Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 4 –
The Final Part

Half a dozen men from the crowd had to break up the fight.

At first, they were content to watch. But as the insulting words turned to shoves … and shoves to blows … and blows to blood … it was time to put an end to the madness.

The crowd of close to 1,000 people had assembled just outside a medium-sized shop in an upscale part of Tokyo.

They had been there all night. Some for over 24 hours — like the man with blood on his hand from having broken open his foe’s upper lip.

24 hours was a long time to wait in line, but in his mind, it was worth it. His position meant that he would be the fourth person in Tokyo to get a new iPad.

It was an honor that he deeply coveted. Enough to wait in line for just over 24 hours.

Given this mindset, it is no wonder that when the other man attempted to cut in line, a bloody argument ensued. The patient-line-waiter lost his cool and forcibly secured his spot.

No one blamed him.

I wouldn’t … would you?

Lazy Man Wealth Secret #4 — The Final Secret

Have you ever wondered, as I have, how a company like Apple can come from the verge of insignificance and bankruptcy and create a global empire in less than 10 years?

How did they build a string of products that became the envy of the technology world?

How did they so enrapture the minds of the masses that they were (are) willing to stand in line for days at a time and pay for products in blood as well as money?

Today, I’m going to share with you an observation I have on this point.

I know that “four” is not really a great marketing number, but this is the Final Secret I have for you in this Lazy Man Wealth Secret series.

Actually, there is a Fifth Secret, but you will not learn it if I tell you.

As I have written these essays, I have peppered them with the Fifth Secret, leaving you clues all along the way.

I challenge you to see if you can uncover it. Once you unlock that Fifth Secret … and actively combine it with the other Four … you will have a very solid foundation for transforming yourself into an official Lazy Rich Man (or Woman, as the case may be).

The “End of America” Phenomena

Steve Jobs is not the only one who has reached into the minds of masses of people and driven them to the point of distraction as they do all they can to hand over money.

A more recent example is Stansberry & Associates and the hypnotic promotion they wrote a little over a year ago. It’s called “End of America.”

I remember driving to a Church meeting about a year ago when I got a call from my sister-in-law who lives down in Gilbert, Arizona.

“Joshua, do you have any idea what is happening with our government and economy?!?! I’m really concerned that the dollar is going to collapse and that the government is going to implode. We need to do something about this. I have a special report I’m going to send you. We need to get moving on this!”

Because I’ve worked with Agora for a while, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

She had been reading Stansberry’s “End of America” letter.

Actually, I found out that she’d heard an advertisement on the radio about it and then looked it up online later.

What surprised me is that this sister-in-law never talks about money or politics … and here she was lathering at the mouth. She couldn’t tell me about it fast enough.


How did Stansberry do it? One last story might give you a clue …

If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

Nick’s feet were very sore. He had been walking in the mall for more than two hours … looking for shoes.

The ones on his feet were old, worn out, and not really suited for long walks in the mall.

Now, if he could only find a shop in the mall that had what he was looking for.

He couldn’t. So he went home, with sore feet and a frustrated heart.

The search turned online. But it was 1999, and Nick did not find much there either.

Being really frustrated now, he decided to start his own online specialty shoe store.

And so, the now world-famous was born.

In 2009 — just 10 years later — bought Zappos for a cool $880 million.

Now Nick can buy any kinds of shoes he wants … and have them delivered with a smile.

In the process, most of the free world has been taken by shoe storm. If you have ever dealt with, you know what I’m talking about. Their customer service is ridiculously delightful.

That’s why, every year, they sell billions of dollars’ worth of shoes and apparel … and why tens of thousands of people have posted free-will-offering testimonials on their site.

Secret #4 is …

Have you guessed it?

I call it “Inner Child Marketing.”

Have you ever spoken with a three year old who wants something?

“Daddy, I want … I want … ahh … one of those!”

Smiling, I reply, “What’s ‘those’?”

“Umm, it’s, it’s … umm … that … I want one of those things!”

In their little mind and heart, they know EXACTLY what they want. It’s clear. They know the feeling, the experience, the smell, the sound, the texture … the everything … they know exactly what they want …

They just can’t articulate it.

And after a few guesses, I hit on what “those” is, and their face lights up, they clap their hands, and they rejoice inside.

“Yes! That is what I want!” is written all over their whole little being.

Adults Do the Same Thing

Even though we are all “grown up,” we walk around in life acting just like three year olds. There is a feeling, an emotion, an experience, a sight, a sound, a texture, a taste that we want.

We know exactly what it is.

But sometimes, we don’t know exactly how to articulate it.

It is just outside our grasp.

Steve Jobs … Porter Stansberry … Nick Swinmurn … they each became a voice for the masses. In their products and in their marketing, they clearly articulated what another human being really wanted.

And when they did that, the masses lit up with joy and happiness. They were ecstatic. They couldn’t pull out their wallets fast enough.

The people that can clearly reach into the hearts and minds of others … and then give voice to their wants, needs, and innermost desires … those are the people that can live super rich. Both rich in money and rich in the magic moments of life that deluge us with the intangibles of peace and happiness.

How do you develop this ability to give voice to the “Inner Child” desires of others?

I’m not going to tell you. But my friend will …

How Does He Make So Much Money Working at Home?

The other day, my neighbor was pulling out of her driveway.

I was on the front lawn (it’s about 1.4 acres of cut grass and nicely-trimmed trees, thanks to my children) exercising (okay, mostly frolicking) with my wife.

You could see the expression on my neighbor’s face … “What does that guy do for a living anyway? I wonder if it’s legal? He never actually works.”

Ha, ha!

I do work, but compared to my neighbors, I’m pretty lazy.

I can do that, because years ago, I learned some pretty cool secrets from a good friend of mine named Paul.

If you are serious about being wealthy and somewhat (or totally) lazy, you need to know the secrets Paul shared with me

Not only did he help me understand how to give voice to the “Inner Child” of the masses all around … his system showed me exactly how to make money doing it.

He put together a short, but rather unique video showing how you can learn these secrets as well.

Watch the video now …

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Published: June 22, 2012

1 Response to “Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 4 – The Final Part”

  1. Thank you for your contribution here. I appreciate your point of view.

    A nine to five job is no longer the plan it used to be.

    Even if you are on time, every time and do your work and punch the clock, you could still be handed the pink slip.

    When the dotcome bubble burst, hundreds if not thousands of employees suddenly found themselves out of work.

    Thus,people are looking for a formula that actually works and role models to emulate.

    They also want to do work that is personally meaningful and is an enriching experience.

    Archan Mehta

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