American Writers & Artists Institute Announces Plan to Help Parents Raiding Their Retirement Accounts to Pay for College

Building up a college fund for their children from a second stream of income from part-time freelance work is a better alternative.

Delray Beach, FL – March 29 , 2013 – American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI),, announced today a plan to help parents faced with a choice between saving money for retirement or paying their children's way through college. A recent study from Sallie Mae found that one-third of U.S. parents were taking money from savings, as well as IRA and 401(k) accounts, to pay tuition and other expenses, potentially jeopardizing their own retirement. Now, they don't have to make that choice.

A part-time career in freelance writing will give them a steady stream of income to funnel directly into a college fund. For those parents with day jobs, they can work on their freelance business a few hours a week on nights and weekends. For stay-at-home-parents, freelancing can turn into more of a full-time position if they work while the children are at school.

American Writers & Artists Institute specializes in training people in a specialized way to make money writing. It's called copywriting. And it serves a very large and diverse industry, worth $2 trillion annually, that remains in the background: direct-response marketing.

“Copywriting isn't a well-known career. And it's even less well-known how much money copywriters can make. The mid five-figures is totally possible within the first year in the industry, even working just part-time,” says Katie Yeakle, American Writers & Artists Institute Executive Director. “Put in more time, and a six-figure salary is within reach. That's a lot of extra money to be putting away for college.”

Copywriters write advertising for direct marketers, who sell everything from financial newsletters to educational programs to home and garden products. And they make money writing in a wide variety of formats. Print sales letters offering a magazine subscription. An email showcasing a new product from an Internet retailer. The website for an herbal tea company. All are examples of advertising written by freelance copywriters.

No experience as a writer or specialized degree is needed to work as a copywriter. All an individual needs to do is learn some of the basics of direct marketing and consumer psychology, as well as the “tricks of the trade” that have proven effective for certain industries they might be working in.

For parents of college-age children or those stressing over how they'll pay for college, learning how to make money writing in this industry is ideal.

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Published: March 29, 2013