This Won't Happen if You Stay Home

I’ve seen this happen to several other writers – and you could be next.

You commit to Bootcamp, and your writing career takes a huge leap forward. Then you keep going to Bootcamp, year after year, and your income and success level continue to shoot forward like a rocket.

That’s precisely what happened at my third Bootcamp. It was 2009, and it marked a turning point in my career – in more ways than one.

That was the year I showed up with a new baby in tow. Life was changing for me, and I needed to make some hard decisions. I’d been making money, working very part time and averaging a little over $20K a year.

It was good, but I wanted more.

Yes, I was making money. I even had three regular clients. And I’d been able to take plenty of time off when my son was born.

But I didn’t feel like I’d really found my footing as a writer.

It’s the nature of the profession – and life. Like driving across the country. You plan your trip, and you know your route. But along the way, something on a side road interests you. So you take a detour.

That’s another major strength of Bootcamp. It helps you master different areas of freelance writing. Then, when you’re ready to expand your skills, it shows you all the different paths you can take to accelerate your knowledge and income.

For me, that third Bootcamp marked a shift in what I knew I could handle. Instead of regular small projects, I was ready for something big – something with momentum where I could build relationships and challenge myself.

You’ll notice when you’re at Bootcamp that you get fueled by the energy of the conference. It rekindles your motivation to take charge of your life and live the freelancer’s dream.

That’s what happened to me. High on that energy, I headed to the lobby on the second day of the conference to meet with Rebecca Matter, co-managing partner at AWAI.

I’d chosen Rebecca for my special Bootcamp one-on-one-with-a-marketer meeting because I wanted to propose a writing project. (You’ll get this, too, when you sign up for Bootcamp. But even better, you’ll get to talk to Rebecca or Katie Yeakle either before or after the event. That way, you still get professional assistance in launching your writing career but you won’t miss even a minute of the action-packed conference. In my book, a one-on-one call like that is worth the cost of registration.)

To make a long story short, I told Rebecca my idea, she accepted, and we launched the Reality Blog through the Wealthy Web Writer. That blog was my gateway tool to making my first six figures as a writer.

And it never would have happened if I’d stayed home.

You won’t even make it halfway through the conference before you start bursting with new ideas to speed your business and income progress. I know because that’s what everybody talked about during breaks: “Finally, I know how to get my health copywriting plans to take off!” or “Yes! I just figured out how to position myself as an expert B2B writer!

I firmly believe it was the face-to-face connection I had with Rebecca that cemented my success as a copywriter. The project we hammered out gave me the confidence to pursue new clients for big fees. Plus, it gave me purpose and direction. I finally figured out the direction I wanted to go as a writer.

Now imagine what would happen if you came to Bootcamp … and sat down with Rebecca or Paul Hollingshead or Don Mahoney … and shared your ideas and background and heard those same words – “You’re hired!”

You won’t know unless you go. Click here to sign up.

What’s a big goal of yours that might be brought to life at Bootcamp? Tell me – I’d love to know.

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Published: August 22, 2012

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