Freelance Job Market Grows as
Full-Time Positions Disappear Reports
American Writers & Artists Institute

A New Report from American Writers & Artists Institute Showcases Where to Find Job Growth in Today’s Economy

Delray Beach, FL – December 11, 2012 – As companies scramble to cut costs and lay off full-time employees, the slack is being picked up by freelancers. In fact, over 40% of companies expect to hire more freelancers in the coming year, American Writers & Artists Inst. explains in a new report.

For individuals seeking the freedom of working from home – or anywhere in the world, being their own boss, and picking and choosing projects, it’s the ideal fit. And there’s no need to sacrifice income.

Among current freelancers surveyed by online job marketplace Elance, 67% expected their income to increase in 2013. Fifty-seven percent indicated it had already gone up in 2012 and cities hit hard by the economy saw copywriting growth of 286% in entry-level jobs.

Freelance work is on the upswing across the board with a few standout industries. One is copywriting, which is simply writing advertising in the form of sales letters or emails, websites and landing pages, online ads, social media campaigns, and more.

“Copywriting is always a growth industry as companies need to advertise, no matter what the economy is doing,” says American Writers & Artists Institute Executive Director Katie Yeakle. She continued, “The explosion of commerce on the Internet has created a huge demand for copywriters who specialize in online projects such as web content writing.”

Another bonus of freelance life is that it’s a portable career, especially in the case of copywriting. It’s possible to work from a laptop anywhere in the world – at least anywhere with an Internet connection.

Starr Daubenmire, American Writers & Artists Institute contributor, had a long career in the corporate world before being laid off. Copywriting allowed her to regain a stable income and indulge in hobbies she hadn’t time for when she was working in a traditional 9 to 5 job.

“As a freelance writer, I have a lot of flexibility. And I recently decided to downsize so I can travel more,” said Starr. “And first on my list was Italy because I’ve been ’saving it.’ I never wanted to go to my dream destination unless I could stay for a while … and now here I am! My vocation — writing — has made it possible.”

That freedom is just one benefit reported by freelancers such as Starr. In fact, it appears that the vast majority of freelancers are happier now than when they had a full-time job.

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Published: December 11, 2012