10 Reasons Why You Can Make $100,000 (Or More) This Year, Online

Hi. My name is Joshua Boswell. Recently, I accepted a daunting job … it’s the job of solving your biggest challenges in life.

I know that I can’t come to your house and give you solutions to EVERY problem you face, so I’m going to focus on helping you overcome just one of them. I really believe that if you eliminate this one challenge in your life, the others will go away … or you’ll have the resources you need to fix them. So, here’s what I’m going to focus on …

Your cash flow and money problems.

You might be wondering how I’m going to solve your cash flow and money problems, so let me tell you …

First, you should know there is no way I can solve your cash-flow problems without your help. That makes sense, doesn’t it? It should, but far too many systems for making money online never consider the most important factor … YOU.

So, the first thing I’m going to do is get your input. If I were consulting with one of my clients, I’d never dream of trying to boost their income without first discovering where they were at. I think you deserve the same attention and respect, don’t you?

Step One is to open the lines of communication so I can give you the right information. We’ll take care of that in just a minute. At the end of my note here, you’ll find a link to a unique questionnaire that will be valuable to you.

But, before we go there, think about this for a minute with me …

The Internet has made it possible for you to make a strong, steady, consistent income of $100,000 (or more) from a side-business online, in your spare time. By now, you’ve seen, known, or read about enough people who are doing that very thing. There should be no doubt in your mind that it’s possible.

But, if you’re not doing it … if you’re not living that lifestyle today … then there must be one of two things going on … A) You don’t believe YOU can do it … or B) You are confident you can, you just don’t have the right system yet.

There are at least 10 good reasons why I had the nerve to accept this task of helping you make $100,000 a year from an online side-business. Let me outline them for you and see if you don’t agree that by working together, we can eliminate your cash-flow challenges.

  1. Building and expanding businesses for myself and others is all I’ve ever done. When I was 11, my parents divorced and my mom had to figure out how to feed six children. She started two businesses and I helped run them all through my teen years. I’ve only had two 9-to-5 jobs in my life and one was as a lifeguard in high school.
  2. I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal money because of failed businesses. My loss will be your gain because I can help you safely navigate the pitfalls.
  3. I personally make more than 95% of the people on planet Earth and have made hundreds of millions for my clients over the years. I’m not a mega-rich guru, but for the past six years, I’ve made a strong, healthy, safe, and consistent six-figure income because of the Internet.
  4. I have built my own businesses and a huge variety of other businesses. Over the years, as a marketing consultant and copywriter, I’ve crawled inside the skins of companies in these areas: hardware, software, nonprofits, personal development, information marketing, auto industry, insurance industry, outdoor sports and recreation, health and fitness, printing, dental, medical, politics, pets and animals, farming, retail, international business, public speaking, and many more … Needless to say, whatever product or market you’re going to focus on to make your six-figure income, I’ve probably been up close and personal with it.
  5. I’ve seen the inner-workings of both big and small companies. Not only have I seen inside a wide variety of industries, but I’ve also worked with companies of all sizes. One day, I may be working with a corporation like Toshiba or Corel on an international product launch, and the next, I’m sitting down with a mom-and-pop, showing them how to define their initial product offering and set up a website.
  6. I have 10 children. You might think that has nothing to do with it, but I disagree. Family life and relationships have a huge impact on how effective you can be at building a strong, safe, consistent six-figure income online. If you’re single … I’ve been there. If you are trying to juggle business and family life … I’ve been there.
  7. I figured out how to pay for 10 children and regularly travel with them, while increasing my income … and keeping (most of) my sanity. This takes time management, budgeting, organization, discipline, and a touch of insanity to accomplish. You’ll need all of those, too … and I can help you.
  8. I’ve personally worked with, counseled with, and mentored under some of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the world. Michael Masterson, Perry Marshall, Gary Chappell, Rich Schefren, Brian Johnson, and Bob Bly, just to name a few that you might recognize. At one point, I personally interviewed close to 50 men and women — all of whom are multimillionaires. I explored their secrets for creating wealth and abundance in their lives. I’ll share my findings with you as we go along.
  9. I’ve proven that I can help people just like you make a solid six-figure income. I’ve done a seminar called “Six in Six” — which gave secrets to making $100,000 or more in six months or less. Several people followed my plan and hit the mark … some of the others took 12 to 18 months. Not bad. I’ve personally coached or mentored dozens of people and helped them reach beyond that goal. I’d like you to be next.
  10. I’m willing to dig deeper and work harder for you … because I really care about seeing you succeed. Look, at one point in my married life, the power got shut off, the car repossessed, the IRS sued me, and we got evicted from our home … all in the same week. I know what it feels like to be financially stressed to the gills and feel like a miserable loser. I also know the thrill of running a campaign and seeing it pull in a couple hundred thousand dollars in a few days. I know the joy of having money in the bank and not giving a second thought to paying bills and doing fun things with loved ones. Believe me, life is better with money. I have a genuine desire to help people like you make a solid six-figures. And since I can … I’m going to do just that.

Yes, I have this vast and varied storehouse of wealth-building experience and insight. But, I don’t have YOU. I don’t know YOUR circumstances, situations, skills, and needs.

Like I said, this is the piece of the puzzle that most gurus and money-making systems lack. Theirs is a one-sided conversation that just isn’t that effective. I’m going to change that by opening the lines of communication with you.

Let’s get started. It is easy.

I have put together a VERY unusual set of questions and would like you to answer them for me. This is not a multiple-choice, customer satisfaction gig. This is different. It’s … well, you’ll see for yourself. Click here to start the conversation with me …

Let me tell you what I’m going to do with your answers …

First, this is totally confidential. Your answers will be securely encrypted on a high-end server. That way, you can be as open and frank as possible.

Second, I’m going to personally analyze every word. I want to know where you are at and exactly what you need to make money and become wealthy this year.

Third, I will take all of that information and create a series of training products and services. These will combine my years of business and wealth-building experience and your unique circumstances. The end result will be a custom-tailored, online wealth-building system that will actually work for you.

As my gift to you for taking time to help me with this, I’m going to give you a complimentary, no-cost edition of my first product. The information in this gift should far more than pay you back for your time. It is my way of saying “Thank You!”

YOU are the missing ingredient in my wealth-building system. As I said … I would never dream of telling companies like Corel or Sony how to sell their products and build wealth without first perfectly understanding their circumstances, goals, and limitations. Why would I do any different with you?

I’m ready to listen … if you’re ready to make six-figures from an online side-business. Let’s start the conversation now …

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Published: January 6, 2012

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