Profiting From Missed Opportunities

“Missed opportunity.”

Sounds like something horrible, especially for a copywriter. We make our money by grabbing opportunities. A missed one?


But when it’s your client who is missing opportunities, it can be a boon for you and them.

Let me explain what I mean.

As copywriters, our real job is not to write words. It’s to increase our clients’ profitability. So when you help a potential client take advantage of opportunities they’ve been missing, you increase their chances for success … and yours.

What is today’s hottest opportunity for you? The one many — if not most — businesses do not truly know how to take advantage of?

The Internet, of course.

This may seem surprising. After all, there isn’t a medium- to large-sized business around that doesn’t know how crucial a strong online presence is to their bottom line.

Internet marketing is well over a decade old. So aren’t most businesses tuned in to how to market on the Internet?

Spend five minutes on the Web. You’ll see how much help with online marketing businesses need right now. Websites are a mess. Poor quality sales copy. Dull content. Confusing layouts.

It’s as if the businesses slapped stuff up so they’d have something — anything — online.

That’s exactly what’s happening time and again on the Web. These businesses feel they need a website. But in reality, they don’t need a website.

What they need is a well-planned, well-executed, coordinated online marketing campaign. Not just a website. And not just getting on Facebook. As much as they’ve tried to do it themselves, they haven’t gotten the results they’d hoped for. They feel they’re pouring good money after bad.

These are missed opportunities for thousands of businesses … missed opportunities you can profit from.

These businesses are floundering on the Web with mediocre copy and shotgun web campaigns. They need well-trained web copywriters. And that copywriter could be you.

Let’s take a moment and look at what you need to know to be their online marketing salvation.

The starting place every business knows
but not well enough to work them …

When most people hear about online marketing, they think of websites. For good reason. A business’s website is their “storefront.” It’s the first look many potential customers get of the company.

But a website is far more than a place to make a sale. The website is where the company’s personality comes through. Where the business and a potential customer start building a relationship. It’s also — and this is crucial to a company’s web success — how they attract new customers and clients with keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

By now, almost every business on the Web has heard about keywords and SEO. Many think they know what it means. They’re wrong. Search engines get smarter every year. It’s no longer enough to pepper keywords on the landing page. In fact, search engines downgrade sites that do that.

Search engines look at content and not just keywords. The better the content and the more informative it is, the higher the site ranks in the search. Most businesses don’t have the knowledge, the skills, or the time to do this right. That’s why they need well-trained web copywriters.

And as important as web pages are, they are …

Just the beginning …

“We’re on Facebook!”

You hear that all the time from businesses. You see it in their print ads. Or hear it on their radio commercials. And you know what it makes me think? “So what?!”

Simply “being on Facebook” — or Twitter, or any other social media sites — is another missed opportunity for many businesses. Businesses can’t simply “be there.” The competition for attention in social media is extreme. Social media campaigns have to get noticed, and the way to get noticed is by using very specific strategies.

And once again, this is a case that most of the businesses currently using social media don’t understand those strategies.

Missed opportunities for them. A rich opportunity for you … if you’re a skilled web copywriter.

Here’s another fact about marketing through social media. To be effective, social media demands constant updating. So those businesses that do have a sound social media presence are allocating a huge chunk of their annual budget to this one aspect of online marketing.

Still more missed opportunities
But not by you …

Remember how I mentioned that a company’s web page is as much about establishing a relationship as it is making sales? Well, email is how savvy businesses maintain and promote the relationship … if it’s done right.

The most effective way to do it — to solidify the relationship with customers — is through autoresponder emails. And as with all the other types of online marketing, few companies know how to do it right.

You just don’t dash off an email and send it to a list. As with any marketing, copy is king here. How you give the message is as important as what the message is. I bet you’ve seen many emails that sorely missed this point.

Or they don’t understand the other crucial aspects of email marketing: How often … How long … What it looks like.

Missed opportunities.

How to turn these missed opportunities
into a successful career …

This whole letter to you is about missed opportunities. So I want to tell you about an opportunity you can grab right now.

This is an opportunity 60 of your copywriting colleagues are already taking advantage of right now in Austin, Texas.

They’re committing 3 days of their lives to learning the latest trends … the most effective techniques … and the best strategies for writing web copy at this year’s AWAI Web Intensive.

By the time AWAI pulls up stakes on Wednesday, every attendee will be armed with the skills and marketing plans needed to launch or expand their web-writing career the very next day.

This may sound like a missed opportunity for you if you couldn’t make it this year.

It isn’t.


Because AWAI knows not everybody can commit 3 days (plus travel time) to be able to attend.

But you can still take advantage of this opportunity through the 2013 Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study Program.

This is your opportunity to learn all the crucial secrets and strategies you need to make you a highly sought-after web copywriter. You’ll learn these from the most respected web copywriting experts in the country: Nick Usborne … Jay White … Brian Clark … Joshua Boswell … Brian Edmondson … Pam Foster … Lee Bellinger … Mark Everett Johnson.

I could tell you a lot more about the Home Study Program. About how these experts will lead you through mastery of the 4 hottest areas of web copywriting. Or how you’ll be taught 3 additional bonus “advanced track” skills including secrets of getting clients.

But I’d rather Rebecca Matter tell you. After all, the Web Intensive and the Home Study Program are her “babies.” Rebecca knows more about the business side of web copywriting and what makes web copywriters successful than anybody I know.

Before I give you the link to Rebecca, I’m going to tell you some exciting news. For a limited time — just until midnight February 27th — you can get the Web Intensive Home Study Program at a savings of more than 60%.

It’s time to let Rebecca tell you all the many benefits of becoming a well-trained web copywriter. And how the AWAI Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study Program can get you there.

Please click this link now — and don’t look back on this as an opportunity you missed out on.

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Published: February 18, 2013

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