How to Choose a Writing Specialty

Yesterday we talked about why you should choose and combine a specialty and a niche. Today, let’s talk about how to choose a specialty.

First, you should spend some time thinking about what you want out of the “writer’s life” … Why are you doing this? What do you hope to gain?

A steady monthly income with part-time work? You might want to specialize in money-making websites.

Short, quick projects? You should consider e-newsletters or autoresponders.

Freedom? Nearly any specialty will give you the freedom to work from anywhere and according to your own schedule.

Once you figure out what you really want out of the “writer’s life”, pick the specialty that will allow you to have what you want most.

You might also consider the type of writing you’ve done already and enjoyed. Your specialty could be right in front of you.

For example, if you enjoy writing more editorial type content, you should think about specializing in blog posts or e-newsletters.

Finally, make sure there’s work in your niche and specialty combination before you jump into it completely. Here’s a great article on doing just that.

If you chose the pet industry and blog posts, there are likely plenty of clients who have or need a blog: vets, pet supply companies, animal trainers, dog food companies, etc.

But, consider how much they pay because blog posts typically pay less compared to copy that can be directly responsible for new purchases – such as sales letters or e-newsletters.

Do you have any questions about choosing a niche or specialty? If so, please comment here.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the exciting benefits of my new favorite specialty.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in a specialty that involves short, simple projects that “sell without selling,” check this out.

Creating Email Newsletters

Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms

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Published: April 25, 2013

6 Responses to “How to Choose a Writing Specialty”

  1. Okay, I have a niche, alternative healthcare. I tried contacting vitamin manufacturers. That did not work. I tried contacting an alternative healthcare school. That did not work.

    So what WOULD work?

    Guest (Citizen)

  2. If I may, alternative healthcare is a freaking huge industry. One I also plan on investing my time and energy in. I have chosen my niche (alternative healthcare) and combined it with my specialty (e-newsletter) and am freakishly excited about it.

    Perhaps you need to know who you are going to serve, rather than yelling that you would like to be of service. If service is your intent.

    I hope you narrow down who your ideal client is, 'cause I'd really like to be able to swap tales and hints.

    Guest (Willowedc)

  3. Christina:

    Do I have questions about choosing a niche?? Of my . . . YES.

    I have finally chosen specialties, white papers and autoresponders, however trying to find such work on the job boards is dismal. I have to admit I haven't tried marketing to those fields yet.

    I do agree that I need a niche. In fact, I have agreed with that philosophy for year but have not been able to figure it out.

    I have experience in Law Enforcement (too broad) with specific training in K-9 and forensic work (seems like this will be product descriptions, which won't pay much). My hobby is dogs (too broad) or maybe dog training (also, too broad), so you see I'm stuck. I'm not making any progress in choosing a niche.

    Thanks for any thoughts you have.

    Guest (Wally Mountz)

  4. I am not sure yet what will work for me, or what niche to take as I am new to AWAI and am only getting to know how it works.

    Thanking you.

    Guest (Michael3)

  5. Hi there. I didn't really know where to start so I just picked a niche (alternative medicine for women's issues). And then about a week later I learned about e-newsletters. Suddenly, prospective clients just started popping up out of the woodwork. Once you choose, the universe moves I. Your direction. So the key is to just choose. You can always do something different later.

    Guest (Me)

  6. Have those of you who have chosen alternative health contacted any individual health store owners, fitness centers and/or alternative health providers? These seem like obvious prospects. They are small business people, busy running their stores, with not much time to enhance web copy, blog, write newsletters, etc. Show them how your copy-writing services can increase their client base and bottom line.

    CK Williams

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