Where to Find Writer Friends

Welcome back to Bootcamp week. By the time you get this, I should be soaring above the clouds, headed for sunny Florida …

But before I get there and start compiling all the best writing and business-building tips to send your way, please humor me for a minute.

I’d like you to picture a writer’s conference with hundreds of attendees milling around.

Their faces are animated … their chatter as thick as a beehive hum. Grins are wide while heads bob in agreement throughout the halls.

But instead of looking at each other, each attendee holds a mirror out in front of himself or herself — even as they talk to other people.

The atmosphere is electrifying … stimulating. The attendees radiate joy. It’s obvious there’s nowhere else they’d rather be.

But Mindy,” you say. “What’s with the mirrors?”

I’m glad you asked. I threw those in to help you imagine one of the most powerful elements of Bootcamp:

It’s the fact that you’ll see yourself in virtually every other attendee.

Here’s why that’s important …

The writer’s life is phenomenal. Rich with freedom and income opportunity, it lets us carve out an existence far superior to the humdrum norm of “working for the man.”

There’s just one tiny drawback.

On occasion, this life is solitary. (Though not as much as before, thanks to Facebook and other virtual networks.)

But the truth is, plenty of writers with big successes under their belts (or in the making) live far, far away from anybody who shares their passion to write for a living and make a lot of money doing it.

So you can’t put a price on face-to-face interaction with other people who really “get” you — especially if those people understand why you want to grab the reins of your life, never to “settle” again.

Plenty of folks you know will never experience that same inner drive to take charge of your income and work comfortably from home.

That’s fine. They’ll play a different role in your life. And they can still be very valuable as friends or even family members.

But those who share your entrepreneurial fire to fast-track your dream-life using writing as your vehicle …

Well, they’re the ones who’ll help you keep that fire burning long after the final Bootcamp prize has been awarded.

When you look at them, you’ll recognize a familiar gleam in their eyes. You may even get the uncanny feeling you’re looking in a mirror.

It’ll remind you you’re not alone.

If you’ll be at Bootcamp this week, now’s the time to introduce yourself to fellow writers and start building your community of support.

If you won’t be here, keep an eye on the AWAI Facebook page, the Wealthy Web Writer Facebook page, and The Barefoot Writer Facebook page. Read posts from other copywriters, and if you feel a connection, introduce yourself.

Beyond that, look for notices in your town about writer groups, writing workshops, or local conferences. Or, look for freelancer associations.

And whether you make your connections electronically, from home, or here at Bootcamp, the biggest benefit comes in knowing others who understand and will cheer on your writing goals for the long-term.

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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: October 23, 2012

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