Fear Can Be Your Ally

Guillermo Rubio here with my final installment for The Writer’s Life.

All week, we’ve been talking about fear. Today, I’d like to show you how fear can be a huge positive in your life.

See, fear isn’t all bad.

It can be a great feedback system that shows the areas in your life where you can grow!

And as I told you on Monday, growing emotionally as a person is essential to building your freelance business because the two are intimately tied together.

Any time you conquer a fear, you grow. It’s really that simple. It’s because of fear that so many successful people are, well … successful.

Take Bruce Willis. He’s played an action hero in quite a few Hollywood blockbusters. But here’s something you may not have known – for years, he had a fear of public speaking! Growing up, he stuttered and used acting and humor as a way to overcome it.

Actor and singer Will Smith is one of the few folks in Hollywood to have major successes in music, television, and film. He’s won four Grammy Awards. And he’s been nominated for multiple Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards. He’s also the only actor in history to star in eight consecutive films that grossed $100 million or more domestically! His secret to success? Overcoming his fears.

Says Will: “I’m motivated by fear. I hate being scared to do something. And I think what developed in my early days was the attitude that I started attacking things that I was scared of.”

Then there’s a very shy guy you’ve probably heard of – Harrison Ford. He admits to being painfully shy growing up and took drama in school to get over his fear. Today, he’s one of America’s favorite leading men!

And if you look just here within the AWAI community, you’ll find similar stories of getting past fears.

Successful AWAI member Roy Furr has written at length about the fear he feels every time he talks to a potential client. He got over it by using his “no fear in action” principle – you can never rid yourself of a fear intellectually by thinking about it and waiting to act until it goes away. Instead, the only way to experience “no fear” is to act in spite of it over and over.

AWAI member Joshua Boswell feared cold calling – but did it anyway and went on to earn six figures within 11 months of getting started. He realized the pain of not being able to take care of his family would be greater than any pain of rejection from making those calls.

Finally, take a look at AWAI’s own Rebecca Matter. I could hardly believe it when she admitted she overcame a fear of public speaking … it seems to come so naturally to her! But she also faced her fear by using courage to get in front of people even though it was terrifying at first. Again, she acted in the face of fear.

Bottom line: fear can be a great teacher. It can be your ally. And it can be your greatest source of personal growth. Use it to free yourself and live the life you want. (I recently wrote an article related to this. You can read it here.)

It’s been a pleasure to share with you this week what I’ve learned about fear. I hope you found it useful.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll leave you with this thought (although I can’t seem to find who said it):

“Fear: Let it be your inspiration!”

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Published: October 19, 2012

1 Response to “Fear Can Be Your Ally”

  1. What a wonderful article, Guillermo!

    The great thing about fear is that it's not nearly as bad as you think it is. It's really an illusion. And it helps to explain why a lot of folks choose to define FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real. So if you can get yourself to push through whatever is facing you, chances are you'll end up saying to yourself, "Hey, it wasn't that bad after all."

    Thanks again, Guillermo. For a "shy" Man you sure do write great copy!!! ;-)

    RNin2013October 19, 2012 at 9:24 am

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