The Power of Stories Transforms

Over the years in my role as a marketing manager for Dell, I visited 27 countries — one conference room at a time.

Can you imagine being in Istanbul, or Copenhagen, and being unable to explore because you’re trapped in a conference room?

Can you feel my frustration?

I never accepted it. I’d either stand in front of an audience all day, or sit on my tail around a table. I’d look out at beautiful scenery, watch the snow fall, or see people sunning themselves on the Mediterranean, and I’d long to be outside.

I’d conspire to sneak out at lunch, or before meetings, or after meetings — just to get outdoors.

I moved into freelance copywriting to transform my life. I wanted to work outside, have the freedom to explore where I am, live life instead of staring at beige walls.

But a couple weeks ago, it felt like nothing had changed — even though I’m a copywriter, I was trapped again in a conference room.

But I was so glad to be trapped.

It was nothing like being trapped in my corporate life.

Because I was trapped at the B2B Copywriting Intensive with some of the best B2B copywriting experts in the business. And they were helping me transform.

One of the experts was Ed Gandia. Ed is a former salesperson who changed his life by becoming a true expert about case studies.

What’s a case study? Simply put, it’s a story about a customer, a problem, a solution, and an outcome.

Stories are the oldest form of literature.

Research has shown that we’re hard-wired to embrace stories. Our brains are literally addicted to stories, especially if they have emotion behind them.

Stories touch the deepest part of the human brain, the amygdala, and make people feel safe, connected, and engaged.

Business is waking up to the power of stories. If you Google “business storytelling,” you’ll find literally over 36 million links that address business storytelling. You’ll find hundreds of books and thousands of papers.

And businesses recognize that case studies cut through B2B marketing noise.

As a former marketing manager, I can tell you that there is SO MUCH marketing out there. Your prospects are bombarded with content. You need to capture attention, and case studies do just that.

But, if you dug through those 36 million links I mentioned, you’d struggle to find a true education on how to structure, manage, and execute case studies.

But Ed Gandia wanted us to become experts, and we’ve learned so much from him. Step-by-step, he taught us to interview customers, identify priorities, and how to use a winning formula for structuring the case study.

He also taught us about the business of writing case studies. He’s showed us all the administrative steps. We’ve learned how to dodge missteps.

And most importantly, Ed’s hard work taught us to thrill our customers.

Ed taught us to accelerate our expectations for what we can do.

I’ve only been a standalone copywriter for a couple of months, and I know that our expectations can limit us. We, consciously or unconsciously, put limits on what we THINK we can accomplish.

At the Intensive we were taught to break through our self-imposed limits with insights, skills, and good old-fashioned hard work.

I think the Intensive will transform lives. I expect many of us will walk away and start crafting the writer’s life.

Kicking yourself for missing the Intensive? Don’t. You can still take action today and transform your career and your life with the B2B Copywriting Intensive Home Study Program. You’ll hear all of the expert presentations like Ed’s, and you’ll learn how to excel in the top B2B writing opportunities. Plus, you’ll learn client-getting tips from the legendary Bob Bly. With the B2B Copywriting Intensive Home Study Program, you’ll get further in your career, and you’ll be ready to approach the biggest, highest-paying clients.

If you want a different life, free of traps, the information you’ll learn in the B2B Copywriting Intensive Home Study Program is the fastest, most comprehensive start you can give yourself.

Are you going to start transforming your story? Like I did? Is that a choice that you’re willing to make? If you have any questions or comments for me, please post them below.

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Published: July 11, 2012

7 Responses to “The Power of Stories Transforms”

  1. Brian, I appreciate all your comments as a new freelance copywriter....I am in the initial stage of my desire to learn all I can about the copywriting business...and start my career. Would you recommend taking the B2B Copywriting Intensive Home Study course prior to the Six Figure Accelerated Copywriting course.....I just bought A Copywriters Handbook by Bob Bly and A Reluctant Entrepreneur by Michael Masterson....Any advice is very much appreciated Mick

    Guest (Mick Depp)

  2. I just recently started the accelerated copywriting course. Is it a good idea to try and do this one at the same time?


  3. Being in a very small Asian country, what prospects would I have as a copywriter? The offer is very tempting but I keep on asking myself this question...


  4. Thank you very much for the prompt reply and the chance to explain further. I find AWAI most encouraging...


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