreciative) of her powerful organizational skills.

This year, instead of giving Miriam the usual holiday bonus, I made her a marketing brochure. I used every persuasive writing trick I knew to position her cleaning services above all the rest. I even traipsed over to the houses of neighbors who use her services and asked for testimonials.

I was a little unsure of how she’d take it … after all, when you’re expecting a nice fat check, it can be pretty disappointing to be given a flimsy piece of paper with some writing on it (or at least I worried she would see it that way).

Little did I realize just how much that piece of paper would mean to Miriam. Certainly, she was surprised at first. But to read the accounts of how much her cleaning services mean to her customers, and then to see her skills framed in a way that makes “cleaning houses” sound as important as leading a family from stormy waters to safety … well, I’m pretty sure it made her day.

If I’ve done my job right, that brochure will bring Miriam more clients and revenue than I ever could have managed in a single bonus check. I’ll have to wait and see.

Truth be told, this little gesture brought me more satisfaction than I bargained for. I figured it’d be nice to use my writing skills to help someone else, but I didn’t expect being part of something that could turn someone’s life completely around.

It wasn’t until after I gave her the brochure that Miriam confessed she had some financial challenges and that she needs new and reliable clients, fast.

Who knows? That little brochure could be a turning point in her life.

I know several freelancers who refuse to work for free because they’re afraid they’ll devalue themselves. Sure, in most situations you should charge for your services.

But, this is different. I’m talking about using your writing skills to launch the business dreams of someone who deserves it for the good work they’ve done for you.

You don’t even have to write up a whole brochure. Go on Angie’s List and post a glowing review. Write up a benefit-laden testimonial. Refer new clients by talking about your own good experience.

Essentially, use the power of your words to help others — that’s today’s gratitude lesson.

And just watch, you’ll wind up getting an even bigger boost in the end since your confidence will soar once you see the effect your writing can have on others. It’s called the “boomerang effect” — and you can read more about how it increases your prosperity in this article.

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Published: December 29, 2011

2 Responses to “Writing Confidence Soars When You Do This”

  1. Mindy, Thank you for the reminder that "the more you give, the more you get." Nice article and an excellent way to jumpstart the new year with positive mojo.


    Guest (Tim Cotroneo)

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