No Pain, No Gain!

When I first started going to a personal trainer, he would ask me if I was sore the day after my workout.

He explained to me that the soreness is the muscles tearing down so they can grow. That’s true in life and business, too!

Bob Sands back with you for our final installment of The Writer’s Life this week.

I've been to more motivational rallies, bought more motivational CDs (remember when it was cassette tapes?), and read more motivational books than I care to remember. All of them had very good information. Many promoted goal setting and positive self-talk. Some suggested writing out your goals every day to impress them on your mind. Others encouraged some form of meditation.

All of those principles are well and good, but staying motivated and causing change can really be summed up rather simply. There are only two things that motivate human behavior. One is the desire to gain pleasure and the other is the desire to avoid pain.

True change and lasting motivation only occur when you address that reality. Here are a few tips:

First, sit down and make a list of what will happen if you don't make the change you need to make.

For example, what will happen if you don't execute your marketing plan? What will happen if you don't finish that project?

Come up with a minimum of 10 to 15 things. Some may even seem far-fetched. When you're finished, you should feel a bit stressed.

Next, make a list of all the positive things that will happen if you do take action. It could include making more money, having a sense of satisfaction, or something as small as being able to eat your next meal!

Finally, take continuous action toward your goal. Keep your momentum going by taking not just one action, but many. The late Jim Rohn used to say that you must “take massive action toward your goal.”

How does this work practically? Like most, there is an ebb and flow to my business. I would rather it flow. So I ask myself what happens if it ebbs too much? After writing down what could happen, I’m almost panicked! I then write down what happens if it flows — and I like what I see! That motivates me to send out not one, but 20 emails about speaking at various association meetings. I will also send out not one, but 20 email queries to write articles for industry publications. That kind of action creates success which, in turn sparks more momentum.

Remember the principle of physics that a body once in motion stays in motion. Keep moving and don’t give up.

What are your plans for this year? How many actions will you take to create new momentum? Let me know in the comment section here.

Thank you for taking time to be with me for this week's Writer's Life. I wish you all the best — and all the success — as you make 2013 your most productive year ever!

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Published: January 25, 2013

5 Responses to “No Pain, No Gain!”

  1. Hi Bob I enjoy your articles.

    Your Question!!!

    What are your plans for this year? How many actions will you take to create new momentum? Let me know in the comment section here.

    I would like to purchase AWAI's B2B program. Will have to ask AWAI...if they will let me have it...and sign a: IOU...:)
    Regards Larry


  2. I just wanted to say that this is exactly how I stay motivated. I allow myself to become stressed and afraid thinking of everything I want to avoid or that which will happen if I don't get something done. Then I let myself think of what I can do to make sure it doesn't happen....then I do it.

    This is quite effective for me. Thanks Bob for putting it out there :D

    Desiree S Johnson

  3. Hi Bob,

    Enjoyed your series. Although I have set specific goals I will do as you have suggested today. Thanks for sharing.

    Guest (Tasia)

  4. Thank you Bob, I have been wallowing in self pity because a number of bad things, health and financial, that has happened to me over the last 10 years one after another. I have stopped trying to improve my lot because I have felt, what is the sense? But reading your article has made me realize that for me to truly fail is for me not to try. I am now going to write down what I can expect if I keep on not trying. I will also write down the many possibilities if I keep on keeping on.
    Thank you, Ken


  5. Bob:
    Thanks for the input. You keep it simple which is usually the best and most efficient process.

    The suggestions on how to avoid pain and achieve gain - very helpful

    Jim Clark


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