A $34 Billion Market That's Crying
for Good Copywriters

I’m a dinosaur. I admit it.

I didn’t used to be. I used to be what was called an “early adopter” when it came to computers and technology. I was using Mosaic, the first web browser, back in 1994 when it was just words and no images.

But that’s changed as I’ve gotten older.

Nothing proved this sad fact to me like social media.

“This is for young kids,” I kidded myself. And in the early days of social media, I was right. I didn’t really care who my “friends” were if all they were to me were images on MySpace or Facebook. I wanted to be able to reach out and touch my friends.

I couldn’t do that on social media. Or so I thought. But I was very, very wrong because that’s all changed.

Social media is now how people do keep in touch – people of all ages, economic backgrounds, and ethnicities.

And as a copywriter, if you’re ignoring this reality, that makes you a dinosaur also!

Let’s take a look at what the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project says about who’s using social media. (The Pew Center is the go-to expert on Internet usage and data).

Pew did a survey in 2012 showed that a whopping 83% of the 18-29 years olds use major social media. That might not surprise you, but there’s more that might be surprising. Women are more likely than men to be on social media sites. And Claire Behar, Senior Partner of Fleishman-Hillard tells us that over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States. Estimates range from $12 to $40 trillion dollars.

Social media use is also mushrooming among African-Americans, Latinos, and other ethnic groups.

It’s easy to throw numbers around, but think about what you’ve just read. The implications for you as a copywriter and for your potential clients are huge.

Social media is where the money is:
Youth … women … so-called minority groups.

Compare these potential buyers with those we typically think of when talking about direct marketing. Social media has expanded your potential demographic base a hundred-fold or more.

More potential buyers. More businesses that need good, social media savvy copywriters. More assignments for you.

I’m going to tell you the fastest, surest way to tap into this lucrative market in a moment. But before I do, let me give you an important number.

That number … $34 BILLION DOLLARS.

That’s how big Gartner, Inc. – the world's leading information technology research and advisory company – estimates that overall social media revenue will be in 2016.

$34 BILLION Dollars.

Just think how much you can add to your copywriting income every year when you learn the secrets and strategies of marketing with social media.

Here are three other numbers that help tell the story of social media and your career …

  • A 2013 study by BIA/Kelsey determined that social media ad revenue will hit $11 BILLION dollars by 2017. (That’s just revenue from ads). They project video and mobile social ads will be the prime motivators for the future growth.
  • Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all U.S. Internet users as reported by MindJumper.
  • And right now, social media influences 64% of those people when deciding what to buy.

Numbers don’t really tell the story, however. Many of your potential clients already know the huge profit opportunity social media provide. They’ve heard these figures and know that’s where they need to be.

The problem, though, is most medium and small sized businesses (and many large ones as well) don’t know how to do it. That’s where you come in.

As a trained social media marketing expert, you provide that expertise. You help them compete with the giants in the industry.

The best training by THE EXPERT in social media …

A little over 16 years ago, one of the most successful print copywriters on the planet took a bold step that could have destroyed his career. He totally gave up print copywriting and concentrated solely on working online.

A brave, gutsy (and potentially insane) move. But it paid off. Since that time, Nick Usborne has done online copywriting and in-house trainings for giants like Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, Disney, and The New York Times. (To name just a few of his high-profile clients).

What has he taught these industry leaders?

  • How to engage their online audience.
  • How to attract more fans and followers who are the right prospects for their business.
  • How to keep the social media conversation fresh and interesting.
  • How to convert their social media efforts into more sales.
  • How to monitor their social media efforts.
  • What their social media goals should be.

This is what Nick taught them. And this is what he’ll teach you (among many other secrets and strategies) in his in-depth program How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert.

Nick tells you exactly what you need to do to become the go-to social media marketing expert. This includes …

  • Six easy steps that address the entire social media marketing cycle from start to finish …
  • 10 ways social media is different from traditional web writing …
  • 13 step roadmap to turning your social media marketing expertise into paying assignments …
  • Eight social media marketing goals that ensure success every time …
  • The four things every winning social media campaign must include …
  • The top 10 social media best practices to ensure you always take the most professional and results-producing social media path …
  • Five strategies to optimize web content for social media …
  • Five ways to promote your client's Facebook page to quickly gain more exposure, fans, and “Likes” …
  • Three things you should never do on social media or risk losing sales and customers …
  • And much, much, much more …

A dinosaur no more …

There’s so much more I could tell you about Nick Usborne’s program. I’d love to tell you everything you’ll learn … how low the deeply discounted (for now) price is … the 365 day guarantee … and how to get your copy.

But there simply isn’t room here in The Golden Thread. Instead, please CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW so Rebecca can tell you everything you need to know about How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert.

Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Because they couldn’t adapt to a changing environment fast enough. I called myself a dinosaur. No more. I’m adapting before I become extinct. And I urge you to do the same.

Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

Everything you need to know to become a social media marketing expert, as well as four different ways to make money using that expertise. Learn More »

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Published: April 22, 2013

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