AWAI Skills Trickle Down

Yesterday, we discussed big thinkers and big ideas. I told you how ideas can grab hold of you and spur you on to action.

Today, I'd like to tell you about some unique dividends from AWAI and the resources it offers that will continue to pour in for years to come.

My oldest son, Alex, is a sophomore in high school. In three years, he will be spending tens of thousands of dollars on his college education. Four years later, he could be entering the workforce.

I'm not waiting until then to give him a real-world education, so last fall, I made a strategic investment … I brought him along with me to AWAI's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Hands down, this was the best single investment I've made in his education to date.

You might wonder, "What interest would a 15-year-old boy have in four days of copywriting sessions?"

It turns out, quite a bit.

Even though he goes to a great high school, his teachers don't talk about self-sufficiency, excellence, or developing skills that the marketplace will pay for.

The only career advice is, "Go to college and get a degree." And yet his peers, teachers, and guidance counselor have all discouraged his goals of attending an Ivy League school.

An experiment in alternative ideas

Bootcamp exposed Alex to a world he had never heard about before, except in bits and pieces from me.

It also gave him a wealth of business information that he's already putting to use.

For example …

  • Alex got to meet one of his favorite authors, Michael Masterson. He now keeps Automatic Wealth for Grads … and Anyone Else Just Starting Out on his nightstand. One of his goals is to buy his first house before the age of 25.
  • Professional copywriter Steve Coombes interviewed Alex during Joshua Boswell's "Jumpstart Your Career" session. While his friends were back home playing video games and texting each other, Alex learned how to sell himself. It already paid off this past summer when he got a job making in-office sales presentations to local chiropractors.
  • He took a ton of notes during Dan Kennedy's session "The Secret Sauce of a Top Income Freelance Business" (just like I did). Where else would you hear ideas like "control others' perception of you," "create assets instead of doing jobs," and "the leverage is in who you are, not what you do"?

    Those two hours were a goldmine that elevated Alex's thinking big-time. I guarantee he won't be content with a $40,000 salary when he graduates from college.

  • He got some invaluable advice from Bootcamp coordinator Denise Ford. During a quick five-minute break, Denise met Alex, learned about his plans to study drama at Yale, and offered this advice: "Pursue acting, but develop copywriting skills to make good money in between the acting gigs."

What does all this have to do with you?

Ideas can be poisonous or powerful.

If that's true for a 15-year-old, certainly it's true for you and me.

What's your story?

What are you feeding your mind on a regular basis? What are you reading? Who are your business associates and your friends? What kinds of things do you discuss with them?

AWAI's resources and live events give you much more than the advice that makes you a better writer or helps you run your business more profitably.

They stretch your mind to new dimensions and let you interact with sharp people who are making things happen.

You can't put a price tag on that. I challenge you to take it one step further too.

Soak up these big ideas you're getting from AWAI articles and programs. Then do everything in your power to get your family members on board.

I don't care if it's your 15-year-old son, 30-year-old daughter, or 65-year-old spouse.

They'll gain a competitive edge in this economy, and you'll get moral support for your pursuit of the writer's life.

Do you have a unique story of how your AWAI skills have paid off? I'd love to hear about it and so would our readers. Leave a comment here.

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Published: October 30, 2012

2 Responses to “AWAI Skills Trickle Down”

  1. Great article, Steve!

    My copywriting skills came in quite handy while arranging time off to come to Bootcamp. I pitched my Unit Director at the hospital with the idea of working two 12-hour shifts (24 hours) in exchange for taking Friday off (8 hours). The 3-for-1 trade spoke for itself. She approved the request with no problem. The lesson here is clear: Always give more than you expect to receive. Whether it's the workplace or writing copy, success will always come your way...


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