February 2013

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Profiting From Missed Opportunities

Will Newman helps you find out where your client's are lacking, and how your copywriting skills can fill in their gaps.

The Fastest Way to Gain Confidence

Christina Gillick gives you the fastest way possible to gain confidence and launch your freelance business.

Facing a Lukewarm Job Market and Still-Recovering Economy, Millennials Discover Alternative to Traditional 9 to 5 Jobs

Copywriting is becoming a hot new job opportunity for newer generations. American Writer's and Artists is helping this new workforce get ready.

Do You Feel Like an Imposter?

Suffering "imposter syndrome"? Christina Gillick has been there and has some solutions to help you gain confidence in yourself.

Act Like a Pro

Treating your freelance copywriting business in a professional manner will not just increase productivity, but your self-confidence as well. Christina Gillick explains.

Waste Not, Want Not

Ideas are something that can easily be repurposed. Mandy Marksteiner provides some ways to make old ideas new again.

A Copywriting Fling that Turned Serious

Krista Magidson took up copywriting to earn a little extra money. It quickly turned into a lot of extra money!

Fake It Till You Make It?

Christina Gillick explains how to use the idea "Fake it till you make it" to overcome your confidence woes.

How to Go From Brand New Copywriter to Six Figures and Beyond…

Learn effective and proven ways to market your business and get new clients — no matter what your personality is like with AWAI's newest program, Marketing Confidence.

Lacking Confidence?

It took a bit of work for Christina Gillick to gain the confidence to start her freelance writing business. Here she introduces some of the issues that arise from lacking confidence.


The writer's life is based on you making the choices you want to make. Will Newman has some advice for avoiding a common trap in your freelance writing career.

To Celebrate Freelance Writers Appreciation Week We're Giving Away $500

In honor of Freelance Writers Appreciation Week Feb. 10 – 16 American Writers & Artists Institute is giving away a $500 gift certificate good for any of its programs.

Live Facebook Chat with Nick Usborne

On Wednesday, February 13th at 2:00pm ET, Nick Usborne is holding a special Facebook Chat to answer your questions about his new virtual coaching program.

David Ogilvy's Copywriting Technique That Made a Homeless Man's Cup Runneth Over...

John Wood shares a story about copywriting legend David Ogilvy that has become part of advertising folklore.

Eight Applications that Will Increase Your Productivity

John Wood focuses on eight applications that can save you “small leaks” of time throughout the day.

Free Teleconference: How to Break into and Make it in B2B Copywriting

On February 12th, you can listen to a free teleconference that will let you in on how to become a B2B copywriter. Read on to learn more.

Brand New! Marketing Confidence: Learn to Love Marketing Your Freelance Business and Land Higher-Paying Clients with Ease

If you’re ready to take the next necessary step — from dreaming about the writer’s life to actually achieving it — then check out Nick Usborne’s brand new program, Marketing Confidence: Learn to Love Marketing Your Freelance Business and Land Higher-Paying Clients with Ease.

Are You Ready to Motor?

John Wood takes some hints from advertising giants, and how you can apply them to your own copy.

A Veteran Corporate Copywriter Goes Out on His Own

Katie Yeakle takes a look at a veteran copywriter who is finally living the writer's life.

The Most Interesting Article You'll Ever Read...

John Wood shows how a basic, vague idea can become a great sales message.

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