Your Key to Unlimited Success

It's Rich Schefren with you this week. Some of you may know me as the “Guru to the Gurus” because of my reputation for creating breakthrough business successes.

My client list of entrepreneurs includes names like Mike Filsaime … Jeff Walker … Ryan Deiss … Jim Edwards … John Carlton … David Deutsch … Yaro Starak … and even more I'm not at liberty to reveal.

Simply put, I coach a lot of business people to extraordinary success. It's what I love to do.

So when Katie invited me to write to you here at The Writer’s Life, I jumped at the chance.

Because freelancers like you are a special case.

You see, as a freelancer, you're after a specific goal – “the writer’s life” – whatever that means to you.

Pursuing that goal, most freelance writers will spend the lion's share of their time working on their craft. Honing their writing and persuasion skills until they get them down cold.

But in doing that, they tend to overlook one important thing.

Their business.

You see, no matter what you do as a freelancer, you have to be something else first.

A business person.

If you don't have a well-designed, well-oiled business working for you, you'll always find yourself struggling. Struggling for your next client. Struggling to get through your next project.

So today and for the rest of this week, I want to help you with your business.

You see, building a successful freelance business stems from one important, critical, game-changing factor …

It's something I believe a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers don't take time to fully understand. And because they don't, they end up experiencing a lot more insecurity, self-doubt, and yes, sometimes even outright fear than they need to.

But if they spent just a little more time focusing on this, they could multiply the rewards they reap in everything they do.

It's something that will help you learn more, faster. It will let you focus your efforts on only what is essential to the task at hand. It can make you more productive, more prolific, and more profitable! It'll get you more successful results in everything that you do.

You Can't Be Too Thin, Too Rich,
Or Have Too Much of This …

Have you ever bought a book or a course you thought would help you in your business, read through it, and then not had a clue how to apply everything you just read?

There's a reason that sort of thing happens. It stems from the lack of one necessary but often overlooked factor.

I'm talking about clarity.

Clarity about the things you do in your life and business. About why you do the things you do. And the outcomes you expect from those actions.

Taking time to gain more and better clarity is an exercise I believe most freelancers would benefit enormously from.

Today, I want to get you started increasing your own clarity by giving you a simple exercise – three questions you can answer – that will help you get more clarity about everything you do.

These are powerful questions. So powerful, I have attendees of my new training webinar answer them at the very outset to be sure they get the most out of the training. (You can sign up to attend yourself here.)

Answering these questions is important because they surface criteria that help them sort through all the information I’m providing. It allows them to determine what they need – the important information that will help them move forward.

Three Short Questions to More Clarity

The first question I ask people when they get on the webinar is, “Why are you here?”

There’s something that you want. There’s something that you believe watching this training will get you. So why are you here? What is that reason?

You should ask this question about everything you do. In fact, you should do it right now. Ask yourself that question, and write down your answer on a piece of paper. Why are you here reading this newsletter? What are you hoping to learn from it today? What are you hoping to achieve with the information I'm giving you?

Once you know the answer to that, the next question you have to ask is, “Why is that important to me?”

Maybe your answer to the first question is, “I need help narrowing down my niche.” Well, why is that important to you?

Maybe it’s important to you because until you know your niche, you won’t be able to build the business you want. And until you build the business you want, you won’t have the freedom that you know you can have. Something along those lines – only be specific.

The third question, looking at your answers to questions one and two, is, “What will that do for me?”

So the three important questions are: “Why am I here? Why is that important to me? What will it do for me?”

Drilling Down to Get What You Need

I do this exercise with my webinar attendees to help them get the information that is most important to them.

You can use those same questions as a filter for anything you do!

Whenever you set out to do anything – read a book, take a course, or start a project for a client (actually, we'll get into that more tomorrow) – ask and answer these kinds of questions to understand why you're doing what you're doing and what you want to get out of it.

You'll start to get the answers you need and ultimately the results you're after.

Did you follow this exercise and gain some clarity on something in your freelance career? Let me know in the comments below.

And remember, my training webinar “Frustration to Freedom” is available free to all AWAI readers here. In it, you'll discover the three strategic pillars fundamental to all business success. Investing a couple of hours to watch it will shatter the myths you've been taught elsewhere and give you major clarity in your own freelance business.

All you have to do is click here now and pick a date that's convenient for you to view it.

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Published: July 30, 2012

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