Three Things You Should Know About Web Writing and How You Can Launch Your Online Copywriting Business Within 60 Days!

When I first started with AWAI (about 9.5 years ago!), the company didn’t even have an online copywriting program. A year later, when we launched our first one, writing for the Web was considered a “niche.” And yet today, I can’t think of an industry where companies don’t have an online presence.

Knowing how to write for the Web really isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity.

But along with businesses “going online,” there are three other changes that have taken place, which have gotten me pumped up about the web-writing opportunity …

First up, you no longer have to persuade clients of the value of online copywriting.

This first one is huge!

Writers who began writing for the Web 10-15 years ago were forced to spend a lot of time convincing companies that web copy was important. Just ask online copywriting legend Nick Usborne! He made a career out of educating companies.

Fortunately today, that’s no longer an issue.

Granted, it’s taken companies a decade to realize the value of copy written specifically for the online environment. But, now there’s a mainstream understanding that the copywriter is at the center of all effective online marketing.

In fact, Forbes recently published an article saying, “If you want to be successful online, the only essential skill is being a good copywriter.” And since most business owners don’t have time to become copywriters themselves, they're looking to hire freelancers to do the work for them. Which brings me to the second big change that’s happened in the industry …

Companies are spending more money on online advertising than ever before.

And that means even more opportunity for you to make a great living writing copy for the Web.

eMarketer projects U.S. spending for online advertising will increase to $47.7 billion in the next year. It’s also expected that online ad spending will overtake ALL forms of print advertising by 2015.

If you don’t know how to write for the Web, now is definitely the time to learn. And as if the first two reasons aren’t enough, this last one probably excites me the most …

Web writing provides plenty of ongoing gigs because companies have to publish new content all the time.

Now that companies all have an online presence, they need to work to keep it fresh. And in order to do that, companies are basically being forced to become publishers in their industry, and churn out new and unique quality content on a regular basis.

At AWAI, we typically publish 10-12 pages of new content every week on our main website. That doesn’t include emails, social media, or sales copy — let alone web pages that need updating and SEO opportunities — or anything else we’re doing at the moment. That’s just simple content — like blog posts and articles — that we have to publish every single week.

And we’re considered a small company! Just imagine how much content a mid-size company needs on a regular basis.

The demand for good web writers is bigger than ever before, and as industry trends show, is only continuing to grow.

You just need a few clients who understand the value of good web copy. And once you lock them into an ongoing gig with you (also called a retainer), you’ll never have to worry about where your next paycheck is coming from.

Ready to get started?

There are only three things you need to do …

First — and this might be obvious — you need to learn how to write for the Web. It’s different than writing for print, but it’s not any more difficult. (In fact, it’s actually a lot easier!)

Especially considering Nick Usborne has developed an all-encompassing, professional-grade training program called Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.

I say professional-grade, because it is literally based on the training programs he developed for online giants like Yahoo!, AOL, and The New York Times.

By the time you finish this program, you’ll be able to speak confidently to any potential client about their online copywriting needs, as well as do the work.

Once you finish the program, there are just two more things you’ll need to do to launch a successful online copywriting business: pick a niche, and put up a website that properly sells you and your value.

And to make sure you can easily accomplish all three tasks, we’ve put together a pretty sweet offer for you …

When you order Copywriting 2.0, you’ll immediately save $100.

Then, in 30 days, Nick Usborne will teach you how to choose a profitable niche that’s right for you during an exclusive webinar. This is one step where many new copywriters get stuck. But by the time Nick is finished, you’ll feel confident that you’ve chosen the best fit for you, and be able to move on to the third and final step: putting up your website.

I know that’s where a lot of freelance writers get stuck also. But don’t worry, Nick is going to give you a tutorial on that too — so you know how to attract the right kinds of clients — clients who value your skills and are willing to pay you for them!

And then finally, Nick will personally critique your website during a live webinar, along with your fellow online copywriters, so you can rest assured your website does its job, and will effectively sell you and your skills. You’ll also get to see his critiques of other websites too, which will help you make your website that much stronger.

With this special offer, in just 60 days, you’ll know how to write web copy (plus have a manual you can refer to again and again), choose a profitable niche that’s right for you, and have a professional website ready to attract the clients you want.

I don’t think we’ve ever made success this simple, quick, and straightforward.

But, this offer only lasts until Thursday, March 28th at midnight.

Order Copywriting 2.0 now.

Or learn more about the program here.

The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

Learn how to become an in-demand online copywriter for companies big and small. Online copywriting expert Nick Usborne shows you how to write web copy that converts. Learn More »

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Published: March 26, 2013

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