Check Out These Two Samples

Ed Gandia here with the last installment of this week's series on "warm email prospecting."

On Monday, I showed you why warm email prospecting is an ideal strategy for freelance writers … when done right.

On Tuesday, I laid out my exact blueprint for prospecting with email. I then showed you the "secret sauce" that makes this prospecting approach works so well.

Yesterday, I explained why this prospecting approach is NOT just for seasoned freelancers. And why it's actually an ideal for your first three years in business.

Today, I'll show you how your prospecting emails can stand out, even if you don't yet have much experience as a freelance writer. What really matters is that you include all the necessary elements.

Let's take a look at an email a fairly new freelance writer could send to a prospect. You can model your own emails on this example.

SUBJECT LINE: I saw that you're publishing a lot of white papers

Hi Jennifer,

I've come across your website a few times and I noticed that you're starting to publish a lot of white papers.

Do you have an internal resource for this? Or are you working with an outside professional?

I ask because I'm a business writer who focuses on white papers, eBooks and long-format reports. Depending on your situation, I may be able to help you get these pieces produced faster and more cost effectively.

Here's a page on my website that describes my background and experience: [URL]

Would it make sense to connect on the phone to discuss how I may be able to help?



Do you see how it is relevant and personalized? It was also short and got right to the point.

The freelancer also mentioned an area of specialty. That doesn't mean she has to have years of experience doing that kind of work. It just means that this is one type of work she can do.

Even if she only has a couple of samples — and even if both of these are samples from a writing course — that can often be good enough to show the prospect that you're capable of doing the work.

I know this from personal experience, because that's how I landed my first set of projects as a freelancer. By leveraging a bare-bones set of samples.

So don't fail to give warm email prospecting a try just because you're new or lack experience. That's when this strategy can often help you the most. And as your business grows, it can become a great way to maintain a weekly prospecting habit.

Questions, comments, feedback? Make sure to post them on this page. I've been very active all week answering questions from readers. I'll be happy to address any questions you may have about this prospecting approach.

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Published: March 8, 2013

11 Responses to “Check Out These Two Samples”

  1. Where do you actually start a Writer's blog? I have a facebook page for my personnal life and I have a facebook page for my pet photography stuff. Should I put the writer's blog on there too? It seems like I'd definately be limiting visibilty, but I'm not sure where else to go.


    Laurie L

  2. Hi Ed, Thanks for the helpful articles and video material this week!

    How does one keep track of all your prospects that one has in the "hopper" and the progress you are making with each....Maybe some kind of tickler file system - perhaps some kind of software like a barebones CRM system? Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks

    Mark B

  3. The subject line says check out these TWO samples. Am I missing one? Either way, as I have said before, great series and thank you.

    @Laurie L- I started a blog on Wordpress just to practice writing daily. My blog is not about writing per se but it as great format to practice your writing skills and it is free.

    You can check out my personal blog at cherylplyons at to get an idea.

    Other sites such as Google offer free blog options also.

    Guest (Cheryl L)

  4. Thank you for sharing so much! I haven't actually gotten started (plowing through the Accelerated course slowly)but I find your posts so helpful and informative and for once (well, so far)I didn't find a fee that had to be paid to see what you were going to say in the end!


  5. I'm with Cheryl L, where's the second sample? Are you trying to to trick us? lol

    Stephanie Morse

  6. Hi Ed

    I have to say it's been one of my favourite weeks of the writer's life. Each day I've been checking my emails just waiting on your next one. I have just started the AWAI copywriting program and still looking for my niche. Having been a songwriter for Warner music for 6 years and in sales for 10 years I feel mixing my creativity with my sales experence could be a great combination for my new business venture as a copywriter...or I rather hope it is. I have to say you have giving me a lot of confidence this week and I am a big fan. I will be passing your emails onto friends of mine who I know would find it just as interesting as I have. Keep up the great work. Terry Gaynor my title, wait for it....copywriter Ps. Feels good to say that.

    Guest (Terry Gaynor)

  7. Ed, I'm very impressed with your warm mail prospecting. Just started with Accelerated Copywriting and working with the Makepeace Method two months ago. Will consider your program later on if it is offered again. Thanks Gary McEntee

    Gary L McEntee

  8. Thanks Cheryl L.
    I'll check it out.

    Laurie L

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