Cutting Through Your Prospect's Daily Noise

Sometimes the printed word is not enough to persuade your prospect to act.

Sometimes you need more. Sometimes you need to pull in different parts of your prospect’s brain to ensure his inevitable response is to buy … sign up … call … or donate. At times like these, you need what educators call a “multimodal” approach.

Overcoming the “background noise” of today’s life …

Your prospect needs this approach because his life in inundated with printed words, sounds, images, and videos. To cut through that flood, you have to counter it with printed words … sounds … images … and videos.

This reality has given rise to a new, exciting, and very profitable type of direct marketing called video sales letters (VSL). This type of marketing works because of the way our brains function when seeing new material like a sales presentation.

You know that when you write a sales letter, you’re not making a sale. You’re persuading. Persuasion takes place in different parts of the brain, the same parts where learning takes place.

This is why VSL can be so effective. Cisco Systems recently did a large-scale review of different academic studies on learning that showed …

Recent technological advances … confirm … that students using well-designed combinations of visuals and text learn more than students who only use text … Multimodal learning has been shown to be more effective than traditional, unimodal learning. Adding visuals to verbal(text and/or auditory) learning can result in significant gains in basic and higher-order learning.

$100,000 plus royalties for 3 days work

These studies may be about “learning.” But real world results in direct marketing prove that this same multimodal approach (VSLs) works as effectively in marketing.

For example, the world’s expert in VSLs regularly earns $100,000 for each one he writes (plus royalties). Why does he get paid that much? Because his VSLs have boosted his clients’ returns by over four times.

How long does it take him to write a typical VSL? Three days to a week.

Let me back up here for a moment and explain what a VSL is. Let’s say you write a 12-page sales letter. But instead of simply mailing it or putting it on a website landing page, you make it into a VSL.

Your prospect is sent to the landing page by an email (or some other means). He clicks a link. He reads the words as they move down the screen while a professional narrates. This pulls in two different learning modes: visual (reading) and hearing.

Add other visuals such as charts, diagrams, photos, even animation and you activate even more parts of your prospect’s brain. The varied types of input keep the emotional parts of the brain most active. But there’s enough logical input to satisfy the rational parts of the brain at a more subtle level.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now is the time to join the few VSL copywriters …

What really makes sense, though, is this: If you’re interested in being a successful copywriter fast in today’s marketplace, you should be adding VSLs to your copywriting skills.

And sooner rather than later.

So what’s the urgency?

First off, VSLs are new, only about three years old. But they’re hot right now. For example, last year, people watched 105 BILLION video ads on the Internet. And marketers spent over $2.9 BILLION dollars on video marketing. This spending is going to increase dramatically. If you become a VSL copywriter right now, you’ll be getting in on the exponential growth right at the beginning.

And second, even though this is a tremendous opportunity right now, VSLs are still off the radar of most copywriters. But rest assured, this will not last. As more and more businesses turn to VSLs, more copywriters will join the crowd.

The sooner you become a VSL copywriter, the quicker you’ll carve out your place as the go-to-expert for a line of potential clients that grows daily.

Who’s the one person you’d most like to learn from …

Speaking of “go-to-experts,” there’s really only one copywriter right now who can claim this title. That’s Clayton Makepeace, the copywriter I mentioned above. He’s been writing VSLs for about two years. They’ve been so successful – quadrupling clients’ response – that Clayton pretty much only writes VSLs now.

As you can imagine, Clayton is pretty busy these days. He seldom speaks in public anymore, so AWAI has pulled off a coup. In April, Clayton will reveal his secrets of VSL marketing to just 100 attendees in a 2-day live event in Tampa, FL.

What’s Clayton going to teach you? Quite simply, his “magic.” In those two days, you’ll learn …

  • The secrets of writing a VSL from scratch – in as little as three days! … As a bonus, you’ll go home with a client-ready, completed VSL
  • A sure-fire strategy for approaching clients to get them to see why you should be writing VSLs for them
  • Why you won’t have to fret about “getting clients” … using Clayton’s strategies, they’ll be looking for you
  • How to get clients happy to pay you abundant royalties … he’ll show you how he collects six- and seven-figure royalties
  • Quick and simple techniques to boost response as much as 86% – without writing a single word!
  • And much, much more!

Cutting through the daily clamor …

YouTube … Vimeo … Hulu … DailyMotion … And whatever’s next. These online sites are more than just entertainment in your prospect’s life. They’re background noise and distractions. If you want to be a successful copywriter for the 21st century, you must cut through that noise.

And there’s no better way than by using VSLs and harnessing the power of multimodal learning.

And the best way to do that is to learn from the acknowledged expert. Click here to register for one of the remaining seats available at Clayton’s VSL Success Seminar.

Or, to learn more about Clayton has planned for you, click here.

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Published: February 25, 2013

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