An Invitation to Meet Me …

I have a special invitation for you.

Sometime between 3 p.m. on Wednesday, October 24, and 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 27, I want to meet you.

I’d love to spend a few minutes chatting and getting to know you. Getting to know your passions, your goals, your successes. And — just as important — the challenges you’re facing in your career.

I don’t want to do it online. Or through email.

I want to do it face-to-face at AWAI’s upcoming FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

If we’re able to meet — and I hope we do — I’m not doing it as a favor to you. I’m doing it because this is my favorite thing to do at Bootcamp. I love meeting friends face-to-face for the first time. For me, it’s the most exciting thing at Bootcamp — out of many exciting events.

Over the next weeks and months (but not every week, I promise), I’ll be talking more about some of these exciting events. Things like the Job Fair — and how to make the best impression. Or, what I’ll be teaching in my sessions. And, how the content of those sessions can boost your copywriting career.

I’ll also write about some of the copywriting superstars who’ll be talking to you in the general sessions … industry giants like Keynote Speaker Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President of Boardroom Inc., and Clayton Makepeace, who’s going to give a first-and-one-time-only presentation on video sales promotions. (He wrote one recently that generated more than 150,000 new, paying customers in just nine months!)

But today, let me buckle down to what I feel is the single most important take-away from Bootcamp.

From a wealth of benefits, what’s the biggest one?

What’s going to be your biggest take-away from Bootcamp?

It’s not just what you learn in the sessions. It’s not the superstar presenters. It isn’t even walking out of Job Fair with a real assignment and a new client. (Although that’s happened to many Bootcamp attendees.) And as important as all the career-advancing contacts you’ll make are, it’s not that either.

The single most important benefit of Bootcamp is the boost you’ll gain in confidence and motivation.

This isn’t me talking. This is how AWAI members who’ve actually been to Bootcamp feel …

Raymona A., from Santa Fe, New Mexico, says she “ … came with the mindset of a ‘cashier/wannabe copywriter’ and I left as a writer. Thank you.” Raymona’s mindset going in is common. “I’m just not there yet” the thinking goes.

But once you’ve attended the sessions tailored to your skill and career needs … after you’ve chatted with the presenters who are all so willing to spend time talking with you … after you’ve formed friendships and bonds with other copywriters just like you, you cannot help but walk away knowing you are a copywriter!

Mark K. of Chicago, Illinois, echoes Raymona’s feelings: “I now feel very much a part of the AWAI family … it has increased my confidence as a copywriter and my belief that I can be successful.”

Motivation is the twin sibling of confidence. If you lack crucial confidence in who you are and what you’re doing, it can be almost impossible to feel motivated to do what you love. You get that confidence — and motivation — from strengthening the skills you need to do it!

Here’s how David H. of Lexington, Kentucky, describes his boost in motivation:

“Bootcamp was nothing short of amazing. Everything I’ve learned from the basic and master programs is now in razor-sharp clarity. The AWAI staff and speakers — and the masters themselves — have been so approachable and willing to share what they know. Bootcamp has given me the motivation I’ve needed to get my copywriting career going.”

Here are two other AWAI members weighing in on the benefits they got from Bootcamp:

“The AWAI staff really knows how to put on a personal, life-changing Bootcamp. Unbelievable!” — Ken T., Nagoya, Japan

“This is the best conference — of any kind — that I’ve ever attended anywhere. It was so packed with good information and encouragement, I feel like I’ve been taking a drink from a fire hose … and thoroughly enjoying it!” — Phil G., Plano, Texas

Please do me the favor …

I know I sound excited. I always get this way when Denise gets me working on my next Bootcamp presentations. Getting started reminds me of why I love coming back year after year.

And the reason I love coming back? It’s you. I want to meet you. When we meet at Bootcamp, you’re doing me a favor. I always get super-charged at Bootcamp. Meeting you — and copywriters like you — whether you’re just starting out or well on your way to success … you’re why I get that way.

Right now would be a great time to sign up for this year’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. You still qualify for the Early-Bird Discount and can make monthly payments to make it easier. Plus, and this is even more important — making the commitment NOW, helps set the wheels in motion for success. Click here to reserve your spot and as soon as you’re done, drop me an email to let me know you’re coming.

Then I can look forward to meeting you.

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Published: June 11, 2012

3 Responses to “An Invitation to Meet Me...”

  1. Thank you for contributing this article. This is just what the doctor ordered and we appreciate your the ideas here.

    What wannabes and newbies are searching for is the one small break that will enable them to gain in confidence.

    A sense of self-esteem is necessary for creatives who are just starting out. If you are a greehorn, the world of copywriting can seem like an intimidating place.

    Thus, attending seminars, presentations, convocations and trade fairs should be a high priority for any creative.

    Archan Mehta

  2. People are stuck in a paradigm. That paradigm does not allow them to think about what is possible. In turn, that prevents them from taking action.

    Consequently, they find themselves caught in a rut called the rat race. If that paralysis continues, it can quickly become a life-long habit.

    The solution is AWAI, because such companies encourage us to be creative. AWAI gives you hope that you can put your creativity to work and earn a decent living. Thanks for that ray of sunshine in our drab and miserable lives.

    Archan Mehta

  3. Read. Reflect. Decide. Distribute. Keep it moving. Namaste

    Guest (CDM)

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