September 2012

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Bringing Your Client From Bad to Good Marketing

Brian Whitaker discusses the reasons for bad corporate B2B marketing, and offers five tricks of the trade that make good marketing.

AWAI Across America: Destination – Bandon, Oregon

Christine Butler finds inspiration in the Bandon, Oregon art festival.

It's Time to Get Disturbed

Never settle. John Wood talks about meeting disappointment not with a shrug but with a call to action.

The Key to Every Copywriter’s Success

As a writer, one of the most important things you can do to improve is the exact opposite: read. Alexander Green gives you some ideas for reading that will help make you a stronger copywriter.

12 Ways to Confront the Fears that Are Blocking Your Success

John Wood put together 12 "fear-facing" tips you can use to take control and start doing the things you know will help you get more out of life.

What is “Good” B2B Marketing Copy? – Part 2

Brian Whitaker defines what is good marketing from the perspective of B2B managers and how to recognize effective messages.

Quadruple Your Writing Benefits

Mindy McHorse explains how you can gain a lot more than money with a focus on cause marketing.

4 Reasons for the Explosion in Cause Marketing (and Why This Industry Is Here to Stay)

Even if you don't know the details or what it means, you probably have seen a sharp rise in cause marketing. Mindy McHorse lets you in on why it's more than just a fad.

The Truth Behind What Makes a Freelancer Successful [video]

Rebecca Matter shares with you some insights into what makes successful freelancers successful (the answer may surprise you).

Why You're Vital to This Market

Mindy McHorse gets into some copywriting tips and tricks to write effective cause marketing.

Bootcamp 2012 Has Officially Sold Out

AWAI announced today that the 2012 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair is officially sold out. Read on to find out more.

Winners of the May 2012 Build Your Freelance Website Challenge

Rebecca Matter announces the winners of the May 2012 Build Your Freelance Website Challenge.

The Wild West of the Writing World

The cause marketing niche is wide open, and Mindy McHorse explains why.

How To Create a New Habit With Daily Action

Christina Gillick provides some tips and tricks for helping to develop positive habits for your freelance copywriting business.

Your Insider’s Look at the B2B Copywriting World

Brian E. Whitaker reveals all the little-known secrets of B2B marketing in his fantastic reality blog.

When It Pays to Join the Bandwagon

Mindy McHorse provides some examples of cause marketing you've probably seen recently.

A Triple-Win For Writers

Mindy McHorse highlights an often overlooked field, cause marketing.

Why Clients Want to Hire Cause Marketing Writers

Profit or non-profit, companies across the board are looking for cause marketers. So what is cause marketing and how do you get started? Mindy McHorse explains.

Don't Share Your Skills

Nick Usborne takes a unique approach to marketing that will not only boost your image in the eyes of your prospects but also in the way you view yourself.

Live: The Barefoot Writer September Issue

This month we’ve packed The Barefoot Writer with writing tips you can put into action immediately. Read on to learn more.

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