10 Reasons Nonprofits Want to
Hire Web Writers

If you have a cause you’re passionate about, or a favorite charity you’d like to champion, web writing puts you in an ideal position.

That’s because web writers like you can fill the enormous need nonprofits have for online content.

Just how big is that need?

Consider this: Over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the U.S. Most either have no online presence or they could stand to improve what they do have.

It’s not just a matter of looking good. For a nonprofit, well-crafted web content means the difference between survival and failure. A targeted online presence helps even the smallest charity get heard above the noise of all the other causes. Plus, good content extends a nonprofit’s reach to millions of Internet users worldwide.

So below, I’ve listed 10 reasons nonprofits jump at the opportunity to hire web writers, including which web-writing skill benefits you most in each situation. ­­­

1. Publicity

An impressive online presence is the single most effective way for a nonprofit to get attention. It also works out to be cheaper than constantly printing and mailing informational letters.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

Basic web-writing skills play a key role here. You’ll want to build a clear message across a nonprofit’s entire website, written in a consistent voice.

2. Public Education

All nonprofits face the challenge of communicating their message to the public. Potential supporters want to know the backstory. As in, why does that nonprofit exist? What’s their Mission? What are their founding principles?

A well-written website helps nonprofits efficiently educate the public when it comes to goals. It also allows them to speak directly to different groups of followers, from donors to volunteers to other nonprofits.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

This is where your ability to write to different audiences is vital. Your goal should be to research the different needs and questions of each group, and then dedicate a full website to each one.

3. Fundraising

Not only is fundraising the lifeblood of a nonprofit, it’s also easier than ever over the Internet. But that benefit comes with a caveat. Any nonprofit hoping to get online donations must have a credible website that clearly explains how their money is collected and spent. That’s where you come in.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

If you can write web content that convinces a prospective donor both that a nonprofit is respectable and that all online transactions are secure, then your web-writing skills can play an integral role in donation collection.

4. Volunteer Recruitment

Building email lists has become the single most effective way for nonprofits to communicate with donors and reach out in times of need.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

If your services include lead generation, autoresponders, and e-newsletters, then you’re well equipped to offer any nonprofit comprehensive assistance in building and retaining a list of donors.

5. Visibility

Getting heard above the noise of all the other nonprofits is a constant challenge for any cause-driven organization. So any time a nonprofit jumps to the top of a search engine list is a big win for that organization.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

SEO skills are vital if your aim is to increase the visibility of a nonprofit. Even more vital is the ability to incorporate key search phrases while still crafting informational content that resonates with donors.

6. Timely Information Delivery

The ability to give live updates brings a boost in attention, especially if a nonprofit is participating in any kind of deadline-driven contest or live event.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

This is where a well-crafted social media strategy comes in handy. If you can set up a social media profile for a nonprofit and help them build a loyal community following, the nonprofit will reap huge rewards from dedicated supporters.

7. Advocacy

Recent Superstorm Sandy is a good example of advocacy during a time crunch. Many charities stepped up to volunteer support and services, but at the same time needed help from their own donors to reach their goals.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

If you can craft posts for an organization that prompt action and mobilize supporters, you’ll provide a key skill in getting word out quickly when necessary. Timely action alerts can also be sent out over email, but once again need to be well written with a clear call-to-action.

8. Research

Nonprofits often want to keep up with legal, political, scientific, or other related developments, especially in terms of showing donors how they incorporate new findings into their Mission.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

This is where both you and the nonprofit will benefit if you’re able to offer white papers or case study writing services.

9. Communication

Just as you’ll find with any business, nonprofits need to offer donors a way to get in touch with them quickly and reliably with any questions or concerns.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

If you incorporate clear messages about how to contact a nonprofit using a website or social media profile as a channel, you’ll bring a huge boost in communication.

10. Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is quickly becoming the single most effective way for a nonprofit to not only survive but thrive in the marketplace. It’s a way for nonprofits to join forces with the marketing muscle (and budget) of for-profit companies, and it often means more exposure and larger gains for the nonprofit.

Crucial Web-Writing Skill:

If you understand how to communicate the details of a cause-marketing partnership to donors and prospective customers, you’ll provide a vital service to nonprofits looking to navigate this new approach to sponsorship.

Demand is Over-the-Top, Dripping-Down-the-Sides Huge

Not only do you have over 1.5 million nonprofits in need of better web content, but, as you’ve seen, there’s also a wide variety of content needs.

On top of that, consider the diversity of nonprofits in general: public charities, private foundations, Chambers of Commerce, fraternal organizations, and civic leagues — just to name a few.

Each brand of nonprofit comes with its own unique communication needs. Some focus their time talking directly to donors. Others have to answer to corporate sponsors. Still others are community funded, or supported by local government.

For every audience a nonprofit connects with, there’s a specific need for targeted web content.

So when you’re ready to approach the nonprofit you’d like to work with, be sure to list these 10 benefits you bring to the table as a skilled web writer.

This article, 10 Reasons Nonprofits Want to Hire Web Writers, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: November 28, 2012

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