When Your Demons of Disorganization
Start to Win

I have a secret to tell you. A deep, dark secret.

My AWAI friends who’ve met me at Bootcamp might not believe this, but I’m not organized at all.

Disorganization is one of the “perils” that comes with the freedom of working at home. It certainly is a peril of being your own boss. When you’re on your own like we are, there’s plenty of room to be disorganized.

Why is it a peril? Let's take a look at how vital being organized is for you as a copywriter … and when you’re learning the secrets of writing direct mail.

Your copywriting success depends on research. Lots and lots of research. You’ll also be taking notes about your product. Scribbling down ideas. Making charts and designing illustrations. Possibly even interviewing people.

Keeping track of this information is where organization is crucially important. And this is where someone like me who lacks that internal sense can really fall down.

Putting a valuable, free tool to work for you …

Over the years I’ve turned to a free computer application called Evernote to help me with organizing my copywriting and my life. Then one of my COS members, Gene Szaj, suggested I chat about Evernote in TGT. That made me think: Evernote would be a valuable tool for you. It’s the ideal place to keep your copywriting training on track.

Couple Evernote with the Accelerated Program, with one of the COS Intensives, with Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market … or with any AWAI program … and you have a real winner!

Let me explain. Evernote is a free computer application that allows you to take all kinds of notes and keep them organized in individual virtual notebooks.

Let's say you’re writing a promo for a supplement called SuperNutritionals.

You go online and research all the components in the supplement. You have tons of information from 20 different websites for notes.

You also have your own notes you’ve jotted down. And, on the spur of the moment, you could decide to dictate some ideas you have.

As you’re working, you seamlessly copy all these items into an Evernote notebook you’ve named ‘SuperNutritionals.’

As you research more, you find a website you want to take a screenshot of. You turn to an Evernote add-on called Skitch. (It’s also free). You take the screenshot and annotate it with arrows and words and circles. And it saves automatically to Evernote.

Keep your learning on track …

But that’s just the start. With Evernote you can have as many notebooks as you want. You could even have a notebook for your copywriting trainings.

Let’s say you’re working on the Accelerated Program and you’ve signed up for the Live Companion Series.

You’re currently studying Installment 10 on testimonials and endorsements. While you go through the online chapter, you take notes in Evernote and save them to your Accelerated Program notebook. You decide to download the entire chapter as a PDF. You link that chapter in the same Evernote notebook so when you want to review it you have it you don’t have to wonder where you saved it.

During the Live Companion Series, you type notes right in Evernote while Katie, Rebecca, or one of their guest copywriters speak. Or you record the presentation on your computer and link to that file.

Staying safe from computer glitches …

Evernote has another great advantage. When you first download Evernote, you’re asked to sign up. Signing up gives you 60 MB of online storage space for your notes. So if something goes wrong on your home computer—perish the thought—your notes are backed up on “the cloud.”

Take Evernote with you …

Evernote has smart phone versions including the Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows phone, as well as versions for the iPod and iPad.

The smart phone versions sync with your desktop computer in the background. In this way if you’re doing some work away from your desktop computer, all of your work will be sitting waiting for you when you get home.

Evernote can help you to be as organized as you want to be … or in the case of people like me, as organized as you need to be.

Organizing your copywriting training is just a click away …

Where can you download Evernote? That’s simple. Just go to Evernote.com.

Since there's no obligation in downloading Evernote, I recommend you do it and spend about an hour learning its many advantages. When you download Evernote, you should also download Skitch and Evernote Web Clipper. Both of these free Evernote add-ons are also real productivity boosters.

I’d love to hear from you if you have started using Evernote—or if you’re already using it. Tell me what it has done to help boost your productivity. Email me at wnewman@awaionline.com.

Gene also recommended that I chat with you about another productivity booster. This is one I’ve also been using regularly. I’ll be doing that very soon.

So until next week, keep writing …

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Published: January 21, 2013

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