Four Things You Must Know About Social Media

71% of companies in the U.S. use Facebook as part of their marketing mix.

Impressive stat, right? But check this out …

Of the top 100 business brands, 93% are on Facebook.

And yet the figures Nick Usborne shared on the teleconference last week got even more shocking. Like this one …

77% of companies already have a Google Plus page.

Why is that so shocking?

Because Google Plus only came out last June, whereas Facebook has been around since 2004.

That’s how important social media has become to companies and their marketers. It’s not just a “fun thing to do” anymore. Not being involved in social media is like not having a website.

If you’re a serious company, you don’t have a choice. It’s where you’re prospects are spending the lion share of their time these days – and if you want their business, you’d better be there too.

During the call Nick went into specific detail about the opportunity this presents for freelancers. But in case you missed it, here are four of the key points you should know …

Key Point #1: While the majority of companies in North America are already using social media, only a very small percentage of them are using it WELL.

You have only to take a look at a few business Facebook pages and Twitter streams to see that while the company knew enough to open the account, they don’t know enough to use it effectively.

Nor do they have the skills or knowledge in-house. So they NEED help from skilled outside freelancers.

Key Point #2: This whole area is hugely DISRUPTIVE.

A company thinks they are up to speed on social media and then – WHAM – something else comes along. This happened late last June when Google launched Google+. And it happened again just last week when Google introduced Search Plus Your World.

Companies can’t keep up with what is happening, and what is changing. They NEED advice and help … and they don’t have that kind of up-to-the-minute expertise in-house.

Key Point #3: You don’t have to be a talking-head guru in order to succeed.

Yes hotshot social media gurus have their place on the speaking circuit. But what most companies REALLY need is hard-working professionals who can help them achieve their marketing goals, without all the glitz and ego.

That’s where YOU come in.

Key Point #4: There are NUMEROUS ways to profit from your social media expertise.

There is a social media niche for every kind of freelancer. You can specialize in writing social media, optimizing web content for social media, social media strategy and planning, monitoring and reporting … and on and on.

There are also several different ways in which you can apply your new social media expertise. Set yourself up as a hard-core social media expert, or simply add social media as an additional service you offer, or use your expertise to promote your own freelance business.

The bottom line …

Social media is no longer an option for companies online, or for freelancers. Social media expertise is now central to the success of every company and freelancer.

And while you don’t need to be a guru, you can’t simply stand on the sidelines and ignore social media either.

You need professional-grade expertise. You need it as a service to offer your clients when they ask for it, and you need it for yourself, for your own business.

It’s that professional-grade expertise that Nick delivers with his program, How To Make Money As A Social Media Expert.

The program covers EVERYTHING you need to know about social media marketing and copywriting … including where to find clients and how to land them.

Plus, ongoing support and updates …

As you can see simply by reading the news each week, social media is constantly changing. And to remain competitive, with a high-perceived value, you need to stay up-to-date on the changes.

And that’s where I believe this program gives you a return on your investment, time and time again …

Every time there’s a change … or even a need from people taking the program … Nick holds a webinar to give you the information you need to continue to do your job.

And as a member of How To Make Money As A Social Media Expert, you get access to each and every update – FREE. For life!

No other program or expert promises that. Yet with a topic that’s continuously changing, it’s a must have.

Nick has already put together 11 of these updates … that’s 11 additional hours of content and updates that happened just last year!

Some updates contain information on what’s new and important in the ever-changing world of social media – like Google Plus. Others address questions that have been asked by those who have come before you and already purchased the program – like how to price your services, and how to put together a social media plan for clients.

Right now he’s got one scheduled to go over the bomb Google dropped last week about Search Plus Your World. (Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about it – Nick’s got you covered!)

It is no longer OK for any online freelancer to say, “I don’t do social media.”

Learn more about How To Make Money As A Social Media Expert now.

You’ll even save $150 off the program if you order by Friday, January 27th at midnight.

Try How To Make Money As A Social Media Expert for 6 months and if you feel it isn’t for you, just let AWAI know and you’ll get an immediate, hassle free refund.

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Published: January 24, 2012

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