February 2013

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A 3-Part Guide to Answering the Question “Can We See Some Samples?”

Heather Robson shares Steve Slaunwhite’s strategy for dealing with the dreaded request for samples when you don’t have any samples to show.

Are There Any Real Men Left in America?

John Wood analyzes the deeper meanings and reasons why popular advertising campaigns become so successful.

Specializing in Web Writing Helps this Freelancer Boost Her Income

After discovering copywriting later in life, this five-year AWAI member has grown her freelance business into quite a money-maker.

How to Turn Old and Tired into Hip and Cool...

John Wood talks about putting some new idea from the advertising world into your direct-response copy.

Your Real Prospect is Closer Than You Think

Will Newman has three strategies for getting “up close and personal” with a potential prospect without getting in his face.

Live: The Barefoot Writer February Issue

The February article of the Barefoot Writer helps you build a stronger relationship with your writer's life, and helps to make it a lasting one.

The Rare One-Time Opportunity to Learn from a Living Legend

For two days in April, Clayton Makepeace has agreed to open his files and reveal everything he knows about writing the kind of copy he focuses on exclusively these days – online Video Sales Letters (VSLs). Read on to learn more.

Your Final Step

Guillermo Rubio wants you to develop a "client-attraction mindset".

How to Develop the Client-Attraction Mindset

Guillermo Rubio flips around the idea of getting clients. Read on to learn how to make clients come after you!

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