Impress Your Online Clients with Your Direct-Response Mindset

If you “get” direct-response copywriting and marketing, you are in an ideal position to help just about any and every website out there.

How come?

Because most companies online don’t yet understand that every aspect of business online is hard-core direct response.

Sure, it’s cool to talk about community, engagement, social interactions, and so on. And yes, it’s important that companies online engage sincerely and transparently with their prospects and customers.

But there is a purpose behind all that engagement. And that purpose is to convert strangers into friends and friends into customers.

It’s at the point of conversion that most companies slip up. They don’t generate sufficient click-throughs from their social media pages, their emails campaigns, their newsletters, their blog posts, their content pages, or their home pages.

They might do a great job of building a huge and engaged audience, but it won’t do their business much good if they then fail to convert all that attention into sales.

Put another way, if their audience doesn’t click on the links that drive them to sales pages, all their efforts are wasted.

And that’s where we, as copywriters, come in. Because we do “get it.” We know better than anyone else how to increase those clicks. We know how to persuade and convert. We know how to increase conversion rates from a page from 4% to 8%.

Hang on … what was that I just said? From 4% to 8%. That’s double the conversion rate, and double the revenues. And yes, it’s entirely possible to achieve that for your clients, simply by looking at all their marketing activities through the eyes of a direct-response copywriter.

Here are a few examples of what you can do …

1. More click-throughs from emails

Try something as simple as adding an active verb to the beginning of text links in emails. So instead of saying, “Today’s Deals,” test “Explore Today’s Deals.”

Or try rewriting a client’s sales emails from top to bottom. Use the same skills you would use when writing a sales letter — reeling in the reader until they are ready to click.

2. More click-throughs from e-newsletters

One mistake a lot of companies make is to litter their e-newsletters with too many topics and too many competing links. Again, as direct-response writers, we know that we’ll often do best when focusing on just one thing. Help your clients get rid of the clutter in their newsletters, and reduce the number of links.

Using their e-newsletter delivery service dashboard, you’ll soon find out what impact your changes make.

3. More click-throughs from Facebook

Not every Facebook update should be promotional. Far from it. But when a company does want to use an update to drive traffic to a sales page, tell them about some of the direct-response classics — like discounts, coupons, scarcity, time-limited offers, and so on.

The majority of companies, when using social media, truly don’t get the power of these proven direct-response techniques.

4. More click-throughs from blog posts

Blog posts are not sales pages. They should be informational, interesting, engaging, and worth commenting on or sharing. That said, they can also pre-sell. For example, if your client is selling lawn mowers, a useful, helpful blog post about a particular type of lawn-mowing challenge can include a link to just the right mower for the job.

5. More click-throughs from content pages

It’s the same as with blog posts. Site content in the form of articles, buyers’ guides, and reviews can all add tremendous value, but at the same time, do a subtle and effective job of pre-selling various products or services.

Summing it up …

What I’m talking about here is second nature to direct-response copywriters, but remains a mystery to many online marketers. They just don’t get the power of words when it comes to getting readers to click-through to sales pages.

That’s where your training and value comes in.

As soon as you demonstrate to a client that your direct response perspective can significantly increase their bottom line, they’ll become your new best friend and keep giving you work.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, you are the person who holds the secret to significantly adding value to everything they do, and directly impacting their sales.

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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: April 26, 2012

2 Responses to “Impress Your Online Clients with Your Direct-Response Mindset”

  1. Thanks for these tips. These tips are something every copywriters ought to keep in mind. It is necessary to appear professional and write copy that is engaging. The prospects should not feel like you are in sales. They should feel like you know them; are and can be friendly toward them. Valid points, all.

    Archan Mehta

  2. What exactly a Direct Response Copywriter? What do they do?

    Guest (Mike Moye)

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