It Isn't Faking!

Two avid sportsmen were college roommates in the late 1970s. One had a dream of winning the Masters Tournament. The other one wanted to be a broadcaster for CBS Sports. While in college, they “practiced” the final scene of the Masters where the winner is awarded the coveted green jacket and then interviewed by CBS Sports.

It was something they did over and over. They acted it all out, felt what it would be like.

Fourteen years later, Fred Couples won the Masters Tournament. Wearing his green jacket, he was interviewed by his old roommate, CBS Sports announcer Jim Nantz.

In college, they had acted as if it were already happening, and reality caught up with them 14 years later.

And that’s today’s principle:

Act as if

It is one of the most powerful principles in Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles.


Because it goes beyond the mere visualizing of your goals recommended by coaches, mentors, and gurus everywhere (including Jack). Acting as if means you start acting today like the successful writer you’ll become.

This applies whether you’re a new writer without any clients, or a seasoned writer trying to break into multiple six-figures.

What sorts of things can you do to act as if?

  • Print business cards with the title that fits the writer you want to be. Are you a “Freelance Copywriter” or a “Content Marketing Strategist”? Create the title to match your vision of you. Hand them out to everyone.
  • Create the fee schedule you’d use once you’re a well-paid, in demand writer (check what other successful writers charge as a guide). Practice quoting those fees with family, friends, or fellow writers. Even write up a “dream” proposal as if it were real.
  • Practice at networking events or seminars. Act as if while you’re there: Dress the part, hand out your new business cards, be confident. You could even attend the upcoming Web Writer’s Intensive. It’d be a three-and-a-half-day Act As If Exercise in success!

Stay authentic to the vision you have of yourself in everything you do. It isn’t faking (as in “fake it till you make it”), it’s acting. You’re trying on the role of a successful you.

If you were reading this five years from now, who would you be? What would you have done? Act as if, and write a post here from the future you.

Now, act as if success is already yours, and this can be the year it is.

And there you have it. Put these five fundamental principles to work for you and you’ll have a great start on making 2013 your most successful.

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Published: January 18, 2013

4 Responses to “It Isn't Faking!”

  1. Thanks Crystle for a great week of encouraging articles. I love the idea in this one that 'acting as if' is different than faking. Acting as if it's so is fundamental to attracting success whether from a Nightingale-Conant perspective (Jim Fannin's 90 Second Rule), or a biblical perspective (Mark 11:23), or a 21st century business success perspective. There's just no better way than to try your dream on for size and wear it till it fits. Thanks for a week of great encouragement!


  2. Most helpful Crystle!I enjoyed all your articles.Thnx

    Guest (Elmarie Bouwer)

  3. Wow! when I first signed up with AWAI five years ago, I thought "hey, I think I can do this". Now I see how much I am enjoying copywriting. Not only is fun to write but also it gives me the freedom to stay at home and do the things I want to do ,like help watch my grandchildren and become a tai chi master.
    I have such interesting clients, and I can work anywhere I want to.
    Thank you AWAI for this fantastic life!

    Guest (judy)

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