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Your Best New Years “Non-Resolution”

Since this is the traditional time to make your New Year’s resolutions, I have a recommendation.

Don’t do it! Don’t make any New Years resolutions.

Now, I don't mean to discourage you from trying to improve yourself. But research shows that if you make New Year's resolutions, you’re not likely to keep them. Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire in England, tells us that 78% of those who make New Year’s resolutions don’t keep them.

The result of failed New Year's resolutions? Depression, a sense of failure, and abandoning the very thing you were trying to accomplish.

Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work …

According to Dr. Wiseman, the large term strategies people use for resolutions simply don’t work. What does work, he says, is breaking down your goals into more achievable steps.

I'm pretty sure that if you were planning on making a New Year's resolution right now, it’d be about doing something to increase your copywriting success.

So, I'm going to propose that you not make resolutions about your success. Instead take the achievable step Dr. Wiseman talks about.

That step? Take action right now that will fast track your copywriting career. Don’t make it part of a resolution to be accomplished in the next year. Do it now.

Sign up for Bootcamp 2013.

That’s 10 months away. Why should you do it now? I'll get to that in a few moments.

But first let me tell you why you should sign up for Bootcamp at all by telling you what brings me back year after year.

Always something new …

Always something to boost my success …

A few weeks ago I talked to you about Clayton Makepeace’s Bootcamp presentation on video sales letters. I’d seen video sales letters before, but I never really thought about using one for my fundraising clients.

Sitting in on Clayton’s session changed all that. That’s why I keep coming back to Bootcamp. Every year, I learn something new. And not just one thing … many things.

It might be a new way to approach direct marketing … like video sales letters. Or it might be something entirely new for me … like web copywriting strategies from Nick Usborne. (I learned these a couple of years ago).

But my biggest reason for coming back is you. I love meeting AWAI members at Bootcamp and sharing time with them. This is just something we presenters do. We aren’t told we have to meet with the AWAI members. We choose to do it on our own. We’re there because we love to share ideas … in presentations and one-on-one.

So when you come to Bootcamp, please come up and introduce yourself. I'd love to talk to you about my career. But mostly I want to talk to you about your career and what you can do to keep it on the fast track.

Why now is the best time to sign up …

I started this letter talking about New Year's resolutions and how they seldom work. That's why you should sign up today for Bootcamp.

Sign up now, and you won’t have to put it on your To-Do List for later … a To-Do List you may never get around to.

Sign up now and you have 10 months to plan for your trip … to make transportation arrangements … to get ready for the most exciting experience of your copywriting career.

But most important, sign up right now and AWAI will give you an incredible $500 discount if pay in full.

But this is the last day to take advantage of it.

Here are just a few reasons to come to Bootcamp 2013 …

  • Meet with the today’s most successful Copywriting Masters … and learn the secrets that got them where they are today …
  • Hone your copywriting skills in the shortest time possible …
  • Come to Job Fair and network with companies looking to pay copywriters like you … and who are willing to pay handsomely!

If you’re worried about committing this far ahead, don’t be. You can cancel any time until the end of September 2013 if “life gets in the way” and you’re unable to make it. You’ll be refunded anything you’ve paid … in full!

(But I hope this doesn’t happen. I’m looking forward to meeting you for the first time … or to renewing our Bootcamp friendship from past years).

Well, maybe two resolutions …

I changed my mind. I’d like you to make two resolutions for the 2013.

First, resolve to register for Bootcamp 2013 as soon as you finish reading this letter so you can get your $500 discount.

Second, having taken this giant step toward copywriting success, resolve to do something good for yourself this very special evening.

One last thing. I’d love to hear from you. Write me at and let me know you’ve taken this tremendous leap in your copywriting career.

And one last, last thing: Happy New Year!

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Published: December 31, 2012

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