An Easy Way to Double Your Pay
For One Letter

I love Bootcamp! The proof? I’ve been attending the past seven years, and each time I look forward to it more than the previous year.

Why? The answer’s simple. Every year, I learn valuable, new ideas I can use in my own career. And every year one idea, one strategy, one secret really stands out.

This year, Clayton Makepeace delivered that new idea. It’s something that’s going to be tremendously powerful for bolstering my career. And your copywriting career too, I’m sure.

A quick detour first. For most of my copywriting career, I’ve written alternative health copy. I loved doing it. But after 15 years, I decided to switch (slowly) into fundraising. My passion lies deepest here, so I figured it was time to put my words where my heart is.

I started out in this new niche like many AWAI members do. Like you’re probably doing. At ground level. But as I began getting a few clients — small ones, so far — I wanted to be more than just the person who wrote words for them. I wanted to bring them new ideas, things that hadn’t necessarily been seen widely in fundraising before. I wanted to help them improve their marketing strategies.

A question kept nagging at me. I’m pretty new to fundraising. What new ideas or strategies could I bring to my clients?

Bringing something new and exciting to your clients …

Thank you, Clayton! Within minutes of the start of his presentation, the lightbulb in my head went on. The A-HA! Moment. He gave me the perfect answer.

Video Sales Letters!

None of my current clients use Video Sales Letters. They have pretty standard websites but no Video Sales Letters. In fact, this is a strategy I haven’t seen in fundraising … or in other niches. (Although I’m sure a few organizations might be using them. But not many.)

Okay, now you might be asking me why would Video Sales Letters be good for fundraising clients. After all, these groups aren’t selling anything. Right?

Not at all. All persuasive copy really is selling. You’re selling ideas. The way I see it, all niches — even B2B, fundraising, political action, and other niches you wouldn’t expect — could benefit from using Clayton’s strategy.

Far easier than you might think …

What are Video Sales Letters? Are you qualified to write them? And how do you do it?

This was the meat of Clayton’s presentation. And there’s too much — over an hour’s worth of material — to cover here.

Briefly, though, here’s how they work.

Video Sales Letters start with a sales letter just like you’re learning to write from AWAI. That letter is then used as the narration for a video presentation. The video presentation can be as simple as a PowerPoint with the words of the sales letter popping up in sync with the narration.

Or they can be more complex with pictures, charts, or actual movies.

The prospect is directed by email to the website that’s got the VSL (Video Sales Letter) as its main element. Or in some cases, the VSL might be in the email itself.

The process really is easy. Clayton’s presentation — “The 17-Step Process for Creating Million-Dollar Video Sales Letters” — details exactly how to do it. How to transition from your sales letter on paper to the final on-screen production.

And what if the prospect decides to stop watching in the middle of the Video Sales Letter? Seems like this might be a dead end, doesn’t it? Clayton describes a surefire strategy for turning him into a buyer.

How to become your clients’ marketing go-to …

Even if you’re just starting out, you can bring Clayton’s strategies to your first clients. What will this do for you? A couple of things. First, you’ve gone from one assignment (sales letter) to two (sales letter plus VSL) with a potential 100% increase (or more) in your fees.

Secondly — and this is far more important than the one-time increase in fees — you go from copywriter to marketing consultant. More work. More prestige. More pay. And a longer, more stable relationship with your clients.

This is my plan for my fundraising clients going forward. I know they’ll benefit from this new approach to marketing. I know I’ll benefit, too.

You can easily add Video Sales Letters to the arsenal of services you offer to clients and potential clients. Just think how good this will look in your self-promotional package.

Let Clayton tell you how …

But before you go to potential clients with ideas about Video Sales Letters, do what I’m going to do. Absorb everything Clayton has to tell you — his 17-step process — so you can become the expert.

The best way to do this is to let Clayton tell you in his own words, delivered directly to you like you’re sitting in front of him.

How do you get this experience? From AWAI’s newly-revised The Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

This program is a multimedia resource that’ll take you to the Master’s level of copywriting faster. It does it with videos, audio files, and written reports.

Each unit features the secrets of Master Copywriters and marketers like Mark Ford (aka Michael Masterson), Mike Palmer, Jen Stevens, John Forde, Donna Doyle, Paul Hollingshead, and even the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis … and other Masters as well. All presented to you online for your convenience.

One huge advantage to this online format came clear to me just two days ago. AWAI is adding Clayton’s Bootcamp presentation (plus more from Clayton on the subject) to the already stellar lineup in The Masters Program.

Talk about keeping current!

And AWAI plans to keep adding to and revising this program as new and exciting additions come up!

You can learn more about Clayton’s newly-added contribution to The Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting from Paul Hollingshead by clicking right here.

Or better yet, start benefiting from this high-powered program right now. Call Cameron, Debbie, or Pat at 866-879-2924. Or click this link. As soon as your order clears (a matter of seconds), you’ll be given immediate, full access to the program.

To make your success even more enticing, AWAI is running a special promotion right now. They’re offering you The Masters Program at a sweet 45% discount. But you and I both know they can’t do this for long. So order right now before your good intentions “slip off your radar.”

And when you do order, please let me know how you’re benefiting from The Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Write me at

Until then …

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Published: November 26, 2012

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