My Cousin Michael … Brain Surgery … and The Hottest Niche in Copywriting Right Now

Much of my adult life, I’ve been a bit jealous of my cousin Michael.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the life I’ve carved out by being a copywriter; I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But Michael is a master cabinetmaker. When I use a saw, no matter how carefully I’ve measured and drawn lines, the result looks more like it was chewed than sawed.

I guess jealous is the wrong word. I respect Michael, his skills, and the life he’s carved out. Even during this past economic downturn (avalanche?), Michael never missed a beat. Early in his career, he decided to specialize, not only in cabinetmaking, but in an area — a sub-niche as it were — where he always knew he would be in demand.

And this can be a valuable lesson to you. But before that, let me introduce you to another important person in my life—Kim, or more appropriately, Doctor Kim.

Kim is a member of my Rotary Club. She is a renowned brain surgeon who spends half her year away from home to teach in a well-known Midwest medical school.

Kim specialized her career so that her services — either in the surgical theater or the lecture hall — would always be in demand.

You might see where I’m going with this.

Michael and Kim’s successes don’t solely come from their skills. Good carpenters all live by their skills. So do GPs (general practitioners). The difference between them and my cousin and my friend is what they earn.

Specialization and earning more …

Michael and Kim earn more, much more. More money … more respect … more opportunities.

So, let me tell you about an opportunity for you to “become the specialist” … and to earn more. It’s in an area that’s grown geometrically over the past 15 or so years I’ve been in copywriting.

The area is information marketing.

Way back in the early days of the Internet, information marketing pretty much meant one thing — newsletters. And most of those were off-line. All of that’s changed.

The way Dan Kennedy — the legendary copywriter who gave birth to this industry — puts it, “Thousands of complex, multi-product publishers, seminar companies, coaching organizations, membership associations make up the info-marketing world." It’s so extensive; Dan calls it a ‘hidden industry.’

Who makes up this market? Business and professional niche marketers, hobby, recreation, personal interests' marketers, and subculture marketers.

These potential clients need skilled copywriters to write online and off-line books … online and off-line courses … newsletters … blogs … marketing campaigns … and much, much more.

A little bit (no, make that a lot) of everything …

If you’re an information marketer, what do you write about? Everything; wine, food, sports, leisure, investing, art, health, photography, horse racing, bookbinding … anything and everything.

Dan has told me about quite a few of these information marketers who need skilled, hit-the-ground-running copywriters.

For instance, one healthcare company he told me about has over 300 franchised clinics nationwide. They're constantly in need of newspaper ads, direct mail campaigns, and online campaigns aimed at patients with chronic conditions. They have annual revenues of over $150 million.

You could be putting a chunk of that revenue in your pocket.

The list of what you can write about … and who you can write for … is almost endless.

Why do these companies need you?

There's irony in information marketing. Many of the business owners in this industry are not good writers themselves. And they recognize that.

Or if they are good writers, they simply do not have time to get out the work they need done.

Their urgent need is your opportunity.

Remember Michael and Kim …

The amount of work available in the info-marketing industry is staggering. With so many entrepreneurs and businesses in information marketing looking for good copywriters, it seems you could cast a large net and pull in tons of work.

And you could. But should you?

My cousin Michael could’ve become a handyman. Dr. Kim could’ve become a GP. But they didn’t. They specialized and secured higher fees, more respect, and the satisfaction of being recognized as tops in their fields.

Your secret to success in the information marketing industry is the same, specialization. Nobody knows that better than Dan Kennedy. He specializes. And because of that — and because he helped give birth to this industry — he earns over $1 million a year as an information marketer.

Dan understands the hidden agenda of information marketers — how they need all this writing done in a specific way, engineered to fill multifaceted needs. He knows better than anyone why ordinary freelancers fail to get and keep clients because they don’t understand these critical facts of life.

So this brings up your opportunity. Right now, AWAI is offering you the pass-key to this hidden agenda through Dan Kennedy’s, Writing for Info Marketers Training and Certification Program.

Dan’s program shows you who the info-marketers are … where to find them … and exactly how to write winning copy for them — copy that will make you their “go-to copywriter.”

In addition, when you complete Dan’s program, you’ll be listed in the Kennedy Certified Copywriters for Info-Marketers Directory. This directory is accessed directly by a link in the Information Marketing Association Buyer’s Guide.

Your listing includes your name, complete contact information, up to 350 words describing yourself, your specialization, experience, and link to your own website. This Directory will be actively promoted to IMA Members.

It’s your direct link to thousands of high-paying clients.

And only Kennedy Certified Copywriters earn a listing in this Directory.

Because this program is intended to produce a few highly trained info-marketing copywriters, AWAI and Dan Kennedy are strictly limiting access. This year they’re offering it only to the first 100 copywriters who respond.

So I urge you to act now. Click this link to learn more about this opportunity that will change your life.

Writing for Info-Marketers

Dan Kennedy’s Writing for Info-Marketers Training and Certification Program

Copywriting-great Dan Kennedy is ready to take you under his wing, to show you where to find the best clients and to train you to write results-getting copy that will keep those clients coming back. Learn More »

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Published: March 11, 2013

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