To Celebrate Freelance Writers Appreciation Week We're Giving Away $500

Editors Note: This contest is now over, and the winner was announced here. However, feel free to read the entries below.

In honor of Freelance Writers Appreciation Week Feb. 10 – 16, which we feel should get a lot more attention, American Writers & Artists Institute is giving away a $500 gift certificate good for any of its programs.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this article telling us about your freelance business. The deadline is Saturday, Feb. 16 at midnight Eastern. From those who comment, one winner will be chosen randomly, with the announcement the following week.

After you enter, we'd appreciate if you could help us get the word out about this little-known celebration of freelancers. Just go to our social media pages and Like, Comment, Post, or Tweet to let the world know you are a proud freelancer.

Let's spread the word as far as we can. On our end we'll be giving shout outs to freelancers who comment below throughout the week on social media.

Why all the excitement?

Usually freelancers work in the background, making big contributions to marketing, e-commerce, marketing, and advertising, not to mention grant writing, publishing, social media, and many more industries. And while editors, publishers, and business owners may be grateful for freelance colleagues like you – and compensate you quite well financially – at American Writers & Artists Institute we want reward your efforts with public recognition and a chance to win a prize to further your freelance career.

As a hardworking freelancer, you deserve it.

Here are a few more housekeeping notes:

  • Anyone worldwide over 18 is eligible to enter the prize drawing.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by
  • No purchase is necessary.
  • The odds of winning are based on the number of entries.

Don't wait. Enter the giveaway by commenting below. And be sure to help us publicize this little-known holiday on social media too.

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Published: February 9, 2013

210 Responses to “To Celebrate Freelance Writers Appreciation Week We're Giving Away $500”

  1. Freelance writing is the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I live a life designed on my own terms. I come and go as I please. I'm in full control of my income. My words introduce readers to opportunities they never knew existed. I help generate new business that creates profits which go straight to my clients' bottom line. And I'm free to enjoy a full and robust life without drawing attention to myself. After all, it's about the message. Not the messenger. 3 Cheers to The Writer's Life!


  2. I'm a freelance writer & blogger from Davao City, Philippines... I write and blog about a wide variety of topics but my favorites are those about Books & Reading, Pets, Writing, Work-At-Home Careers, Food & Cooking, Marriage & Relationships.

    Guest (Cham)

  3. I've been a freelancer writer most of my adult life, whether I was fully employed or not.
    I've had some success in publishing novels, books and various op=Ed pieces for local newspapers. I joined AWAI with the hope that I could increase my income and generate some consistent customers.
    The key to freelancing is not never stop writing regardless of the rejections. I write because I have to; it's in my DNA. I wouldn't live any other way.


  4. My story starts in mid 2011 while I was an international contractor in Iraq. I liked the travel involved with contracting, but wanted to retire; and decided this is my year.

    While researching ways to continue my travels and supplement my income, I found house/pet sitting and writing copy. The question, which provided the most opportunity; answer both?

    I’d house/pet sit in the past and knew one advantage was being able to stay in a place for an extended period of time, RENT FREE. I also knew most days could be mundane, simply taking care of the pets and things around the house while the home owner was away. What was I going to do the rest of the time? Write copy.

    With my first house/pet sitting assignment since retiring I started blogging. I wrote about the process of becoming a sitter, some things I did, and how I was living like a local in a foreign country. But I wasn’t sure how to parlay my blog writing into copywriting until I found American Writers an

    Mike Hop

  5. I am just getting started doing freelance copywriting projects and finishing up the last months of the Acclerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting class. It has been fun and challenging. Right now I am working on helping out with web writing and it is more fun than I ever imagined! I am also working with a charity with various assignments. It is a great time to be copywriting; there is no limit to the things that need and can be done!

    Bonnie Johnson - Mesa, AZ


  6. I'm new to the writer's life, although I've dreamed of it all my life. Writing for a living is both deeply thrilling and terrifying. It's like learning to surfboard while I'm making the water. I'm in control of everything - who I work with, what hours I keep, what I wear to work. It's like no other job on the planet. I love it.


  7. AWAI has helped me develop the skills I need to succeed. The daily encouragement you offer is invaluable.

    Guest (American)

  8. I proudly proclaim that the saying "You're never too old," is true. I finally started working at the job of my dreams at age 57. That was three years ago. I worked and retired from a job that I didn't care for to say the least. I finally said,"Enough!" and took an early retirement.

    The title of freelance writer fits because I now feel free. I work when I want and as much or as little as I want. I plan to live many more years and I can now do so doing something that I love. Thank you Awai.

    Mary C

  9. I don't own a frelance business yet but I will someday. And I am convinced that it will be a huge success. I am presently in the process of completing AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. And thus far I am truly impressed with what I have done thus far and even more convinced that I can become a great copywriter one day. Thank You American Writers & Artist Inc. for helping me realise my dream is possible and can be a reality if I keep at it. Good Luck all!!!


  10. My freelance business is currently booming in the inner workings of my brain. I'm stuck in a teaching career that is rewarding, yes, but equally exhausting and pays a pitiful salary. I've aged well beyond my years in the short amount of time I've put in as a teacher. At 26, I have plenty of life to live yet, and I don't want to spend it continually worrying over paying monthly bills. Life ought to be lived unrestrained.

    Guest (Destinee)

  11. My Copywriting business at hiltoncopy dot com focuses on providing quality publications for B2B companies that establish their authority and increase their visibility and engagement with clients. I also work with NGOs with fundraising and information material.

    Debra H

  12. Thank you for having me here. It is such a pleasure to finally join a group of freelance writers that love what they do and where people are not so overly concerned with selling you some product. I look forward to my partnership with the AWAI!

    Jean-Marc Saint Laurent

  13. My business is just starting out. I'm studying and reading a lot to figure out what I want to market myself as, at this point. I'm trying to do some little things, I call them baby steps. It can be overwhelming, but I know it takes time. I am very impatient, but am learning patience. I'm so excited that there is a market for this, since this is what I LOVE to do! I can't wait to get actually get paid for doing this!

    Guest (Danette Key)

  14. Pretty new business .. still training, but I just ordered cards and have a business phone system. Am attending the AWAI web intensive next week where I hope to generate good samples to add to my freelance website. Love this stuff.

    Bob Isbell

  15. Hi everyone.

    I embarked on the freelance path relatively recently - six short months ago - and I've already had articles published in my local newspaper and on a national website, and I've won the Barefoot Writer Challenge twice!

    I also now have a regular gig as writer and co-editor of a local kids' magazine. Things are really starting to happen!

    Now I'm ramping up the corporate work and I'm attending the Web Intensive in Austin next week. Can't wait to see everyone there.

    Guest (Sally Eastwood)

  16. Congratulations to all of us for living our dream to be freelance writers! I'm loving my new life and I can't wait to see everyone at the upcoming Web Intensive in Austin.


    Sally Eastwood

  17. Freelance Writers Appreciation Week?! I had no idea such a celebration existed! Thank you for honoring one of the many feats dedicated writers take on so they can share their passion and pay the bills. Professional writers are beautiful, passionate individuals with all different backgrounds, who take on numerous tasks to help businesses achieve their many goals. Keep on doing what you do best, writers!!

    Guest (Kelley Anne)

  18. For the past 4 or 5 years my copywriting business has been doing pretty well. All my bills are paid in advance, my kids education expenses are covered and there is still money left at the end of the year. So as far as being a freelance copywriter is concerned, I feel fairly content, actually extremely grateful for making the move.


  19. I started taking AWAI classes a year ago while working full-time. At the end of 2012, I moved back to my hometown and started my own freelance copywriting business. I cannot imagine going back to the daily corporate grind. I am meeting so many nice people while sharing with them how I can help build their business. I now enjoy getting up and "going to work" every day. Thank you, AWAI! You have helped me learn to make a living doing what I love . . . writing and helping other people succeed.


  20. I just stepped down as Assistant Manager at a retail men's clothing store to pursue freelance writing fulltime!

    The first week was a struggle, but I'm building up slowly.

    I'm focusing on subcontracting writing resumes; and it all started with the resume writing course at AWAI!

    Happy Freelance Writers Appreciation Week!


    Guest (Roger A Ford)

  21. As the Mother of a Special Needs Child, a J-O-B was not an an option. In our small town, day care to meet my Son's needs did not exist but our need for a second income did. I was blessed to discover Virtual Assistance. My business has evolved to serve Special Needs Service Providers with their online marketing needs. I love to write and am moving to specialize in web copywriting for my niche market. If my entry is randomly chosen, I will use it to take the Web 2.0 course. Crossing my fingers...


  22. Freelance writing is the perfect answer for many individuals who want to work from home. It's also the perfect answer for many who can't work outside it.

    Chase Canyon

  23. As a working and successful six-figure copywriter who came to AWAI with nothing more than a prayer, a lot of determination and a vision, I tell every new copywriter:

    "If you have a dream and are willing to work at your craft, AWAI is the absolute greatest source of training and support for copywriters in the world today. They'll train you, mentor you, encourage you and even give you opportunities at landing paying jobs.

    Thanks to AWAI, I've managed to create and live in my very own field of dreams."


  24. Great idea to increase the publicity for this week. Congrats, kudos and thanks to the freelance writers who have helped me over the years.


  25. Fun! Always good to be appreciated by clients and colleagues ... Also a good time to appreciate for ourselves what is going well in our freelance businesses and as we navigate work/life.

    Rebecca Garau

  26. While I'm learning more my initial freelance business consists of blogging for a travel website. Yey me getting paid already!!

    Guest (Judy)

  27. I've used several of AWAI's programs (6-Figure Copywriting, Resume Writing, Photography) to learn skills that earned me a nice writing income. When it came time to retire I set up an online business helping others learn how to make a living working from home, or RV while traveling full time. Very soon my online work-from-home course will be available. Thanks to AWAI for introducing me to freelance writing opportunities. Freelance Writer's Appreciation Week – I love it!

    Ad Hoc Group

  28. I am just starting my freelance career, part-time. I write direct response telemarketing scripts in my full-time career. But, I have goals! So, I'm looking to expand into freelance direct response letters and web writing.

    Thank you!!


  29. My freelance business is set to explode next week at the Web Intensive in Austin. I'm looking forward to learning all the tricks and tips to start this new chapter off right. Meeting new friends who are on the same path will be the icing on the cake. Have a great day.

    Victoria Corriere

  30. I have a currently inactive freelance writing business. I do B2C and B2B copywriting for large corporations mostly, and some resume writing to ensure I always have enough work.

    Guest (Eileen OConnor)

  31. Thanks, AWAI!

    I am a copywriter and graphic designer who helps companies succeed in marketing their green and sustainable products.

    My services include content copywriting, sales copywriting, PR, design and illustration. I also help my clients stay compliant with FTC Green Guide regulations.

    You can request a copy of 'The FTC Green Guides Made Simple,' my guide to green marketing compliance, on my website: greeninkcopywriting dot com.

    Anne Michelsen

  32. I'm working on starting my freelance business as a way to finance my hopefully coming retirement. I've been writing since Junior High,a long time ago, and simply can't Not write!

    Guest (Wayne Winkle)

  33. What an awesome idea! Thank you so much!

    About my freelance business: I'm known as The Social Web Specialist. I specialize in online copywriting and social media marketing for the travel and hospitality industry.

    Thanks again for this opportunity. And happy Freelance Writers Appreciation week to all my fellow freelancers!

    Kendy Sproul

  34. Count me in. Nicely done on the marketing angle as well.

    Freelancers all over should be entering this.

    Guest (Joseph Ratliff)

  35. Just starting out. I have my LLC set up, and I'm beginning my web site and content. I'm looking forward to writing articles and adding photos to enhance them.

    Guest (eddi887)

  36. I am very, very glad to have found AWAI!

    I wish I was able to tell you about my successful copywriting business. Unfortunately, I am still on the launching pad. It hasn't happened for me yet, but I WILL get there. Just stay tuned.

    Stephen Fielder

  37. The more we follow our passions, the more naturally attract amazing clients.

    We've grown, morphed, and then transitioned into not one but 3 business lines.

    Health Coaching, Writing, Photography and Web Design! It all fits!

    Proud to offer amazing services related to what we love: Healthy Active Living for Baby Boomers, Photographers, Health and Wellness Providers, Recreation Professionals, and Fitness Solutions

    Guest (Nancy Lamb)

  38. Hi I have just entered the world of freelance copywriting, I'm in the business building phase and have a few loyal clients already.
    I'm passionate about my business and the services I offer my clients and am loving the freelance lifestyle.

    Scott Stembridge

  39. I am a freelance copywriter who's niche is B2B. I also write children's stories and poetry. I absolutely love this life.

    Guest (Cassie McKenzie)

  40. My freelance business, Knight Copywriting, is my pride and joy.

    "Knight" comes from my grandmother, Rosalie Rae Knight, after whom I was named.

    I have seen so much incredible growth in the past two months since making my six-figure goal public: I gained one enormous client, and made strides to working with one of the biggest publishing companies in my niche (health).

    I feel so blessed to have a career that I love at 23 years old and look forward to making 2013 my first six-figure year!

    Rae R

  41. I just scored an interview with the former owner of the Moulin Rouge Hotel and Casino, Sarann Knight-Preddy, who is also the first African American woman to hold a Nevada Gaming License. She is about to celebrate 70 years in Las Vegas. This is a Freelance Writer's Dream come true!

    Bev Hart

  42. Exciting news, thank you!


  43. I would not be a writer, speaker, and trainer at Big Ideas Publishing, LLC, if it weren't for discovering AWAI almost nine years ago. Thanks!

    Steve Roller

  44. A good friend of mine suggested AWAI to me a year ago and it was the best suggestion, ever!

    Guest (Dee Dee)

  45. To be blunt, my business is slow. That's what I need right now. But slow does not mean unfulfilled.

    Slow does not mean that I'm failing at finding support, inspiration, and direction within the virtual walls of AWAI.

    Slow DOES mean that while I work through the classes, I'm also making many connections and learning a great deal.

    Whether I right a sales letter or write what's in my heart - I am grounded in a place that will help me accomplish my goals.

    Mary K Williams

  46. I am only beginning my journey into Freelance Writing. I would really love to be able to do full time Travel Writing especially after attending the Travel Writing workshop in San Francisco last summer. I still have some issues that don't allow for travel right now so after a 30 year career in Sales I am pursuing a Copywriting career. I have completed the Accelerated Copywriting course and have registered for Clayton Makepeace's program in April. I love the learning and I am looking forward to the hands-on workshop. My Learning is far from done so the $500 that could be applied to my next course would come in very handy.

    Guest (Irene Phillips)

  47. After 4 years of freelance, I've gone in-house, but I'll celebrate this week anyway. Thanks to AWAI and the freelance life, I have no fear that I'll ever be without work or opportunity. There's a lot out there that needs doing - and I'm happy so many freelancers are ready and able to get it done!

    Jennifer Adams

  48. I enjoy the encouragement and information I get from AWAI. I've taken several classes and have my eye on another one. Being a freelancer can be lonely. We work with clients, but not really with co-workers. It's nice to have a community that fills that need.

    Guest (Pamela DeLoatch)

  49. I'm a B2C copywriter, resume writer and most recently I'm learning the art of B2B copywriting. AWAI has been an invaluable resource in getting my business, Pen Works, Ink off the ground. Thanks so much!

    Mary Soroka

  50. I started a MMW and it now a business. MyrtleBeachPlacesToGo dot com.

    From a project to learn from a year ago to where it is now. I love the creativity combined with the writing to make it all profitable. Who knew!

    We provide marketing and traffic to our Myrtle Beach businesses.

    I have since taken several AWAI courses and learn SOMETHING from each that I get to use in my business. At some point, this will be by lead portfolio experience to reach out to other projects as a freelance writer...

    Guest (CopywriterBill)

  51. I wouldn't have known I could make a real living at writing without AWAI.

    Lena Seckman

  52. I'm embarking on a copywriting career thanks to AWAI!


  53. I wouldn't be rebuilding my life as a freelance copywriter if not for AWAI. It's the best thing I could have done for myself!

    Guest (DD Lamb)

  54. AWAI's Travel Division started it all with a travel writing and photography course in late 2009.

    Then a variety of AWAI's courses provided me with a solid foundation in copywriting & webcopywriting, followed by web development via 'Website in 4 Days' and 'Money Making Websites' courses.

    Finally, Nick Usborne's 'Social Media Marketing' course introduced me to, and ignited my love affair with Social Media Marketing.

    Thus my Social Media Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism business evolved.

    Ann Jordan-Mills

  55. I’m new to the world of travel writing. It’s something I've always wanted to do, but it wasn't until I took the AWAI Ultimate Travel Writing Program and then began writing for Examiner dot com four months ago that it became reality. The money isn’t pouring in yet but the perks have been. I took two press trips last month, and I've been asked to speak at our state tourism conference at the end of the month. I have to pinch myself now and then to make sure this is real.


  56. After finding AWAI 1 year ago, I am enjoying the pursuit of a freelance career. Actually, AWAI even helped keep my current job.

    For 5 years I've worked remotely from home for a large company in a technical role. Recently faced with moving my family back to HQ to work in the office again, my AWAI-acquired skills & confidence allowed me to reposition myself to a new role as a Marketing writer for the company.

    I can now stay remote, and continue to improve my writing. Thank you!

    Neil S

  57. AWAI provides the tools to make freelance writing dreams a reality. I'm a full-time copywriter with a small freelance side business that I hope to kick into full gear in 2013.

    Guest (Greg Lloyd)

  58. We're a copywriting firm specializing in writing the sales and marketing materials small to mid-sized businesses need to sell their products/services.

    Anthony S

  59. I'm still in the early stages of my freelance career, but I love it! I can't thank AWAI enough for all the wonderful training that has helped me get this far.

    Amy Whitmer

  60. I've been a copywriter for 10 years - for other businesses! Now it's finally time to work for myself. Thank you, AWAI, for giving me the courage and info I need to tackle my biggest (and most rewarding) career challenge!

    Cheri A

  61. I'm an old fledgling. I discovered AWAI years ago, but have always allowed fear to hold me back. I will be on the B2B webinar with new ears and less fears.

    Guest (DK Jordan)

  62. Consumer reports for small businesses I have found to be a nice way to make $3000 or more for about a days worth of work...

    They provide tremendous value for the client-lead generation, consumer education and make the business the trusted adviser and clear choice over the competition.

    Guest (Daniel Wight)

  63. I learned about the lucrative career of copywriting from Mark Ford in the Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club. As a beginner on the journey of building a copywriting career all advice and information is appreciated. The B2B segment sounds interesting and I am looking forward to gaining knowledge about this niche. Thanks so much for offering this FREE seminar!!!

    Guest (Cheryl Maher)

  64. Started doing web content back in 2003, immediately after graduating with my BA in Creative Writing. Never finished my novel ~ having struggled to save a failing marriage at the time. Thankfully I found AWAI now, and can hopefully move towards B2B. My favorite work is from my biz marketing/research clients, altho I'm barely squeaking by financially. Oddly enough I LOVE the niche... go figure

    Cheryl Hutcherson

  65. I discovered AWAI in 2009 when I lost what I thought was my dream job. But AWAI has opened the window to an even dreamier job -- freelance writing. I'm now getting a steady stream of clients, and am so happy the word "commute" is no longer in my vocabulary. Thanks so much, Katie, Rebecca, and everyone at AWAI!

    Guest (jeanie)

  66. AWAI saved my life. I've worked as an editorial freelance writer for 25 years, but didn't see a path to the Writer's Life until I joined AWAI and launched my communications business. Now I help people grow their business, love what I do, am valued for my expertise and creativity, and get paid in line with what I contribute. I can never go back to working for someone else. And I'm only getting started! Thanks AWAI, for saving my (professional) life.

    Guest (Eric Weld)

  67. I'm starting my freelance career, focusing on resume writing and B2B copy. During January I established medium and short term goals, and established my writing process (waking up at 430!). Now I'm creating my messaging through new websites and continue honing my skills. I'm already building sample resumes and will go deeper into copywriting in a couple of months.
    I'm glad to have the support of AWAI and this group to move forward...

    Hugo M B

  68. I recently discovered the world of freelance copywriting through Mark Ford who led me to AWAI--boy, am I ever glad I found you!!

    I've been a CPA since 1989, working for "the man" and, quite honestly, I'm tired of working for someone else. I decided I wanted to decide my own destiny so am currently building my freelance biz part-time while I continue to work the full-time gig.

    I love what all of you at AWAI are doing--keep up the great work!!

    Diane Aksten

  69. AWAI's commitment to value continues to be a huge help to me. After many career ups and downs (while barely getting by financially even in the best of those jobs) I've decided to finally take the plunge and pursue the Writer's Life head-on.

    Thanks to everyone at AWAI for holding this giveaway along with the free teleconference. I know it means a lot to all of your subscribers, myself included!

    Mike Stratton

  70. Every time I write site content or articles for a client I learn something new, and I find that very rewarding.

    I love to write, and although I'd probably earn more if I found a market niche I do enjoy being versatile and helping every kind of small business optimize its website to increase visitors.

    AWAI teaches me new skills and gives me the feeling of never being alone in a freelance business.

    Marney Yaniv-My Content Zone

  71. I'm just learning the skill of copywriting. I'm still trying to determine my niche. I have a background in professional sports and was wondering if their is an area in B2B involving sports that I could explore. I believe being a freelance copywriter will allow me to live the lifestyle I once was accustomed to before I had retired.

    Marcellus Greene

  72. I have always been writing business and marketing materials during my long corporate career in Travel and Direct Sales & Network Marketing. However, these were taken to be just a "part of the job", and not a special, recognized or rewarded skill. It was when I decided to marry my two loves of travel and writing into a full-time, independent business, that I found AWAI, which clarified my thinking, planning and direction. Several courses, and daily immersion in all the info/free training/writings put out by AWAI have increased my skills thousand-fold. I enjoy and benefit from this resource so much, that if I could carve a well-paying career out of just absorbing and studying this info, I would gladly become a lifelong, avid AWAI student. My interests are Travel, Direct Response and B2B writing, and I have started to make a mark in under 5 months of becoming a proud AWAI member. I look forward to a lon and successful association and business. Thank you for all you do and s

    Guest (Bina Joseph)

  73. Thanks to AWAI for daily support and encouragement. My business is just beginning, and I'm working on a nonfiction book, to be accompanied by a website. I'm using Nick Usborne's website building materials and find them extremely helpful; once I finish my own website, I'll use is a sample of what I can do. Have had my own environmental consulting business for some time, but am refurbishing it into a writing business. Challenging, terrifying, but exciting! Thanks AWAI

    Karen SM

  74. After more than 30 years in radio broadcasting (on-air and management) I felt disenchanted with the industry I'd loved and worked in for so many years. When I realized that copywriting and marketing were complimented my experience in broadcasting. I'm thankful to have discovered AWAI and the many vistas AWAI's courses have opened for me. It's always a kick writing copy and putting together a marketing plan for a business and being a part of their success. Oh, the checks are nice also!

    Guest (Jim Raposa)

  75. I bought the AWAI course in 2006,attended my first bootcamp in 2012. Submitted my first spec, it was accepted. Became SEO Copywriting certified. Have two friends with businesses that I am helping rewrite and SEO their sites. It's been slow starting but certainly has picked up since attending bootcamp. I will be working on getting my website up and continuing to move forward with my self marketing. Have already signed up for this year's bootcamp. I can't wait to keep progressing.

    Mark Harrington

  76. I've been a contracting officer, editor of a daily electronic newsletter for a Capitol Hill PAC, copywriter for another PAC, director of marketing for an engineering firm and owner of my own desktop publishing firm. And to triplets! Needless to say, I took a 14 year break from my career and AWAI has been very instrumental in helping me get back on track. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Guest (Nikki)

  77. Just three years into my freelance copywriting story, I'm thrilled to be helping marketers in the wellness industry get more visible, credible and profitable online.

    My inceased success each year is a testament to AWAI's ability to change lives by convincing a dreamer to follow his dream.

    Thanks AWAI, and happy Freelance Writers Appreciation Week everyone!

    Jerry Bures

  78. Thanks to AWAI, I am in the process of launching my freelance writing career. It's been freeing and exciting to learn what I have.

    Lee Weaver

  79. To freelance, or not to freelance - I've answered the question both ways over the years, and it's great to be able to dip in and out as employment opportunities warrant (because, like riding a bike, we never lose it once we "get" it and commit to keeping our skills sharp). So thankful for the strong AWAI freelance community.

    Guest (Matt)

  80. I am new to freelance copywriting and currently studying AWAI's "Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting." I have completed roughly 75% of the course and think it's a fantastic program! I haven't launched my freelance business yet, nor do I have a portfolio to show prospective clients, but I am so close I can almost taste it. I just signed up for Steve Slaunwhite's free teleconference on breaking into B2B Copywritng, and I'm looking forward to learning about this niche! Thanks AWAI!

    Guest (Burton)

  81. A teacher of 23 years, I came home to support my adolescent girls in becoming successful adults. While they were at school, I wrote magazine articles and a couple novels. I also coached other writers age 9 to adult. AND I'M READY TO MAKE SOME REAL MONEY AS A WRITER! In about a month, we'll finish the AWAI Accelerated Live Companion Series, and I can't wait to get my copywriting business off the ground. I'll see you people in October at the next Boot Camp, too! Thanks AWAI!

    Guest (TrishW)

  82. Been an online copywriter since 1995. And yes, I wish I knew then what I know now. A lot of what I've done hasn't worked, now I know why. Thanks to AWAI. I always thought the successful copywriters were just gifted, like virtuoso musicians. I never realized/dreamed they were once rookies too. Before AWAI's Accelerated Program, everything I wrote (if it was successful) was by accident. AWAI copywriters definitely write with purpose. Nothing is by chance and certainly not by accident. Thanks AWAI!

    Tom Harrison

  83. I haven't started yet in the copywriting business although I think I would be good at it. At the moment, I am a freelance travel writer with 3 published articles. Maybe time to venture forth into a new area.


  84. Still learning, but plan on retiring to pursue my freelance writing career within the year!


  85. I have learned a ton from AWAI over the years. Each year a new program comes along that broadens my horizons both professionally and personally. AWAI has given me a lot of insight that I've never found in any other writing resource. AWAI makes you happy to wake up each morning and tell the world you are a freelancer!


  86. I've been a freelance writer for years- as in writing for joy- for free! Now I'm actually turning that passion into a business and I have AWAI to thank for it! I've never been happier. A question though- if you were to ask me what I'm MOST passionate about? It would be FOOD! Is there such a thing as a "food" niche in the Direct Response or B2B World?

    Guest (Jennifer Lee Robinson)

  87. I was complaining to my son-in-law about the lack of forums for electrical construction estimating. His response - start your own. He showed me how to set up and maintain a blog. About three years later, Electrical Construction Magazine called and asked me to write for them. They had seen my blog and liked my work. My three month preliminary contract has now been extended for another year. What a rush it is to not even consider yourself a professional writer, and then become one just based on a blog.

    Guest (Steve)

  88. I am excited about starting a B2B business eventually. Right now I'm taking the 'Six Figure' course because I want a thorough grounding in direct response copywriting before I dive deep into B2B, and because the Six Figure course was a great price a couple of months ago. I love to write, but this is so much work! I know I'm getting far more than my money's worth! I am looking forward to a great future writing! Thanks, AWAI for all your support for those who want to use their talents to build the life and business of their dreams.

    Guest (Mary Van Peursem)

  89. I've been freelancing for 12 years, and I can't imagine going back to a 9 to 5 job. I make more money and have so much more flexibility than I ever did before. Thanks for supporting freelance writers!


  90. AWAI has helped me open the door to living the writer's life. It's hard work, but it's on my terms. From starting out knowing nothing about writing compelling copy, I've now written optimized copy for dozens of websites and landing pages, worked with Don Mahoney on direct response letters, provided email auto responders and more. I also serve as AWAI's pro-reviewer for online member assignments, and write a weekly article for Wealthy Web Writer. I'm looking forward to another successful year!

    John Torre

  91. I am nearly finished with the accelerated copywriting course and feel that I am at the start of the greatest adventure of my life. All the way until right now I have felt that this has been the best choice I could have made. A true feeling of being in the company of peers and being told the truth have envigarated me from day one.


  92. I am in the middle of refocusing my business I tried my hand at B2C in the financial industry. I decided it was the wrong niche for me and now I am rewriting my web site and marketing material to go after the B2B market the import export business to be exact. I am writing a special report right now and hope to be asking for notes on it soon. I plan on 2013 being a VERY big year for comeauwebcopy dot com

    Guest (brett comeau)

  93. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to be fulfilled and independent!! I am finishing up the accelerating program and have purchased the masters as well... b2b/ finance is my area of endeavor and passion....go find something you love to write about!


  94. In 2009 after a 3rd layoff, I launched JETSET Communications & Consulting and have been writing bios, articles, press releases/kits and more. After becoming a published author in 2008, I realized that my heart's desire was to make writing a full-time career. Since that time I have done freelancing for several print and online publications, blogs and others. In about 3 weeks I will say good-bye to my last 9-5 temp job and work from home full-time as a professional author & freelance writer!

    Guest (Joy)

  95. I'm a brand, spanking-new freelancer and am happy and proud to call myself such. And, I landed my first paying client this past weekend. Cheers to everyone!


  96. I write generally on dogs and gardening and enjoy being a freelance writer. I also do editing and write blogs, white papers, and virtually anything else anyone needs.

    Guest (Stephanie Suesan Smith)

  97. I am through the Accelerated Copywriting Course and my plan is to try my hand at a variety of different niches until I really connect with something. I'm going get some gigs right away in order to gain some on-the-job experience.

    I'm interested in the B2B, Non-Profit Fundraising, Travel and Financial Markets, so we will see what happens. I know for sure though that I've found something I am really good at and love to do that can provide the life I long for, for me and my family.


  98. I'm in the business of writing and have a few clients, but not enough work to make up a full-time job.

    That's why I joined AWAI.

    I wholeheartedly believe if I apply myself to the AWAI course and resources available to me that I will become, IMHO, a true, self-employed freelance writer.

    My writing background is truly varied. All I need is the support system to put everything together and maybe make more money that I ever have in the process.

    All that's left is the hard work.

    Guest (Seth Carr)

  99. While I have not yet started my freelance copywriting business, I have been learning about the industry and am really looking forward to taking the leap. The writer's life finally seems attainable!

    Mari Bloede

    Guest (ladybloede)

  100. Everyday is another learning expereince. I have more than 13 years experience being a self-employed writer. I never get bored and I never dread Mondays!

    Guest (Tanya)

  101. Having worked as a magazine writer and editor for nearly 20 years, I became a freelancer three years ago. As an editor, I remember being annoyed when writers would call me asking for work. (I rarely had a budget for outside writers, which--of course--meant I was worked to the bone!) But now, having been on both sides of the fence, I have a better understanding of how to approach clients, knowing that they may not always be open to hiring a freelancer. (Doesn't mean I don't try, though!)

    Guest (Gina Kellogg)

  102. I have a background in SEO copywriting and was first introduced to Direct Marketing and persuasive copywriting by Michael Campbell. In 2002 I founded the Search Engine Academy Workshops and work with a team of global located Master SEO Instructors across North America, Australia, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. I have especially enjoyed the accelerated copywriting program by AWAI and look forward to doing more free lance work in 2013.

    John Alexander

  103. Reading these comments is inspiring enough in itself. I am just getting started in my copywriting career although I've been a member of AWAI for over a year. I am finally putting in the time to get moving on this and it feels great. Empowering to say the least.


  104. I stepped away from freelance writing a couple of years ago for family reasons. Now I'm hoping to step back into it. Because I've been out of it for awhile, my confidence is a bit shaky, so I'm attending a mixer for local businesses to try to land an assignment or two. For me, getting paid for my work breeds confidence, so I'm doing what I can to get some paid gigs ASAP.

    Guest (Margaret)

  105. I've been working off and on as a freelance writer for almost a decade. The thing is, I really love writing. I never get over the thrill of being paid to do something that I enjoy so much. I haven't worked as a freelancer for a couple of years, though, due to family needs and a lethargic economy, but I'm hoping to break back in very soon.

    Guest (Margaret)

  106. Copywriting and AWAI have become the best discoveries of 2013. Downsizing at my teaching job, lack of other work opportunities, and hard-hitting expenses have gotten this year off to a rough start.

    However, this program, community, and knowledge make me feel liberated and hopeful. I am 90% of the way through the accelerated course and can't wait to find the right "niche" to get started.

    Thank you!

    Robert R

  107. Freelancing is the best!
    I will never miss the alarm clock going off just to start the dreaded commute to a J.O.B. Having some control over who you work with and when is golden. And ultimately, getting paid good money for what you do. Happiness to Freelance Writers!

    Karen D

  108. I've been reading a lot about the writer's life for the last year or so thru AWAI. After some tying up of loose ends, here I am. Taking the B2B course and the Accelerated Live Companion course.
    I took a total leap and am putting" my all" into the learning and getting clients phases.
    I can honestly say its both thrilling and scary. But I love it!
    Working towards goals I set for myself and my business are far better than working for anyone else? Change is good, should have done it sooner!

    Darla-Jean Wotherspoon

  109. Business? What business? I'm just getting started, for the 50th time, I think. Most of the content I've written has been for other employers, usually as an add-on task to my exsisting work. Time to start doing what I do best for people who can appreciate my work, and are willing to pay me for it!

    Guest (Nairn)

  110. Learning what it takes to communicate to a target audience is a given for even nominal success. But if I had to pick a couple things to absolutely have it would be...

    ...PERSEVERANCE and a BELIEF IN YOURSELF that you can do it.

    Add those to your skills, and ALWAYS continue learning, and you'll find your place in the copywriting arena. After 8 years of ups and downs, I'm finally finding mine.


  111. Like so many others here, I am just now starting out. I'm still going through the training and really enjoying all the great information and support here from AWAI. I love having access to so many years of combined wisdom and experience! It's a true calling that I've put it off for too long, but I'll always want to keep learning.

    Beth S

  112. Writing is far from just a job for me, it is a kind of meditation. Watching the lines being filled with the symbols of my imagination and the beauty of language. The greatest joy is the freedom it gives you as a writer, self growth and self reflection. The hardest part is defending your best intentions :-). The job that awakens the soul!

    Guest (Vladimira)

  113. I'm a fundraising copywriter. Using emotional stories and compelling offers, I connect people to their passions. I visually show them through words how their money is changing the world and give them the joy they deserve from their gift. I absolutely love what I'm doing! It's not full time for me yet, but that's my goal.

    Joseph Cole

  114. I am in the middle of the copywriting course but I am excited about all the creativity that freelancing allows me. I am having fun writing blog articles about stuff that interests me. I write headlines in my cellphone for expansion later.
    I am planning on who my clients should be and looking into how to charge people for projects. copy writing gives me hope for an easier future.

    Guest (judy)

  115. As a copywriter I bring tremendous value to my company and my clients outside of my job.
    Effectively writing is the essential component in marketing any product especially understanding the Golden Thread.
    It is hard work, but my company is more successful and I'm more confident of my abilities as a marketer.
    I would recommend AWAI to any person engaged in the business of selling and marketing. What a person learns here is not available anyplace else!


  116. I'm a web marketing specialist for the adventure/active travel industry. I've been a longtime AWAI member, and after a few fits and starts, I'm finally on my way to live the writer's life I was meant to. AWAI has been there every step of the way, and I appreciate the support, resources and opportunities they've given me!

    Janice S

  117. It's great to bring attention to this group, which has so much in common despite the individual nature of the job.

    Guest (J Winterberg)

  118. Like Christina Gillick, I lack confidence. My field is in health--natural health remedies. I'm looking forward to Christina's gentle push, hoping that can get me over the top. The second thing that I need to get busy at is finding clients. That will come shortly, I'm sure as I keep working at it. AWAI has been a huge inspiration; I would recommend them to anyone.

    Guest (Clara Mae Watrous)

  119. Hi, I'm Holly. Before joining AWAI last year, I was an instructional designer, working in large companies and nonprofits. I wrote proposals, manuals, training, video, brochures, and more. I've taken Web Writing, Clear Path to Profits, and Accelerated Copywriting, and wrote my website. I'm about to take Marketing Confidence to kick start my business.


  120. I've begun hearing about AWAI recently via emails from International Living. Today an offer arrived that intrigues me the most so far, so I'm visiting your web site to check you out. ;-)
    I've been a freelance fine artist and designer most of my long life; and am now entertaining possibilities of living abroad, at least part-time. The education you are offering is is making that more probable financially.This prize will make it possible for me to begin a course with you sooner than later.
    Exciting possibility! Thanks for the opportunity! What are the infinite possibilities?!?

    Guest (RAL)

  121. In 2006, after working in corporate human resources for most of my adult life, I decided to take the plunge and become a niche HR freelance writer. Looking back, it was the single-best decision I've ever made in my career! Being able to choose the kind of work I LOVE, working with amazing clients around the world, and getting paid to do it - what could be better than this?!? Thanks AWAI for all you do to support and educate the freelance writing community. You folks rock!

    Guest (Tess C Taylor)

  122. I am still in the learning process, but one of my goals is to have a paid assignment by mid April. I have read through one book by Bob Bly and am on one by Dan Kennedy. Enjoy them both. Interesting thing is I am already using what I have learned in numerous ways. Having interests in many areas finding a niche or two may be daunting, but I'll do it and do it well!

    Guest (Brian W)

  123. I have been freelancing full time since 1999, primarily as a writer, but also as an editor. I write articles, books, e-books, and blogs, and edit all of the same. I've been blessed to work with many great clients, from publishers and print service companies to websites, publications, and individual authors. I love all things editorial, and wouldn't trade my freelance status for anything!

    Guest (Kelly Tomkies)

  124. I am looking forward to starting my business as a researcher for copywriters.


  125. Freelancing is the perfect solution for those who are housebound, bed bound, or continuously on the road. I tend to alternate between all three states. AWAI's programs help me find real hope and opportunity in the freelancing world.

    Colin Noden

  126. I'm transitioning from unemployment to freelance writing, and B2B seems a natural fit for me.


  127. Getting a freelance business up and running is no small task. I only want to do this part-time and I've laid a great foundation now over the past 1 1/2 years.

    I still find it impossible to pick a niche but I am trying to specialize in copy, so this is certainly a step forward.

    AWAI gave me the confidence to get this business rolling in the first place, and continues to support me with additional training as I search for the right balance.

    Wally Mountz

  128. Finally leaving the "fence". I have finally decided which niche I want to specialize in and the work inquiries are coming in. Now to just move to DelRay!

    Guest (Marcialee)

  129. I specialize in web copy and direct mail. My services are aimed at small businesses, as they are underserved in my area. My business is just over a year old and finally showing signs of life. It's exciting to see how what I'm learning through AWAI is helping me grow.


  130. Freelance writing has been a part of my life since college. I absolutely love it. Even when I had to step away for a while when it wasn't paying the bills, I now have implemented writing into my business as an administrative consultant. I am so happy about where it has taken me!

    Guest (Willi M)

  131. Ten years ago I found AWAI (or did they find me?). From that first meeting, I wrote some pretty serious crap (and not in the good way). I felt completely discouraged as I went through the programs. But I kept going because AWAI showed me how to get better. AND that the life - the writer's life, isn't some pipe dream. It is real. Here's to living the dream!


  132. I am a writer for several companies around the web. Freelancing is a part-time career for me but I enjoy it immensely.

    Guest (amtsales2)

  133. I'm looking forward to this weeks series. I started the program a while ago and have done one freelance project. Even with the positive feedback on that project, I'm still hesitant to market my talent.


  134. Communication is the single most important acquired skill in creation. Words mean something. It is with this in mind that I always write with an eye toward bringing the real meaning out of what I am writing. Getting the words right is hard beyond expression but the greatest achievement when accomplished. When done well, copywriting is the simple communication of true meaning and a reward in and of itself.

    Guest (PA Talker)

  135. I have been a freelance writer since 2007 and I have had the pleasure of writing for various organisations and industries. My greatest joy has been ghost writing for some famous pastors/evangelists in the Christian market and seeing the books on top ten lists. This exposure has given me the confidence to go out and write my own books which will be published at the end of this year. I love the writer's life!


  136. I am currently doing the Accelarated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and am planning to kickstart my career in the B2B niche. I am enjoying every step of the program and learning about this little-known world of ddirect marketing. I can't wait to get started!

    Guest (Mothusi)

  137. I love AWAI...the company, the staff and my fellow writers...struggling or otherwise. I started with the Travel Writer's workshop in Chicago 2011. Had a bit if success in getting published a few times right out of the gate which gave me the boost of confidence to pursue the Accelerated Copywriting Course. I'm currently midway through the 10-week Companion Series to that program and could use another boost...of confidence, that is. Although pretty overwhelmed at this point, I really am looking forward to a fulfilling career as a freelancer. Thanks for the public acknowledgment to a vast community of writers.

    Guest (Chava)

  138. I'm proud to stand shoulder to shoulder (albeit virtual) with the unsung heroes of the freelance world. As a copywriter, my name rarely appears on the byline and that's okay. Just as I don't have to see the gears in my watch turning to know I can always count on it for the time, so it is for the reader who has no idea the article, technical paper, email message, etc. is the result of a few sleepless nights from a little corner desk somewhere in NY.

    Cindy Zeis

  139. I am in the early stages of developing a career as a copywriter, and I look forward to learning more and more from AWAI.

    Guest (Roger H)

  140. Without AWAI's Accelerated Program, I wouldn't be the confident freelance copywriter I am today. Without it, I would still be the clueless copywriter I was for close to 12 years before signing up to become an AWAI member in 2007. The biggest perk of living the writer's life for me is the emotional freedom. Happy Freelance Writers Appreciation Week to everyone.

    Guest (Benedict Paul)

  141. I began my freelance career two years ago. I had experience as a writer but had never tried to go it on my own before. It was terrifying but exhilarating to get started and not a day has passed that I have wanted to return to a position working for someone else. I've written stories I was passionate about and worked with wonderful clients who inspired me with their dedication to their work. It's been a bumpy ride at times, but I do love my lifestyle and the freedom it provides me.

    Guest (Casey)

  142. I'm finishing up the Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting class, and afterwards I would like to study the Getting Your First Client program. I'm looking forward to applying what I've learned to improve my income and lifestyle.


  143. I'm a linguist and research scientist who spends most of his free time curled up with a good book.It would be a dream come true if acquire the skills and execution platform of a copy writer hence enriching my output capacity.

    Guest (samuel maina)

  144. Dear AWAI staff, In the year 2000 I lost my commercial farm in Africa to the government when they changed the land ownership policy. Three thousand other commercial farmers faced the same fate. It was total devastation. There was no compensation for the farm. We lost our home, our lifestyle and our livelihood. Families suddenly scattered across the world. Since that fateful day I have been living in a kind of a daze. I tried so many things, but nothing makes me happy. I cannot find anything that will replace the loss of my lovely farm. That was until I came across AWAI Accelerated Copy writing program. I found something that peaks my interest and keeps me interested. I enrolled immediately. I have a love for business and the English language. When funds permit I will further my career in B2B Copy writing. Thank you AWAI for making me aware of this unique ability that was lying dormant in me for so long.


  145. Writing has always been a passion of mine and now I get to fulfill it by becoming a freelance writer. I do have my own business which I've started a year ago. Although I still have a lot to learn on managing my small business, the rewards of actually sitting down and writing something that I know will help other people is already rewarding. That is why I'm proud to be a freelance writer.

    Guest (Elaine)

  146. You've heard it before...Never give up!
    That is my motto. Persistence. Hard for me to mix with patience, but I must. I am a Freelancer (first mentioned in Ivanhoe) and copywriting is my intention. I am training and writing and training and writing. I'm excited for the next portal as I am on my way to a 6 figure income.


  147. God bless you AWAI for your appreciation to writers this week.

    Though i am still a learner, i call myself a freelance copywriter because that is where i am heading.

    I started the Accelerated Program and to my amazement i am learning a lot, i have not started getting clients or earning yet, but this morning i advised a friend of mine who wants to launch an online business on how to market it and i was very exited that he took my advise. Thanks to AWAI.

    AWAI is the best place to be.

    Guest (Martha)

  148. I haven't started my business yet-but I hope to before the end of year. I am still working through the Accelerated Program. The greatest thing copywriting has offered me is hope-hope for the future

    Julia Stover

  149. My freelance business is mostly in my head at this point - for all the usual reasons. I have committed this year to getting it up and running.

    I know my business, and I know now I need to focus on my motivational and productivity issues.

    Thank you, AWAI!


  150. I've been freelancing for the past four years, having left a really good writing job in corporate America for a more flexible schedule as I raise my three young children. It was a great decision. I love freelancing.

    Guest (Kate)

  151. "I'm living the life I imagined!" Freelance writing gives me freedom to live life on my terms, scaling back my hours as a flight attendant and filling my spare hours with a variety of creative endeavors. I particularly enjoy writing food and travel pieces and writing/illustrating children's books.

    Guest (CJ)

  152. Thanks, AWAI for all the great info. I'm just starting out on the writing path and look forward to learning more!


  153. I'm in the learning phase and looking to find the perfect niche for me so that I can take off with confidence and enthusiasm to fly sky high in copywriting!

    Guest (Kathleen)

  154. I always knew that someday I'd be earning my living as a freelance writer and now .... I am! I love it! It is my passion! I was not sure I would ever find another passion like what I had with being a ballerina and dancing all those wonderful roles. But the day came when I had to give it all up. The body begins to tell you that.

    So went to college, got a degree in Journalism/History and several different careers later, I am now working from home as a freelance writer! Love it!


  155. Like many others who have commented here, I am taking the Accelerated Course and just beginning my career as a copywriter. I look forward to learning and learning and then writing and writing. Watch out world!

    Guest (Myra Fozard)

  156. Hello. I'll just take this time to say how ever thankful I am to AWAI. It truly is my go-to resource for copywriting, running my business, staying informed, and so much more. Thanks!

    Guest (Monica)

  157. Hi! I'm currently taking the Accelerated Program and thoroughly enjoying it! I can't wait to get started in my own business!

    Darian Skipper

  158. I first received a sales letter from AWAI back in 2003(!!!) and realized the potential of copywriting as a career. I am currently at work on the Accelerated Course, which I re-accessed on the AWAI site last year. It is my goal to become a full-fledged copywriter, do B2B copy and several B2C niches. AWAI deserves all the great testimonials that it receives - I am glad that I found this organization

    Brian T Copywriter

  159. I've gotten assignments since I began studying with AWAI, but my career is not as well-paying as I would like it to be. Marketing seems to be a hurdle for me, and I also suffer from lack of confidence even though I am currently working on a big assignment for one of the biggest health information companies out there. I will be following Christina's series of articles closely. I'm hoping I can readjust my mindset to become more successful!

    Tracy L

  160. I am an aspiring freelance writer. I am working through some AWAI materials and know this is the right path for me!

    Guest (Nichole)

  161. I have been pursuing the writer's life on a part time basis for the last two years. Most of the time I 'practice' at my real job, but slowly but surely, I have been telling people what I do and what I want to do and the jobs are coming my way. The support at AWAI is unmeasurable and has given me the tools and confidence to keep moving forward. I look forward to being able to work well into retirement doing what I love the most!

    Diane of Get Focused

  162. I am just getting my toes wet in B2B, and tripping over AWAI while surfing a few weeks back has made it all possible. I am so grateful to have surrounded myself by such a knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful group!

    Here's to our success!

    Michelle Lux

  163. This is a great place providing so many avenues of education and support. I am an aspiring researcher and freelance article writer. I cant wait! I would love to garner a stream of income allowing me to live wherever I want in the world!
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Regards, Theresa

    Guest (Theresa)

  164. I spend 6 days a week sitting on my couch, with my keyboard in my lap, writing web copy for small and medium-sized businesses.

    I do a lot of work -- waking at 7am, working 'til 6pm... Breaking at that point, because that's when my wife comes home for dinner.

    I re-start work when she goes to bed, around 9:30, and work until 2 am in the morning.

    Writing is HARD.

    Chasing invoice payments is time consuming.

    Anyone who thinks copywriting is the "easy way to riches" is kidding themselves.


  165. Ever since I've found AWAI, it's opened up my mind to the countless possibilities available to a freelance writer. I've only just begun my journey but here's to hoping it will be an exciting and memorable one!

    Ian K

  166. I've been a freelancer since 1997 but my focus wasn't writing at the time. As I was recovering from a TBI, I started writing to help my brain as it healed. This is when I discovered AWAI. AWAI has helped my not only exercise my brain but also sharpen and hone my writing skills and as a result I have a growing business working with entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between. Thank YOU AWAI...and my brain thanks you too!

    Paxton Bailee

  167. AWAI is very good it help me to understand life and to become better person .Help people to actualize their dreams.I can not forget them.

    Guest (sotomi Tunde)

  168. Hello everyone,

    I am new to the world of writing. My first experience has been in the world of script writing. A course I'm currently finishing off.

    I'm currently signed up for AWAI's world famous, "Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting," and I hope to start it along with the Copywriting 2.0 course hosted by the multi-talented Nick Usborne.

    These are but a few of my goals and I look forward to meeting Rebecca, Katie, Nick and the rest of the Gurus and Alumni at AWAI!

    With warmest regards and much gratitude!

    Robert D

    Robert D

  169. Hi Everyone,

    Firstly thanks to AWAI for celebrating Freelance Writers guys ROCK!!!

    Secondly, I'm only very new to freelancing and this little comment has taken me almost an hour as I have been sidetracked reading about what everyone is doing and how things are going. Best way to start the day EVER !!!!!!

    Full steam ahead to my new career with AWAI's help. Look out world here I come ready or not :) :) :)

    Look forward to hearing more about how and what everyone is doing and sharing my journey with you all.

    Take care, Nadine xoxox


  170. I attribute much of my success and knowledge in the Copywriting and Fundraising industries to AWAI.

    The funny thing is, I can't recall for the life of me how -- or where -- their ad first caught my attention...guess they've got good control on their hands.

    But regardless, I'm so glad I clicked on the ad and gave them a chance!

    Today, I provide winning copy and content that gets results for my clients. And all from the friendly and warm confines of my home.

    Thanks, AWAI!

    Chad J

  171. I've been in love with writing since the first time I built my own sentence on paper. Since then, I've written off and on, seriously and playfully. Like many, I've had some recent financial setbacks that make taking any kind of courses impossible, but I hope that this might be a chance to finally be able to advance toward my dream instead of the slow drift away I experienced so far.

    Guest (trex)

  172. I am a brand new copywriter. Still working on a portfolio and full of dreams for the future. I am taking the Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting right now and am delighted to be learning so many new things that I can use to make my dream of living by my words a reality.


  173. Happy Freelance Writer's Week!
    I've been freelancing since 2011, writing web content and managing social media accounts. My focus is industrial/business/science & engineering topics.

    AWAI, PWA, and Wealthy Web Writer have been indispensable resources for me. Thank you!


  174. I am a "cozy mystery" writer (and one non-fiction - How to Teach English) under the pen name of Rebecca Sorens, published as e-books on Smashwords. I'm looking forward to being a researcher as well, and running a health and beauty blog.

    rebecca jaynes

  175. I am a new freelancer. I have gone through the program and am now re-reading over the program for a second time. I am very excited, but nervous, to start writing professionally. Im looking forward in seeing how AWAI works out and to start the writer's life.

    Guest (Jennifer)

  176. I haven't begun my freelance writing careeer (officially) yet, but I am off of work for a while and wanted to stop feeling like I was in a rat race. I am tired of punching clocks and taking orders from leaders that I do not believe in. I write articles for a few magazines but i want to earn a good living and still have the time to enjoy the higher spiritualities of life. I hope to win this competition so that i can purchase the Six figure copy writing program. I really want to get started right away. I believe that I can do this a nd i hope that AWAI is going to deliver all that they promise.

    Guest (Sayyah Hart-Bey )

  177. I am just starting my research internet specialist business but I am also learning to be a travel writer through one of AWAI's programs. I am also studying the import export business through AWAI to combine the two of them to make a better life for myself. Winning the $500.00 would realy go a long way paying me back and helping me.
    Thanks, Ken


  178. Congratulations to all of the freelance writers out there! I know that behind every beautiful word I read there is the writer who has sacrificed something in search of perfection. For all the words that have inspired me and my dreams - thank you! And a big shout out to AWAI for bringing my dream - Enchanted Copy - to fruition.

    Teri Weber - Enchanted Copy

  179. I think am on the right track being associated with AWAI!
    And to everyone at AWAI, i say thanks a bunch for keeping the candle burning. I love you all!

    ...Sylvester Nnoli

    Guest (Sylvester Nnoli)

  180. Thanks! I've been with AWAI for several years, but have recently taken the serious plunge to become a freelancer. My primary focus is Internet Research Specialist; but I offer complementary services, including copywriting, as well. I'm looking forward to 2013 being the year I finally begin to live the writer's life.

    Lesa O

  181. I am currently going through the Companion Series. It's been a godsend to help me get through the Accelerated Program and I'm just thrilled at the quality and organization of the material. I hope to start working part-time right away and transition to having enough work to quit my "day job" by next year. The hardest part is finding time but then I remember why I am doing this and suddenly it's easier to prioritize.


  182. Since having lost my job in August I took on doing VA work where I began writing copy for my clients. I fell in love and it has put a much needed spark under me to pursue copywriting full time.

    The "spark" is due to two things: There is something to be said when you create something out of nothing and have clients tell you that they love what you have done for them. :)

    Jana Martin

  183. I have tried for years to get clients, and. while I finally got two, I don't get the sense, at least so far, that niche is as important as courses like this make it appear. If I knew for a fact that B2B was THE way to go, then I would spend some money on this course. One of my clients markets to both consumers and businesses. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but sometimes getting clients seems more accidental or informal than niche-based. Anyway, time will tell.

    Lars Nielsen

    Guest (Lars Nielsen Lars Nielsen Copywriting)

  184. I've been a freelance writer on and off for years. While I spent the last few years focusing on fiction, I'm getting back to my nonfiction roots, sending out magazine queries and looking for other sources of income from writing.

    Guest (Theresa S)

  185. I spent 25 years in marketing communications for a variety of companies. It provided a platform for gaining valuable information and I enjoyed it very much. However, with most positions in corporate America these days, I wound up doing a lot that took me from my passion of persuasive writing. Since being downsized, I've chosen to commit to freelancing. After a rocky start, things are coming together and jobs are coming in. AWAI played a significant role in this and for that, I'm grateful.


  186. I’m a freelance copywriter! My passion is using words and content to help businesses create lasting relationships with their clients. While I have only been working my freelance business full-time for six months, it is time for my career to take off - especially with the help of the "Six-Figure Copywriter Accelerated Program"!

    AliceAnn Williams

  187. Never too old to learn new tricks. I am retired and presently working through the accelerated program. As I do this I am also planning what my professional website will look like. The rookie insecurity is fading and I am gaining the confidence to say "I AM A COPYWRITER". Thank you to AWAI and all those who have developed the programs and paved the way for us newcomers.

    Steve L

  188. I write copy that sells. This includes persuasive sales letters, email auto-responders, website copy, advertisements and more!

    AWAI has provided me with the tools to improve my writing. Plus AWAI continues to create programs that enhance my skills.

    Truman Trust

  189. How exciting to be in the company of dreamers! Happy Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. I am recently retired and looking forward to writing more. Several AWAI programs are in my personal library. I am beginning to work as an Internet Research Specialist while studying. I have already used learned skills to help family members in their businesses. Thanks for the incentive AWAI!

    A J Lancaster

  190. I'm excited to say that I FINALLY purchased the accelerated copywriting program - yay me! After doing a ton of research about starting a freelance writing business, I came back around to learning about copywriting first - and discovered all the resources available from AWAI. So here I am, braced for the hard work but but truly ready to go. Cheers everyone and best of luck reaching your goals!

    Lori F

  191. It's amazing....

    Freelancing used to feel more like a dream then reality when I first started copywriting.

    I originally started because I wanted bragging rites to say "I'm self employed and make 6 figures a year"

    But now I've received something more precious then I ever imagined:

    1. Time to be with my family and watch my newborn grow up...

    2. Peace knowing I'm taken care no matter where I go or what I do...

    3. Freedom to live life EXACTLY the way I always hoped it could be.

    Guest (Daniel Sanchez)

  192. I consider AWAI my conduit and high-speed rail to the realization my intention to become a successful six-figure freelance copywriter. Shortly after attending the 2012 Bootcamp, I felt compelled to join Circle of Success mainly due to AWAI's incredible support system, the depth and breadth of their writing programs, and... the biggest benefit...connection to so many like-minded freelancers.

    Alan Steacy

  193. Freelancing as my career is my dream. I want my freedom. I'm ready to go the extra 10 or 100 miles. Best of luck to you all!!!

    DK Jordan

  194. Despite my desire to be a "writer" since childhood, it took me until middle age to find the courage to embark on this freelance writers' journey. Thanks to help from AWAI, I now have a website and clients! With only limited time to devote to my business, I still feel like I have a ways to go, but this time, I'm not letting go of my dream.


  195. Words are like wands wizards use – they make things come alive. Whatever form my writing takes – corporate training programs, case studies, profiles, marketing brochures, magazine articles – my role is always the same. I'm a conjurer: of knowledge, desire, action. If I do my job well, I make magic. That's my business.

    I'm hoping the Master Wizards here can teach me to cast more powerful spells, the better to conjure clients. At that particular magic trick, I'm a bit clumsy.



    Guest (HAZEL HUNT)

  197. New to the AWAI family - just beginning the Accelerated Copywriting program. Freelancing is the goal, and this is the path!

    Nancy Ross Brewer

  198. Currently "on hold," my business is waiting until I can afford the time and money to take an AWAI course. When I win this $500, I fully intend to spend both in so doing. Here's to my successful LAUNCH!

    Guest (Barbry)

  199. What better way to begin than with a (free) AWAI program?

    Guest (Christine)

  200. Freelance means Freedom and Fulfillment. I stare out my window at my horses and dogs frolicing on our five-acre property. Three of my children are attending college and my teenage son is next to me doing his homework. In an hour he has a BB game, which I will attend. With freelance writing, I set my own hours, enjoy a horse ride each afternoon, and not miss special events. Best of all, I love being creative and helping others acheive their goals.

    Guest (Maria Ricks)

  201. I've been writing technical documents through most of my career. Now that I've retired, I have started my freelance career. It's going slowly - so I'm helping some non-profits in order to build a portfolio. I'm having trouble getting from learning to doing - so I appreciate all the knowledge that is shared here.

    Guest (Karen )

  202. Today I decide to launch my professional writing business and stumble on this site, discovering it is the last day of Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. Now that's serendipity!

    Guest (Heather T)

  203. This would be perfect for my husband. He just finished is first epic and this money would help us with a number of costs.

    Guest (Elizabeth S)

  204. Hello! I have been a writer as soon as I could write - poetry, short stories, articles. I am happy to have got to the point where I can freelance as my business. I love writing and blogging and hope to continue pursuing what I love.

    Guest (debra p)

  205. So who won?


  206. Stay tuned... Our lucky winner will be announced shortly on AWAI's news feed.

    AWAI - Holly Reisem Hanna

  207. I've often thought I should try freelance writing. Writing for a paying market that is. I wrote for for three years before I "earned" the minimum payment of $10. I want some advice on how to find paying jobs without bidding on Elance or another site like it. How does one break into freelancing for pay? What type of deadlines can I expect? What magazines or newspapers would hire a brand new freelancer?

    Guest (Jewel)

  208. I call myself a freelancer, but I have yet to look for work! I wanted to get my blog going first, and my Facebook page for Writing and Editing services. I wanted to establish a social media presence before I begin my search. I am an English teacher (unemployed due to a physical disability) and just bought a computer about four months ago. I love writing, and don't want to work for "just anyone", as I do not want to lose this love by forcing myself to write merely "to survive".

    Guest (Lorraine Reguly)

  209. A few years ago, my mother pulled out an essay I'd written in 6th grade on my dream career.

    In that essay, I'd written that one day I would be a lawyer AND an author. I took that as God -- and Mom -- telling me I needed to start on that freelance writing career!

    I started out rocky, freelance writing was so different from law, but have never looked back. Thanks to you folks at AWAI; not only do you offer stellar training, but constant motivation to live the Writers Life as well!

    Melzetta Williams

  210. Hi, I am freelance writer since tow years and I am now very happy with my work. I write articles, reports, social media posts and many more in vary categories.

    Guest (Abdulrhman)

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