American Writers & Artists Institute Issues New Report Revealing the Ideal Career for Women Seeking Work/Life Balance

Freelancing offers a refuge from the corporate world for working women with its flexible schedules and equal pay.

Delray Beach, FL – March 18, 2013 – It's a startling statistic. Recent female college graduates earn only 82% of the salary of their male counterparts in their first job. And low pay is just a glimpse of the pressures and unequal treatment of women in the workplace today. Another depressing fact: while men who are successful become more liked … women become less liked by their peers.

But there is a career path that allows women to take control of their working and personal lives and strike a work/life balance. It's freelancing, in which an individual is not an employee but instead works independently for a range of clients. Often working from home, a freelancer is free to set a work schedule and work only on projects that they are interested in and pay what they deserve.

American Writers & Artists Institute member and freelance copywriter Cindy Cyr left the corporate world to gain her independence.

“My sister died of cancer before I had transitioned to a freelance career. My employer would not let me have off to travel to see her, despite the fact I could have worked remotely,” says Cindy. “As a freelance woman, I choose when and how many hours I’ll work, not an employer. I choose whether to take a client or not, whether I think I can work when traveling or not. And I name my income, not an employer.”

Fellow American Writers & Artists Institute member Mindy McHorse chose freelancing for similar reasons and has been able to reach six-figures in annual income, while spending plenty of time with her two young children. She couldn't do that in a corporate job.

“The only challenging thing about life as an empowered woman freelancer is that there are always bigger and better goals to pursue. It's exciting and exhausting. But what that means is, there's no "glass ceiling" I ever have to worry about,” says Mindy. “I can grow my business as large as I want, or I can take a few years off and then go big again. I'd say that's empowerment. I have friends in other jobs, many of whom are in prestigious or high-earning positions, and they simply can't take long periods of time off – they'd lose momentum. I'm blessed to not have that obstacle.”

For more on how a freelance career can empower women to strike a true work/life balance through freelancing, go to: "Can the Working Woman "Have It All" When it comes to Work/Life Balance?"

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Published: March 18, 2013