Limited-Time Offer:
Special Deal on Copywriting 2.0
Learn to Write for the
High Demand Online Marketplace
And Get Your Business Up and
Running by 2013

Whether you want to write for the financial industry, Business-to-Business, pets, the Christian market, fundraising … you name it … you need to know how to write for the Web.

Forrester Research predicts the money spent on online marketing will reach $55 billion by 2014. And I dare you to try and find a company in your niche that doesn’t have an online presence of some sort.

So what you’re about to read is a straightforward offer …

It’s an offer to buy Copywriting 2.0 — a program I believe EVERY writer must take — at a very, very good deal.

I personally use Copywriting 2.0 every time I sit down to write a piece of web copy.

And it’s a program I expect every copywriter who works for me to have studied from front to back.

It’s written by online copywriting expert, Nick Usborne — who has worked with and been a web-copy consultant to companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, Disney, America Online, and The New York Times.

And I’m confident in saying that if you’ll spend a few weeks going through the program …

You’ll have the skills needed to be a professional online copywriter, the experience needed to take on high-paying projects, and the confidence to promote yourself and land clients who are able to pay those fees.

Like I said earlier, regardless of your passion, niche, or focus, you need to know how to write for the Web.

And Copywriting 2.0 will give you the skills you need to effectively write web copy for your clients.

So I want you to buy the program today.

And to make that decision very easy for you, I’ve put together an incredible offer …

First, you’ll get the program itself, which will teach you everything you need about writing web copy.

You’ll learn how to write:

  • Home pages (Standard fee range: $450 – $4,500)
  • Sales pages ($450 – $10,000)
  • Subscription pages ($450 – $4,500)
  • Information pages ($150 – $750)
  • Landing pages ($450 – $1,000)
  • Page sequences ($750 – $5,000)
  • Promotional emails ($250 – $3,500)
  • E-newsletters ($250 – $1,000)
  • Blogs ($50 – $500 per post)
  • Websites ($1,500 – $3,500)
  • And a whole lot more

All of these well-paying web copy projects are covered and masterfully taught by Nick. And you’ll know how to write them all by the time you finish the program.

And to make sure you really know the material, we’ve recently added a Copywriting 2.0 Workbook, designed to help you fully comprehend the key concepts and lessons you learn as you go through the program.

That way, you’ll know for sure that you can do the work your clients are paying you to do.

But that’s not all …

Once you have the skills, I want to make sure you can launch your business and start working right away. So Nick has agreed to let me throw in two incredibly valuable bonuses …

Bonus 1: Nick Will Help You Choose Your Niche

First, you’ll get access to Nick’s training series on choosing a profitable niche for your writing business. It’s a $299 value — but you’ll get it FREE.

Choosing a niche is often the first big roadblock writers face. But with this bonus, you’ll be able to keep moving forward without missing a beat.

Bonus 2: Nick Will Help You Promote Your Business

Then, once you have your niche nailed down, Nick is going to motivate you to take the next step — start promoting your online copywriting services — with a second bonus …

In January, he’s going to host a special webinar to kick off the New Year, where he’ll review freelance websites, and give direction on how to make them stronger, so that good prospective clients see the value right away.

You’ll learn a lot from listening to him advise other freelance writers. And if you want him to review your website, or ask him any questions about your own business — you can! As a member of Copywriting 2.0, it won’t cost you a dime.

Pretty incredible bonuses, right?

So when you order Copywriting 2.0 during this deal, you’ll get …

The “bible of online copywriting” (Bob Bly’s words — not mine — although I do agree) …

The newly-added Workbook that will ensure you’ve fully mastered the skill of writing for the Web …

Help choosing your niche (or assurance that the niche you’ve already chosen is in fact the most profitable for you) …

Guidance on how to best promote your new services …

As well as over 16 hours of additional bonus material that already comes with the program, all aimed at helping you be a sought-after online copywriter, and the confidence to promote yourself as such.

Basically EVERYTHING you need to get started as an online copywriter within a few short weeks.

But if for some reason that’s not enough to get you moving today, I’ve added one more thing …

$150 off!

Like I said, this is the BEST DEAL we’ve ever offered on this program. And it will expire on November 20th at midnight.

Learn more about the program and take advantage of this incredible offer now.

Web Copywriting 2.0

Web Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts

Learn how to become an in-demand online copywriter for companies big and small. Online copywriting expert Nick Usborne shows you how to write web copy that converts. Learn More »

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Published: November 13, 2012

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