Lessons from Michael Dell:
Your Primary Resource for Rapidly Getting Wealth

My purpose today is to help you unlock the vast storehouse of wealth locked inside of you … and show you a formula for rapidly converting that storehouse into physical money.

In 1992, at the age of 27, Michael Dell, of Dell Computers, became the youngest CEO to have his company ranked in the Forbes Top 500 Companies. News articles of the day called him an “overnight success” and declared that he had achieved “explosive” growth. Since that time, he has gone on to create the world’s largest PC manufacturing company in the world. Not shabby.

So, I thought we would draw some lessons from his life. He used a specific formula to create this kind of dynamic growth and success. It is a formula that you and I can easily use as well.

He purchased his first calculator at age seven — a big deal in 1972. At the age of eight, he applied to take a high school equivalency exam. His parents were both business owners and he wanted to be one, too. He didn’t pass, but he tried. He was programming a teletype machine at age 12.

At age 15 — in 1980 — he bought his first computer, an Apple II. After playing around with it for a few days, he proceeded to take it apart. He was curious to see how it worked. All through high school, he worked in sales and ran small businesses on the side.

When he hit college, he started a company selling computer upgrades and software. Before his senior year, he outbid a number of major computer maintenance companies and landed a government contract with the state of Texas. At the time, he was running his company out of his dorm room. He converted that initial contract into a computer manufacturing company.

The rest is history. Today, he is worth about $44 billion, with most of that being made in the past 10 years.

What was the secret to his success? What was his primary resource for creating wealth so rapidly?

I can sum it up in two words: Applied experience.

Look, from the time he was a kid, he was interested in computers and technology. When he hit college, he realized that all those years of tinkering with computers and trying to run small businesses could be worth real money.

He drew on years of experience and leveraged it to bring value to the lives of other people.

Applied experience is the key. Over the past few years, I have personally interviewed close to 50 millionaires. I have focused on their “backstory” to see if I could find clues to their wealth. In EVERY case, they leveraged their past experience to become wealthy. It is not just Michael Dell … it is every successful person you will ever meet. Without exception.

You know that my mission with Carefree Entrepreneur is to help you create a solid, safe, ongoing, long-term stream of money and wealth. But, I want you to do it as fast and safely and easily as possible.

To do that, you and I must capitalize on existing resources.

Inside of you, there is bank vault of stored experiences. I don’t know if you are 19 or 99 years old, but it doesn’t matter. You have been breathing and living during all that time. By the course of nature, you have been collecting experiences, insights, skills, and talents.

And just like Michael Dell, those experiences can be worth millions to you. Why? Because other human beings are living and having similar experiences … and they demand to live life better. People don’t just want to live, they demand to thrive.

So, how do you convert your skills, experiences, and talents, into financially-viable businesses?

Through the course of my interviews, research, and experiences, I’ve seen a consistent pattern for turning experiences and skills into wealth. It can be easily explained in a simple 10-part formula.

Each part — or element — of this formula is essential to converting your experiences into wealth, just like Michael Dell did. Today, I’m going to give you the first element. I just don’t have space in this article to give you all 10. But, in a few days, I’m hosting a private, no-cost webinar called Converting Your Skills and Experience Into Wealth. During this webinar, I’ll outline the other nine parts. I really want you to have them so you can create greater wealth in your life.

For now, let me give you the first part of the formula:

Part One: Personal Probability Assessment

I know it sounds really simple, but the first part of the formula — the starting point — is to do what I call a Personal Probability Assessment.

At some point, Michael Dell had to evaluate which of his skills, experiences, and talents were going to have the highest probability of success. His dad was an orthodontist. His mom was a stockbroker. Being a geek at a young age was not his ONLY skill set. He was pretty smart in a number of areas. I’m sure he could have been a good investor or dentist or doctor. In fact, when he started Dell, he was a pre-med student.

But, there came a time when he did a Personal Probability Assessment (but I bet he didn’t call it that … those are my words). Through that process, he clearly identified where his greatest probability of success lay.

Notice that I didn’t say “potential” of success … I said, “probability.”

There is a really big difference there.

You need to take the same kind of assessment in your life. What skills, experiences, talents, and wisdom do you have locked inside of you that have a really high probability of creating rapid wealth in your life?

Another way to pose the question is this: What skills, experiences, and talents do you already possess that could benefit, bless, and enhance the life of another human being?

I have learned from past experience that this is a really hard question for most people to answer. They simply feel uncomfortable examining themselves and highlighting their positive qualities.

What is more, they often fail to see which of those qualities is actually going to benefit another human being. We are far too quick to discount our own value.

To help you overcome that tendency, I have created a really simple, but powerful tool. This tool allows you to systematically assess your skills, experiences, and talents. Then, using a rough formula I created, it calculates your highest areas of probable success.

When you get done with the assessment, it will instantly give you back a report you can print. This report contains your probability scores, plus gives you a couple of “next steps to success.” It will show you what to do with your scores, so you can continue moving forward.

As my gift to you, I have decided to give you access to this unique tool, at no cost. Every person registering for my “Converting Your Skills and Experience into Wealth” webinar will also get a link giving them FREE access to my Personal Probability Assessment tool.

This FREE tool is in addition to the FREE access to the private interview I did with Perry Marshall. Both gifts are highly valuable and specifically calculated to help you convert your experience into serious wealth. You will receive them at no cost just by registering for the webinar taking place February 15th at 12 p.m.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 15th, at 12 p.m. It is FREE, but you must register to participate.

Click here now to reserve your seat.

My interview with Perry Marshall and the link to my Personal Probability Assessment will be given to you at the end of the webinar. Plus, I have a special announcement I’ll be making.

If you’re interested in taking your existing skills, experiences, and talents and discovering how to create wealth by using my 10-part formula, I strongly encourage you to join me on this beneficial webinar.

Click here now to reserve your seat.

As you recall, a month ago, based on your survey responses, I began a 5-part series called, “Simple Steps to Making Money Online.” The first topic was “How to Find a Mentor You Can Trust.” I think we’ve pretty much covered that one.

The second topic was, “How to Find Products That Sell.” We are in the middle of covering that now. My upcoming webinar is part of that series.

Next week, I’m going to keep us moving forward by talking about “How to be Techno-Smart … When You’re Not.”

Technology is moving at an ever-increasing speed. How do you keep up? How do you make money online, when you don’t know a thing about programming, mobile apps, HTML, or Java?

I’ll share some really powerful insights with you next week on how to actually make the technical side of this equation work smooth and easy.

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Published: February 10, 2012

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