How to Guarantee a Six Figure Income

Today I’m continuing with Dan Kennedy's business-boosting secrets by sharing one that many info-marketers Dan has coached credit as the idea that gave them a huge financial breakthrough. Personally, I wish I’d known about this when I first started my copywriting business. It helps guarantee a six-figure income each year and relieves stress by helping create a consistent flow of work.

Sound good?

My first couple of years as a copywriter most of my work was "one off." I’d write copy for a website or I’d do a series of auto responder emails. But then the job would end and I’d be on the hunt for the next one.

My income was not consistent. One month I’d make $9,000, the next $1,200. It was stressful not knowing where my next piece of business was coming from.

Dan taught me that if you bundle a bunch of different things you can do for a client into a package, and give a compelling price, you can often make a lot more money. It's similar to what you see at a fast food restaurant that bundles menu items to sell a “meal deal.”

Bundles help you create consistent work flow. And you develop a relationship … which creates trust … which can lead to referrals. The client not only saves money, they don’t have to continually bring new writers up to speed.

Here's how it works …

Every client that approaches me is offered three options.

  1. An a la carte option – In other words, they can hire me to only write a website or only write a sales letter. Once that one project is done, we go our separate ways.
  2. A 6-month option – This is where they agree to purchase a certain amount of copy from me every month for six months. I offer a discount off the a la carte rate. For example, they might agree to have me write two auto responder series and four content emails every month. That way I am guaranteed to write 10 pieces of copy for them every month at a set price.
  3. A 12-month option – Services are bundled like the 6-month option, but with an even deeper discount. (You can learn more about setting up your own package plans by reading my article How to Create a Pricing Structure that Builds Consistent Income.

Ninety percent of clients take the 12 month option when I offer it. Before I offered bundles, I would begin each year only knowing what I’d make one month at a time. Now I have over six figures of guaranteed income already booked by January 1st, every year.

How do you create consistent income in your business? Share your ideas in the comments here.

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Published: March 13, 2013

9 Responses to “How to Guarantee a Six Figure Income”

  1. Thanks Cindy! Great ideas!!

    Charlotte Hicks

  2. Great job, Cindy!

    My approach isn't nearly as good as yours. When I finish one project, I pitch my client with a new one right away. It's more assertive than worrying about the next job, but it's not as proactive and secure as your package plan. As a matter of fact, your approach is so effective, I recommend that it be included in future editions of the Six-Figure copywriting course. Imagine the amount of stress future writers would avoid!!!

    Thanks again, Cindy. Keep up the great work!


  3. Cindy, That is a very interesting pricing model. Thanks for sharing it.

    One question -- is there a certain type or size of client that is more likely to sign up for a 6- or 12-month bundle?

    My clients fall into three camps -- global corporations, agencies that subcontract to me or very small businesses with modest budgets ($5,000 and less for writing).

    Thanks in advance!

    Guest (Mary)

  4. Thanks for the post. For some reason, reading your post prompted me to write this ...

    The 4 secrets to Dan Kennedy’s million dollar a year copywriting business

    I’ve observed Dan Kennedy for years. As far as I can tell, there only 4 secrets to his million dollar copywriting business success:

    1.He can write. And by writing I don’t mean he’s a Hemmingway or Shakespeare. I simply mean he can put words on paper – by stringing sentences together – in a sufficiently coherent manner to communicate his ideas to the understanding of the reader.

    2.He understands direct marketing. In other words, he knows “what” to write to elicit a “Yes” response more often than a “No” response with at least 0.5 – 3% of his readers. And that, in the direct sales game, is enough to put a stack of money in his client’s pocket and a large sum in his own.

    3.He’s prolific. He understands he gets paid to produce wor


  5. One of the best, most practical articles I've read about how to make a living as a copywriter. No fluff talk at all. Awesome article - I'm bookmarking it. Thanks Cindy!

    Guest (Steve)

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