December 2012

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Christina Gillick touches on some of the top reasons why you should keep your freelance copywriting career simple.

Four Ways to Simplify Your Writing Business

Keeping things simple opens up all types of positive side effects. Christina Gillick has four great ways to keep things simple in your freelance writing career.

Stepping Back From Your Passion

A passion for your niche can really boost your satisfaction with your work, but as Will Newman notes, it is something you should sometimes step back from.

Ladle Massive Happiness into Your Life

Happiness starts within. Mindy McHorse helps you tap into your inner reserve of happiness.

Bizarre Power in Your Words

Mindy McHorse talks about the power of other's words on your own intrinsic motivation, and hopefully how to not let them determine your freelance career.

How Influence, Motivation, and the Power of “You” Determine All Your Writing Success

Mindy McHorse tells you how the power of "You" can have a tremendous positive impact on your writing success and confidence.

AWAI Across America Destination — Albuquerque, New Mexico

Christine Butler tells the story of Mindy McHorse, and how sometimes a special commitment can make all the difference.

No Talent Required

Motivation is a big part of success. Mindy McHorse talks about how to keep up the motivation in your freelance writing career.

15 Link-Building Strategies that Google Will Love

Getting Google to notice your work is a major drive in many web writing careers. Julia Borgini has 15 quality link-building strategies you can use today.

Your New Year’s Resolution: 7 Weeks to Residual Income ...

Make a New Year’s resolution to get in better financial shape this year. Accept the challenge and commit to creating a Money-Making Website that will put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket each month.

Bummer About the Water Cooler

Mindy McHorse wants to talk about being good at being happy.

The Antidote to Unemployment?

Check out why running a freelance business beats a full-time job in almost every category.

How is Becoming a Copywriter Like Renovating?

Brian Whitaker discovers six keys to renovating your life to become a successful copywriter.

First Skill in the Art of Happiness

The writer's life is full of ups and downs. Mindy McHorse has learned some great lessons for dealing with all sorts of issues freelance copywriters face.

Why You Shouldn't Sell With Your Writing...

Will Newman takes us back to the heart of copywriting, not to sell a product, but to write persuasive copy.

Free Teleconference: Three Game-Changing Trends Every Online Copywriter Must Know to Make Money in 2013

Join Rebecca Matter and Nick Usborne for a frank discussion about three major trends that are happening online right now, and how they will greatly impact your income when you’re writing for the Web.

Live: The Barefoot Writer December Issue

December often harks the coming of a new year. The December issue of The Barefoot Writer is here to help you usher in the new year, and a new world of freelance copywriting possibilities.

One Copywriter's Plan B For Retirement...

John Wood shares the story of Kerrin Kuntzman, whose website not only helped bring in a passive income but also opened an entirely new money-making venture to her.

Are You a Fox or a Hedgehog?

Brian Whitaker analyzes two types of personality and how you can make better writer’s life decisions once you know which you are.

AWAI Across America Destination — Verona, Wisconsin: Home of Steve Roller

Christine Butler is here to share the “getting started secrets” of Steve Roller, who has been a full-time copywriter for over three years.

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