Turn Your Website into an Expert Must-Go-To
Online Resource by Using Profitable Keywords

When creating a money-making website, attention to keywords (in the domain name, home page, and other website pages) is the key to drawing hordes of traffic – i.e., potential customers.

By evaluating the current demand and supply numbers of the hundreds of keywords related to the niche of your website, you can focus the content of your web pages on the exact words that people are already typing into the search engines.

The result? High traffic, high ROI, and an online reputation as an expert in your niche, all without paying a dime for that traffic.

Focus your website content only on the profitable keywords

A profitable keyword is a “winnable” keyword, meaning one for which you WILL get found and highly ranked on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

This is key to becoming an expert in your field! It is the winnable, power keywords that bring the traffic, build your reputation, and turn you into the go-to resource in your niche.

Identifying and using the profitable power keywords

A typical website is structured with three layers of pages. For each of these layers, you will focus on different criteria for keyword evaluation:

Top Layer: The website’s top layer is the home page. The keyword for this page is your main site concept keyword. For www.Raising-Rabbits.com, this keyword is ‘rabbits.’

Middle Layer: The middle layer of your website consists of all those pages directly connected to your home page by the navigation bar. The middle-layer pages organize your site into sections, with each middle-layer page being a hub for the related and more detailed bottom-level pages.

Middle-layer pages are higher-traffic pages. Focus them on keywords that have a Demand number in the thousands and a Supply number of less than 1,000.

Middle-Layer Pages

Keyword Phrase Demand Supply
rabbit breeds 7823 517
raising rabbits 3229 199
breeding rabbits 4908 169

(These numbers were obtained from SiteBuildIt’s BrainstormIt keyword analysis tool. The exact numbers from other keyword analytics services may vary, but the principle is always the same. SBI offers a full 3-month trial period of the BrainstormIt tool if you purchase an SBI website. You get a discount if you’re a member of AWAI’s Money-Making Websites program.)

It is not enough to just find keywords with high demand. If the level of competition (supply) is too great, all the great demand in the world will not bring traffic to your website. This is important because you want to succeed in your lifetime. You need to know in advance that your website will be highly trafficked by visitors who are anxious to do business with you. If the competition (supply) is simply too stiff, it’ll never happen.

On my website, the middle-layer keyword ‘breeding rabbits’ is a highly profitable keyword. It has tremendous demand and modest supply. As a result, my ‘breeding rabbits’ page now ranks 3rd on the Google SERPs. For a middle-layer page, this is an achievement!

Bottom-layer pages are the workhorses of the website

Each bottom-layer page is connected to a related middle-layer page and supplies the bulk of the specifically sought-after information in its segment of the website.

Bottom-layer pages should have a demand number of at least 100 or more and a Supply number under 100. It is because of that very low supply number that your bottom-layer pages are frequently the first to be found by the search engines, resulting in a building tide of prospective customers.

Bottom-Layer Keyword Phrases

Keyword Phrase Demand Supply
flemish giant rabbits 1533 77
feeding baby rabbits 902 27
rabbit mating 421 6

What should you do if you discover a desirable keyword against which you cannot possibly compete?

Non-winnable keywords have ultra-high supply values in relation to the demand figure. Use one of these keywords, and your web page will languish on page 900 of the search engine results pages for years. Don’t even think about using crummy keywords.

Each of the keywords in the chart would be a waste of time to use. Instead, find a related profitable keyword to use. For example, suppose I need to write a page on pint-sized rabbits. Instead of focusing my new page on ‘mini rabbit,’ which will surely get crushed in the crowd, I can use the keyword ‘small rabbits with a demand of 634 and a supply of 66. Excellent! That page will climb up through the rankings in a matter of weeks.

Non-Winnable Keywords

Keyword Phrase Demand Supply
peter rabbit 9337 9857
mini rabbit 816 968
large rabbit 290 290

Keywords wisely used turn your website into an expert in its niche

That’s because the keywords draw traffic to your website. Ridiculous, mind-boggling amounts of traffic, without you paying a dime for that traffic. Who would imagine that a website about rabbits would get over 190,000 page views every single month and growing?

Visitor behavior tells Google you know what you’re talking about because those visitors return again and again and also create links to your website. That perceived expertise is pure dynamite – the driving force of your success.

Back Links

Every link back to your website is a vote of confidence in the eyes of the search engines. The more links, the higher your ‘reputation’ and the higher in the rankings your website climbs. And using the right keywords on your site is key to this.

According to Alexa.com, a ranking website, Raising-Rabbits.com has over 120 incoming links.

Last month as I was checking the Raising-Rabbits.com traffic stats, I noticed that several pages at Wikipedia referenced Raising-Rabbits.com as an authority for their information. (One of those back links is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rabbit_breeds.) I know, it’s Wikipedia, but still … !

The Weston A. Price Foundation has also referenced our page about Rabbit Starvation.

And our everyday visitors have let us know how they feel about Raising-Rabbits. One happy website visitor stated, “‘Raising-Rabbits’ is now the only website I ever need for answers in any rabbit topic … ” Wow, made my day. Another wrote, “Your website has been my Bunny Bible.” A third gave us their opinion, “Best rabbit website anywhere on the net!” Now I’m totally blushing.

www.Raising-Rabbits.com is not unique by any means. There are hundreds of money-making websites on the Internet written by moms and pops who are passionate about something in their lives. Many have achieved much greater reputations than Raising-Rabbits.com has. (I’m not done yet!)

All these websites have done exactly as I have done – paid close attention to the powerful keywords in their niche. Then, by writing excellent content that addresses the queries of their potential customers and colleagues, they turned themselves into experts in their fields.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the importance of wisely using powerful keywords throughout your website to demonstrate your expertise and bring crowds of visitors willing to pay money for your expertise.

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Published: June 14, 2012

2 Responses to “Turn Your Website into an Expert Must-Go-To Online Resource by Using Profitable Keywords ”

  1. I tried tweeting this - but stopped. It needs a catchier tweet description! So do almost all your blogs. They are such treasures of practical wisdom for freelancers - now they just need to be twitter friendly

    Guest (Robert)

  2. I accidentally hit 4.5 for your article Karen, and apologies because I missed the 5.

    First time reader, yay!

    Your article was great and very informative. I'll start using 3 layers in my sites. The fact your site was recognized was also amazing for your article on starvation.

    Thank you for your awesome information.

    Courtenay Cisneros - Survivor4317

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