As It Enters Its 16th Year, American Writers & Artists Inst. Continues to Be the Go-To Resource for Anyone Seeking to Earn a Great Living as a Freelance Professional

AWAI-Trained Copywriters, Social Media Experts, Graphic Designers, Travel Writers, and More Are Quietly Enjoying Financial Security and Independence Despite Today's Economy

Delray Beach, FL – February 27, 2013 – American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI),, announced today its continued dedication to getting the word out about alternatives to the standard 9 to 5 working world. With an up-and-down economy traditional jobs are less secure than ever. But freelance business owners in certain fields are thriving. And often they've been able to replace or exceed the income they made in their old careers.

AWAI's mission is to help its members acquire skills in the go-to sectors of freelancing. By keeping an eye on industry trends, the organization can offer programs and training in the most in-demand freelance careers today. Along with the training comes mentoring and the support of a vast network of experts and fellow freelancers.

“Freelancing is sometimes thought of as a back-up plan if you lose your regular job,” says AWAI Executive Director Katie Yeakle. “But our members have embraced the freelance life, both for the money it brings and the freedom to set your own schedule and work with who you want, from anywhere in the world. With technology today, all you really need is an Internet connection and a laptop to set up shop. Plus, for many this is the first time their 'job' is something they truly enjoy doing.”

Careers in these creative fields can be quite lucrative, especially in this age of e-commerce and the explosion of Internet marketing. Copywriting is a major focus at AWAI for this reason. It's essentially advertising writing, in channels such as sales web pages, marketing emails, e-newsletters, sales videos, and dozens more.

Companies doing business online need fresh marketing copy constantly. And there aren't enough writers to meet the demand. Those with the necessary skills are compensated very well. And newcomers are welcome.

Other in-demand freelance careers in which AWAI offers training include: self-publishing, money-making websites, photography, business-to-business copywriting, cause marketing, resume writing, grant writing, speech writing, Internet research, and more.

Aside from the monetary rewards there are the lifestyle benefits to a freelance career. Because they often work from home, freelancers avoid traffic-filled commutes and office politics (not to mention the constant threat of lay-offs). Their schedules are flexible, and they can often make more money working part-time than they did full-time. So spending time with family, travel, or engaging in long-neglected hobbies becomes a possibility.

This year, AWAI plans many more breakthrough programs in today's top freelance fields. To find out more about the top opportunities for 2013 and discover the many benefits of AWAI membership, go here:

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Published: February 27, 2013