The Refreshing Truth About Technology and Making Money

Social media. Mobile media. Trip wire marketing. Email Campaigns. Search Engine Optimization. Shopping Carts. E-commerce. Hosting. Servers. Tablets. Smartphones. Digital Delivery. Java. HTML5.

I could go on for hours, listing all the different, complicated technologies and devices that so many Internet marketing experts tell us we “must have” to make money online.

But, the reality is … neither you or I are going to be able to conquer and stay endlessly current with the latest, hottest, most amazing stuff out there.

This fact has really bothered me. And, in listening to many Carefree Entrepreneur subscribers, it really bothers you as well.

How can you and I possibly make money online, if we can’t keep up with all the new stuff? And, not only that … how do we know who to believe … what’s real … and what’s just the latest passing fad?

I decided to turn to my mentor and good friend Mark Ford (you’ll know him by his pen name, Michael Masterson) and get his opinion on the matter.

I think his insights will be extremely valuable to you. Actually, he shared these with me and the entire Carefree and AWAI leadership team. Katie Yeakle responded back stating plainly … “This is a Master’s course in Business.”

And, indeed it is.

Here are his profitable and powerful insights …

90% of the Internet marketing industry is a joke. It’s based on a myth. The myth is that employing technological gimmicks can make you rich. This is not true, but it continues to be sold by so-called “Internet Marketing Experts” — and bought by unsuspecting would-be online entrepreneurs.

The unfortunate reality is that 90% of Internet marketing experts are frauds. They are frauds because they only make money by selling this myth — not by selling legitimate business tools or ideas.

So, how can they get away with it? Because they know technology. And these guys know technologies because they are fundamentally nerds … technology nerds.

Over the last 10 to 12 years, while the Internet was changing the landscape of business, many of these nerds made a lot of money by exploiting their knowledge of specific Internet technologies.

But, most of them never learned anything important about business. They never learned the truth about sound business practices. And now, as technology has advanced to the point where these technologies are more user-friendly, these people — who were really nothing more than over-paid technical consultants who were giving advice about topics they knew nothing about — i.e., business — have become less and less useful.

Plus, as the market becomes more competitive, they are becoming less and less capable of acquiring new customers (people who foolishly believe in the myth of technology). And, that means we will soon be rid of them … which is a good thing.

Here’s the truth:

You can't develop a real business by learning or applying gimmicks.

There is one thing that every entrepreneur needs to learn, and it is not optional …

It is 1,000 times more important than any one of these gimmicks.

If you have it, you can build empires.

Without it, expertise in 20 of these gimmicks will get you nothing.

What is it? The one thing you need to master is the Optimal Selling Strategy (OSS) for your business.

I believe that for every business, at any given time, there is one best way to acquire new customers. How you sell your product, service, or ideas — the specific decisions you make about presenting and pricing and talking about it — has a huge impact on whether you will be successful.

To take a business from zero to a million dollars (and beyond), you have to discover and implement your Optimal Selling Strategy.

When you have this, nobody can fool you with cockamamie marketing strategies or hollow technology gimmicks.

Rich Schefren — founder of Strategic Profits — is a technical guy who actually understands business. He put it this way: “You have to learn the ‘what’ before the ‘how.’ People always ask me things like, ‘How do I do PPC? How do I do SEO?’ But, they don't know WHAT — What are you going to sell? You need to know that first.”

Mike Palmer — one of the world’s leading copywriters and sales strategists — put it this way: “Sales copy is king. Everything else is just gimmicks.”

If you can learn and consistently implement your OSS, you can hire people to implement the rest. You can — and should — hire out all the technology.

I completely agree with Mark’s assessment.

I promised to show you how you can be “Techno-Smart … When You’re Not” and this is it.

The reality is that you — as the entrepreneur — don’t need to be caught up in the latest stuff. What you need to do is discover your Optimal Selling Strategy and then implement it.

Are there specific technologies you should be using? Yes, but only if and when you clearly see how they fit into your OSS.

In his book, Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat, Mark outlines “Four Secrets of the Optimal Selling Strategy.” This past week, during my webinar Converting Your Skills and Experience into Wealth, I talked about each of these four secrets.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are going to give each area a focused analysis so you can be fully empowered to begin discovering your Optimal Selling Strategy.

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Published: February 17, 2012

4 Responses to “The Refreshing Truth About Technology and Making Money”

  1. Hi Joshua,

    You wrote "In his book, Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat, Mark outlines “Four Secrets of the Optimal Selling Strategy.” "

    Isn't Michael Masterson the author of that book?



    Guest (Jim)

  2. Oops ... read the post again ... missed the pen name part!

    Guest (Jim)

  3. Hi Joshua,

    I am surprise to know that Mark Ford is Michael Masterson. I have subscribe to Palm Beach Letter. Is it the same Mark Ford in that letter?



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