The Essential Truth About Getting Clarity

We've been talking about the idea of clarity this week. Today, I want to take you one step deeper and get into your head and challenge you just a little.

Clarity is one of the single most important keys to your effectiveness in a freelance business. It's the key to achieving the goals you set for yourself … to building confidence in yourself and your business … and to attaining the success and freedom you got into business for in the first place. (To get more clarity on your business, click here to register for a time slot to attend my special training webinar.)

And when you don't gain clarity for yourself, you lose all that and so much more.

Let me ask you a couple of more questions:

  • How clear are you about your own identity? Who you are and what you’re all about?
  • How clear are you about your beliefs and your values, which values are most important to you, which beliefs you hold most sacred?
  • How clear are you about the skills that you bring to the table in your business and what the benefits are of those skills for others?
  • How clear are you right now about the behaviors that are both helping and hurting you?

These are just some of the deeper questions you must answer when you're trying to get clarity about yourself, your business, and your goals. They are hard questions.

Looking for the questions to answer often raises an even harder question … “How do you know what you need to know to get clarity on anything?”

Now, the answer to that question is simple. But actually doing it is much more difficult. Because it requires you, as an entrepreneur, to do something you're just not geared to do …

Trust Your Instincts

Why is trusting your instincts so hard to do?

Because you’ve been trained ever since you were a child not to trust your instincts.

When you were a baby, you wanted all your toys and your parents made you share them. When you went to school, you might have wanted to stand up and look out the window, but you were forced to sit in class and pay attention. If you decided that something was interesting to you, you might not have been able to study it if it wasn’t on the curriculum.

You’ve been taught your whole life to let someone else give you answers about what you need. To trust outside experts to give you certain answers that ultimately you should be working out yourself.

And that’s simply not the best approach.

Thinking that somehow an instructor or guru – a teacher in high school, a professor in college, or even me – should tell you what you need and take more responsibility for your life, your business, and your success than you simply won't get you the results YOU want.

I've seen it time and again. People don't trust their instincts, and they don’t know what it is they want or need.

And they end up looking for answers without knowing what it is they need to know.

The Problem with Getting Answers to Questions
You Don't Know

When you don’t trust your own instincts, you end up deferring to others to tell you more and more of what you need. Ultimately, you’re not getting your own clarity. You’re getting other people’s clarity.

Most of the things you think you need right now for your business, whether you realize it or not, have been ingrained in you by external sources. Someone else has told you that you need to have them.

So here are a few more big questions:

  • Do you think you need something that you currently don’t have in order to get what you want?
  • Do you think you need something that you don’t have right now in order to get more money, in order to have a good relationship with someone who loves you, in order to have a good business where you feel like you’re making a contribution?
  • And if you do feel you need something, what is it exactly? (If you don’t know what it is you need to have in order to get that, how will you ever find it?)
  • When you finish whatever it is you're working on right now, what do you hope will be true for you that hasn’t been true yet?
  • What will be different?
  • How would you know that your time was well spent?
  • What would be different for you at the end?
  • What will be true for you at the end?

Asking questions like these helps clarify your goals in your mind. And when you do that, you naturally focus on the things that are truly important for achieving your goals.

Getting Clarity Is Every Entrepreneur's #1 Job

Getting clarity is something everybody struggles with from time to time. And you have to be aware of it.

The problem I see with so many freelancers and entrepreneurs today is that they're all too eager to relinquish their own clarity to others. And when you do that, you're effectively selling yourself out.

We all have to remind ourselves of the need to gain our own clarity.

Because if you don't, you cling to an illusion that someone else is working on your behalf. That may give you some feeling of certainty – that you are placing your responsibility in the hands of an expert or guru or instructor or professor.

But it's not the way you need to operate if you really want to succeed.

I wanted to share these thoughts about clarity with you. How to get clarity on what you want, clarity on where you currently stand, clarity on where you want to go, clarity on anything that is integral to your life.

Because clarity is a performance enhancer. It ignites and accelerates progress. Because ultimately when you get your own clarity, you'll know what you need and where you need to go next.

If you really want to get your own clarity on your freelance business, then sign up to attend my training webinar “Frustration to Freedom.” It's free to AWAI members. I promise it'll be two hours that help you get more clarity on your needs than you ever have before.

It'll shatter the myths about owning a successful business that you've been fed by experts and gurus. And refocus you on what it is you need to know and understand to build the business that YOU want.

Click the link and pick the time that's most convenient for you.

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Published: August 3, 2012

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