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An Affiliate Profile

Last month we heard from Wendy Montes de Oca who gave us 10 Must Haves for a Great Free Newsletter. I hope you had the chance to read it and incorporate it into your business.

This month I am going to highlight one of our fellow Affiliate program members, Steve Diadoo who is using both a blog and a newsletter to successfully market affiliate products as well as his own services.

Steve Diadoo is not only an Affiliate Program member, but he is also an artist and a successful Direct Marketing Consultant. Last month he wrote in with a question and when I saw his site, I knew I had to share it with you. You can use it to get an idea of how one fellow Affiliate Program member intends to market AWAI’s products successfully.

I asked Steve a few questions that I thought would be beneficial to you so here goes:

How are you planning to market AWAI's products?

Similar to the way Hiro Ono, the greatest Sushi Chef alive, offers sushi.

Selling it with content that is fresh, masterfully prepared, delicious and satisfying.

To begin with, I collected some data about the market place. I tested a number of keywords and email subject lines through 4,000 email campaigns I've sent out through a former newsletter of mine called The Weekly Artist Journal. Based on this market research, I think I have a good idea of the "who, what, why, where, when and how" I'll be marketing too.

As an Artist I understand what it feels like to want new clients and to have no money to market with.

I'm in pre-launch right now, but I'm building an email list through my new newsletter I'm creating called I'll send a weekly newsletter to my list and promote affiliate products via the newsletter. AWAI products are perfect for people without deep pockets. So I'll be promoting AWAI products there.

So, what I've done this week is setup a landing page with an opt-in form using MailChimp and Wordpress at This is on a brand new url that I'll use to build my newsletter. The url is the exact keyword combination that had the most opens out of my 4,000 email campaigns.

The opt-in form offers a hand drawn mind map for download. The mind map shows the answers to the very top problems my readers at The Weekly Artist journal wanted answers to. Again, the hot buttons.

I'll use this form to build up a newsletter list in stages from a list of 0 to 2,000 to 10,000+.

Eventually, I'll build the entire website using Wordpress (Free) that I am hosting with Hostgator ($15/month) and customize the Wordpress with Elegant Themes ($37/year is not a bad price to pay to not look lame.)

Why did you decide to join the affiliate program?

I found out about AWAI through Early to Rise. After purchasing some of the products and studying the Agora Model, I realized I could be selling some top notch and highly profitable products … without having to make the product myself. That's a score.

There's a lot of products out there available to sell through affiliate programs but few have solid people behind them. AWAI products, I believe, have solid people. People with talent and years of experience.

Do you have personal experience/success with our products?

Yes, I've purchased some of the products at AWAI and found them to be very thorough. I've gone from merely Artist to Artistic Director in charge of Copywriting and Strategy and I owe a large part of that to AWAI products.

My son is six and if you ask him "How do you get confidence?" he will reply "Confidence comes from knowing." Well, you can't really be in business for yourself without confidence. I'd say the AWAI products I've purchased, Accelerated Six Figure Copywriting especially, helped make me feel confident as an independent marketing consultant.

What are your goals with the "Shop" section?

The Shop section of my website was setup to support my consulting service. I know a lot of people that can't afford to hire a consultant but are very interested in marketing themselves better. The goal of my shop is to help support the people that come to me for help but can't afford me. My Shop offers them many solutions and I think it also helps bring credibility to my consulting business.

How do you plan to drive traffic and gain audience to sell to?

There's a number of sources I'll be using. Some paid and some free. The paid stuff will be targeted ads to drive traffic to my opt-in form that sends people to download the free mind map. The free method I'll be using is Wendy Montes de Oca's SONAR method from her book Content is Cash. Again, the traffic will go to my opt-in form to download the "hot button" mind map. The opt-ins will be subscribed to my newsletter and there is my audience.

For someone who doesn't have your experience with design and marketing, what advice would you give them in getting started?

Nothing beats experience but if you want to shorten the learning curve here's what you do: copy.

I started in business at the age of 19 with one of the biggest direct marketing companies out there.

The big advice I was given from the very beginning is the same advice that later helped me kick-off an Italian Plastering and French Mural Painting business. The same advice given to me once again when I opened the pages of my AWAI products.

COPY others.

I've been branded as the "Artist" and what you need to realize is even Artists copy from one another. We call it "inspired." Even the greatest Artists and Musicians of all time have borrowed from others. To learn Mural painting I copied Pierre Finkelstein's painting method from his book Art of Faux and won an award for it. I ended up on PBS in North Carolina and on the TV show Paint, Paper and Crafts. Thanks Pierre!

When I sold a $25,000 Italian Plastering project to a homeowner in a suburb of Minneapolis I had copied Eli Lucero's plastering technique and his exact sales pitch. Thanks Eli!

When I was asked to create an advertisement for one my cilents, Santambrogio Italian Sofas, I copied David Ogilvy's Man in the Hathaway Shirt ad and stuck a golf ball on one of the sofas in my Santambrogio ad. I called the ad The Golf Ball on the Santamrogio Sofas. The ad was to appear in a golf magazine and my client called me "brilliant." Thanks David Ogilvy!

When I designed my website for my Interior Painting business, I had a lot of compliments from Interior Designers. How did I come up with the design for my website? I needed inspiration from the very highest design minds. I started by copying from As the design evolved it eventually looked unique. Thanks Giorgio!

So here's what I do when I need to design a new logo, ad, website, etc. I open up my web browser and start looking. When something catches my eye I drop the image onto my desktop and start Illustrating an idea similar to it. Eventually it changes and becomes unique but I start with something as a model.

If you need to do your own graphics and design work I'd recommend copying others.

Here's how to copy me:

  1. Get good at Adobe Illustrator (Available on Adobe's Creative Cloud for a small monthly fee.)
  2. Train your eye to see good design (Search for people and companies known for good design. Look at their websites.)
  3. Do not focus on the complicated coding of websites. I use Wordpress and Wix so I can focus on my message.
  4. The biggest crimp in the marketing hour glass is the list. Focus on building a list.
  5. Never stop learning. Read, study, take courses online, purchase AWAI products and become a Master.

If you think you don't have enough time, start by shutting off your cable television or start watching something that has meaning.

Watch the movie Hiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix and learn to fall in love with your craft. The money I've made has always followed after the Mastery. The Mastery always followed after the "falling in love" phase. I fall in love with new things after spending time with it to find out what I like about it. I guess it's a lot like how people meet, fall in love and make a little miracle together. That's how to succeed as a creative person, in my opinion. I use the same laws of the universe to my advantage.

I'd recommend signing up at even though we're in pre-launch. This will be an awesome resource for anyone that runs a small business. I'm very excited about it.

Start dreaming of sushi.

Great advice Steve! I hope that this inspires you to incorporate some of his tips into your business. Please make sure you check out Steve’s work at

To a profitable partnership,

Jessica Kurrle
American Writers & Artists Institute

P.S. I am always here to help so if I haven’t addressed your question here or if you would like to suggest a topic to cover in a future newsletter, please write in to and I will do my best to get you an answer.

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Published: April 4, 2013

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