Why Bother with Social Media?

Rebecca Matter here – taking over The Writer’s Life this week with something a little different …

Yesterday, I spent the entire morning walking through what will soon be the house my now 9-month-old daughter will grow up in. I was amazed at how much work had been done since the last time we were there …

In just one short week, the drywall was put up, the plumbing was installed, and the roof was added. And as I walked into the room that will be my new office, I thought about a conversation I had with Nick just a few weeks ago during a teleconference on writing for the web …

I had asked him how to ensure writers would be offered the best opportunities, as well as be paid good fees for their services.

His response?

“Think like an architect.”

Typically, writers take on the role of a laborer when it comes to doing projects – similar to what the drywall installer or a plumber does in a new home. Each laborer is only concerned with his singular role, not paying any attention to what other laborers add to the final project.

But to provide the most value and have access to the most opportunities possible, you want to become less like a laborer and more like an architect.


The architect knows more than anyone. He knows what the house will look like, who will buy it, and what they’ll pay for it. Without the architect, the laborers’ jobs don’t even exist.

And just like the architect, you need to be able to understand the big picture of any project you’re writing copy for. You don’t need to be an expert in every area, but you want a general understanding of how things work.

And that’s when I realized we aren’t going to be able to ignore this “social media thing” much longer. Even if you aren’t going to work on social media campaigns, you still need to know how it fits into your clients’ marketing mix so that you can write copy that works with their social media efforts too.

So right then and there, I pulled out my smartphone and fired off an email asking Nick if he’d put together a “crash course” for us. (Technically, it was the first work I did in my new office!)

And in minutes, he responded saying he thought it was a great idea, and he offered to do a 5-part video series that we could cover in The Writer’s Life over the course of a week – including why our clients are spending so much money on social media, how it impacts other copy and content we’re writing, and just in case you decide you want to offer social media services – how to get clients.

In today’s mini-session, Nick goes through the important reasons why you should at least pay attention to social media – even if you don’t ever plan on specializing in or offering social media services to your clients.

You can access it here – as well as post any questions or comments you have.

Although I must warn you …

Some of the information he covers is pretty darn shocking.

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Published: May 7, 2012

1 Response to “Why Bother with Social Media?”

  1. It is a myth that everybody is using social media.

    Most people do not use social media nor do they have access to it.

    But the privileged do use social media and have access to it, so your point is well-taken.

    These days, companies and individuals have realised what it means to benefit from the use of social media.

    Through the power of networking and branding and positioning, they are using social media to further their ends.

    And business is growing on account of it. Thank you.

    Archan MehtaMay 7, 2012 at 7:24 pm

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