Has This Ever Happened To You?

So far this week, we’ve covered a few strategies to overcome the fears holding you back from success.

Today, I’d like to give you a practical tip you can use whenever you’re in a situation where you’re feeling fear or some other kind of resistance.

Focus on the process of whatever it is you’re doing.

How many times have you met someone for the first time … and then forgotten their name just seconds after you met them?!

I bet it’s probably happened at least once. It happens because we’re not focused on the process of meeting that person. Instead, we’re in our head, worrying about what we’re going to say, how we’re going to say it, etc.

Basically, anytime you’re thinking about something other than what you’re doing in the moment, you’re not in the process.

When you are focused on the process of something, every bit of your being is involved. It’s like when you read a good book and look up at the clock only to find hours have passed.

When you’re in a situation feeling anxiety or fear, it’s because you’re thinking and worrying about “what-ifs.”

If you find yourself in that situation, force yourself to stay in the process, and your fear will subside.

For example, I’m coming to this year’s Bootcamp. And I plan on meeting and networking with folks there (if you’re coming too, I’d love to meet you!).

Normally, I get anxious in those situations (lots of people, mingling and making plenty of small talk, etc.).

But I’ve finally realized it’s because I’m in my head the whole time, worrying about stuff that may or may not happen. What I’ve been practicing instead is to focus on the process of meeting people, making small talk, etc.

I’ll notice what the person is wearing. I’ll notice any unique facial features. When they talk, I’ll make sure my entire focus is on what they’re saying.

By shifting my focus from myself and how I think I’m coming across to being interested in them and what’s being said, it’s almost as if my brain doesn’t have the time or capacity to fear.

I’m still not perfect at it, but I’m doing a whole lot better than I have in the past.

So if you’re ever in a situation where you’re feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or fearful, give this a try.

Maybe you’re about to a call a potential client to follow up. Focus on the process of calling them, literally. Feel the temperature and texture of the phone in your hands. The pressure of your fingers on the numbers as you dial. The voice of the person who answers and what they’re saying, etc.

Or maybe you’re afraid of writing your first sales letter and have put it off. Focus on your fingers going across the keys … the words appearing on the page … writing that first sentence. You get the idea.

The more you make getting into the process a habit, the faster you’ll get over your fears. And you’ll be that much close to achieving your goals.

If you’re an excessive worrier (because your mind is like mine – excellent at finding all kinds of things that could go wrong), I’ve written an article that can help you ditch the worry and start enjoying life a whole lot more. You can read it here.

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Published: October 18, 2012

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