January 2012

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The Fun and Effective Way to Research Your Product

Christina Gillick lays out a great method to researching your product that is sure to get the creative juices flowing.

How to Find a Mentor You Can Trust

Joshua Boswell gives you a solid, bulletproof formula for picking a mentor you can trust.

Are You About to Ruin Your Weekend?

Christina Gillick gets in the Friday mood by reminding us to have personal time set aside from work time.

How the Imagination of a Child Will Get You Closer to Your Goals

Christina Gillick reminds us of the splendor of childhood and how to apply that wonder to the writer's life.

Are You Making This Dangerous Mistake?

Christina Gillick explains how to stop procrastination and negative thinking, and how it can unknowingly sneak into your life.

How to Build an Effective Freelance Writing Website That Gets Potential Clients Falling Over Backwards to Hire You

The most important tool in your marketing arsenal is your own professional website. Today, John Wood gives you a clear blueprint for developing the content for your own site.

The Ultimate No (or Low!) Cost Way to Marketing Your Business Part 3

Bob Sands explains how to convert audience members at your public speaking events into paying clients.

We All Need More Friends

Christina Gillick shows you how connecting with other freelance writers helps make your freelance business less work and more fun.

Just released! Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message

Michael Masterson and John Forde’s sure-to-be-a-DM-classic book, Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message is now available through the AWAI catalog.

Breaking the Ice: Using LinkedIn to Connect to B2B Marketers

Brian E. Whitaker explains how to use LinkedIn to connect with potential B2B clients.

Choose Something You Love...

Christina Gillick helps decipher your innermost desires and turn your answers into your perfect niche.

Free Teleconference on Social Media Freelance Opportunities

On January 19th Rebecca Matter is going to interview social media expert Nick Usborne about the explosive growth in social media and the opportunity it presents for freelancers.

The 3-W’s of a Compelling Guarantee

Will Newman shares the importance of a strong guarantee and how it will increase credibility, cement your prospect’s trust, and increase sales.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Christina Gillick is here to help you remember how to have fun living The Writer's Life.

Finding ROI in the Most Buzzed About Social Media Site

Brian E. Whitaker reveals a social media site perfect for finding prospective B2B clients.

And the Survey Says…

Joshua Boswell summarizes the results of a recent Carefree Entrepreneur survey and shares five specific resources that will show you exactly how to start making money online.

Who's At Your Roundtable?

Steve Roller is a member of a mastermind group, and here is why you should be too!

The Ultimate No (or Low!) Cost Way to Marketing Your Business Part 2

Bob Sands explains how to prepare properly for giving a speech or talk to a group of potential clients.

Your Corporate Image

Steve Roller encourages you to make the mental shift to thinking of yourself as a business and how it will improve and build your brand.

Learn Everything You Need to Launch a Successful Web-Writing Business – And Be Paid While You Do It

Rebecca Matter proposes a unique opportunity to learn everything you need to launch a successful web-writing business – and be paid while you do it.

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