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Build Momentum by Thinking Big and
Starting Small

Greetings from your friend Starr here at The Writer’s Life. I hope you are having a wondrous day with family and friends!

Today, we’re talking about momentum.

Just think about how much momentum a moving train has. A train is so massive, it doesn’t even look like it is going fast. But its momentum makes it mighty hard to stop. A 150-car freight train going 50 miles an hour needs 8,000 feet to stop. That’s a mile and a half! Even an 8-car passenger train going 80 miles per hour needs 6,000 feet to stop. Still over a mile.

That’s the type of momentum you can generate if you work consistently in your freelance business. And the good news is that you can get your momentum going by doing small things.

Freelance copywriter Tom Meitner says he built his SEO business by sending out emails, which he tracked with a simple spreadsheet. He sent the emails every day and followed up on any responses. Nothing happened for three full weeks, but he just kept at it. Then in two days, he landed four substantial clients.

Tom says that having patience to keep taking consistent action, even when you aren’t seeing results, works because you are building momentum. And momentum is powerful stuff.

So if you are dreaming big for 2013 – and you should be – the time to start building momentum is right now. The sooner the better because every action counts. Get started by:

  • Clearly defining and writing down your goals. Make them RUMBLE-worthy!
  • Break larger goals into small tasks with a deadline.
  • Consistently do the small tasks every day, regardless of results.
  • Be patient while the momentum builds.
  • Continue to nourish the momentum so it doesn’t ebb away.

Momentum is a force of nature that you can tap into. It’s a universal principle that exists whether you are aware of it or not. Like gravity. Every kid that has tried to defy gravity by putting on a Superman cape and jumping off the shed roof has discovered that gravity cannot be denied. Neither can momentum.

So start now to get your momentum going. It’s a powerful tool that will help rocket you right into 2013. Do you have any secrets you’d like to share about how you build momentum? I’d love to hear them. Fill me in below!

Enjoy this day with your loved ones …

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Published: December 25, 2012

1 Response to “Build Momentum by Thinking Big and Starting Small”

  1. Thinking Big & remaining optimistic prevents unnecessary stress and gives peace of mind...

    Guest (Ivan)December 27, 2012 at 12:51 am

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