Choose Something You Love...

If you ask a group of people what they like least about their lives, most of them will have the same answer. Can you guess what it is?

That’s right. It’s their job.

They don’t like being tied down or bossed around. They dislike office politics. They dread the commute.

But surprisingly, even though many people hate their jobs, their lives – and their conversations – still revolve around that very thing.

When you get home from a 10-hour workday, the first question you usually hear is, “How was work?”

Or when you run into someone that you haven’t seen in a long time, this question always comes up: “Where are you working now?”

It’s widely accepted that your job defines you.

But one of the best things about living the writer’s life is you can make your job anything you want it to be. You can set your own hours or take a day off if you need to. You can even work in your pajamas.

You can write about what you love by choosing a niche you’re passionate about. So even when you’re “working,” you’re still having fun.

That’s why in my message yesterday I asked you to answer a series of questions designed to uncover what you love.

When you wake up every day with projects on topics you’re passionate about, you’ll enjoy your work more and avoid burn out …

Now let’s look at your answers (if you didn’t get to it yesterday, you can still follow along by answering them now below) and pick a perfect niche for you.

These questions are meant to help you find common areas between what you love and what you’re good at. But as we go through them, I’ll show you how each answer can be turned into a niche …

1. If you could do anything with your time – and money didn’t matter – what would you do? List at least five.

No matter what you answered here, there’s likely a niche to match. Think of all the products used in whatever your answer was. All the companies that make those products need writers.

If you answered traveling, you might consider being a travel writer. If you said photography, you might consider turning your pictures into cash. Or if you said helping people, you might want to look into the fundraising niche.

But if you’d prefer not to seek out clients to write for, there is a way to write “for yourself” and still make a great income: writing your own money-making website. No matter what your interest, there is a niche in this area for you.

I’m starting my money-making website on traveling very soon!

2. What career have you always been excited about but didn’t pursue because of time, money, or education? List two or three.

Whatever you answered, I’ve got exciting news: you can write about related topics without having to invest years and thousands of dollars in education.

For instance, did you answer that you’d like to be a doctor? If so, you can become a health copywriter. You’ll be able to help people and make as much money as a doctor – all from home and without the long hours.

Or, if you answered psychiatrist (like me), you should consider becoming a self-help copywriter. You’ll be able to help people overcome their issues and learn what makes them tick.

3. When you go to the bookstore, which section do you head to first?

If you said romance, becoming a fiction writer might be perfect for you. If you said self-help, you might consider becoming a copywriter in the self-improvement industry.

What if you said fishing? Well, there’s a whole niche for that too. Fishing lines and lures have to be sold. Fishing boats and poles. You name it; someone is selling it – why not you?

I hope you’re realizing by now that the niche you choose is limitless. No matter what topics you’re interested in, there are products and services that need someone to write about them.

Okay, so last one …

4. What do people say you’re good at?

If one of your above answers overlaps with this one, you’re probably on to something.

For example, if you love to read books about technology and people think you’re a technology wiz, you might consider writing for technology companies or writing your own books on technology.

I eventually chose self-help for my niche because for all of the above questions, I had at least one answer that had something to do with self-help.

I also had a lot about pets, so the pet industry would have been a good niche for me too.

If you have two niches you’re trying to decide between, choose the one you think you’ll enjoy longer. Remember, you can change your niche at any time. The important thing right now is to just to choose one and get started. If you find it’s not exactly what you thought it was, you can always change your niche.

Or, as you become a more successful writer, you’ll have more free time and more money. You might find that your interests change. If that’s the case, your niche can change too.

One of my big goals is to travel more. When I hit that goal, I plan to niche myself in that industry also. I’ll set up another website and get paid to do another thing I love.

As you’re choosing your niche, don’t worry about missing out on jobs in other niches. I’ve been given jobs in health, pets, and even the lighting industry. I enjoy the self-help industry the most, but it doesn’t mean I have to work in it exclusively.

And keep in mind, choosing a niche doesn’t box you into one specialty – you can work in the self-help industry as both a web writer and a social media expert, for example. Or you can choose social media as your niche.

There are many options; the key is to choose one.

Also, don’t choose a niche just because you heard the money is good, jobs are plentiful, and competition is scarce. I wanted to choose B2B for a long time for those very reasons, but I could never get excited about it and my career didn’t take off.

Choose something you love and your writer’s life will never seem like work.

How to Choose Your Writing Niche

How to Choose Your Writing Niche: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for Finding a Niche that’s Right for You

Need to pick a niche for your freelance business? Learn how to do it once and for all, and watch your business grow. Learn More »

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Published: January 17, 2012

7 Responses to “Choose Something You Love...”

  1. Since you asked for posts on what niche we choose I'll ask you what do you see given these answers?
    1) Reading Sci Fi, alternate history, and travel books
    2) Architect, Lawyer, Pilot
    3) Sci Fi, Cooking, Travel
    4) Organization, even temperament, listening

    Paul R

  2. My niche is women's health issues and I'd like to become a women's health copywriter. I'm still reading the manual but will soon be starting the preparatory exercises as practice. In the meantime, I'm open to advice you can offer to get my very first client! Thank you!

    Guest (Susan Boyd)

  3. I have always enjoyed to write - poems, speeches, letters or simple emails. And when I do, most people comment that "You should be a writer!"; but, constrained by my training as an engineer, I ask myself whether I really have what it takes to write in an orderly way and get attention from others - never mind make money! Gooing by the encouraging remarks above from AWAI, my enthusiasm to pursue my passion is building up. I should start - even now! Thanks to the AWAI Team...

    Guest (Jackson)

  4. After fretting for a few months, I've realized that my heart is in the self-help industry. I want to inspire others to be more and do more than they ever considered possible.


  5. i have decided that building a money making website is best for me since i already work full time as a pharmacist. I never have liked pharmacy since it doesn't tap my creativity - it is also grueling with horrible working conditions. so, healthcare is my background but i dont necessarily want to niche that. I love animals, especially cats. not sure there is potential there. I love to repurpose things (trash to treasure stuff) but that seems saturated. i would love to learn photography but cant afford a new camera right now and no time for classes. any suggestions?

    Guest (vanessa)

  6. A money-making web site - I will post book reviews with links to purchase them. I will also review horse equipment on another web site (but I will build one at a time)!


  7. I've been trying to make a choice since I started the copywriting program a month ago. Since I have professional photography experience and love to travel, I've chosen travel copywriting as my niche since both of my passions work well together. I will also start a moneymaking website for travel. AWAI doesn't have a course on Travel copywriting. What do you think would make my skills in travel copywriting stronger? Maybe writing for the web.

    Guest (Dawn B)

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