The Short, Simple, Easy Projects I’m Really Excited About

The Writer’s Life this week was all about choosing a specialty so you can get up and running (and making money) faster. You can learn enough to approach clients very quickly, and you can raise your prices as you get better.

As I mentioned, I’m jumping into a new specialty – customer relationship marketing through e-newsletters. As a writer for The Writer’s Life, it’s my responsibility to keep you updated on the best opportunities in writing.

Here’s why I’m so excited about my new specialty:

  • Right now, there are very few writers who know about this industry and even fewer working in it. In fact, I only know of one. But, even so, the demand is huge – and growing. Clients need e-newsletters because they are the best tool to nurture leads and keep in touch with previous clients. (Studies show that nurtured leads produce a 20 percent average increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads (according to DemandGen Report) and clients are eager to take advantage of this.)
  • The best industry for e-newsletters is professional service providers and the market is HUGE. Even if thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of writers jump into this specialty, there will still be plenty of work. There are 26 million professional service providers – or potential clients – in the US alone!
  • I’ll get to help small companies because smaller companies – like professional service providers – are the ones who benefit most from e-newsletters.
  • Clients who already have print newsletters are an easy sell on e-newsletters. They will save money on postage and printing. Plus, they’ll get immediate results from emailing a newsletter without worrying about managing it on their own.
  • Because e-newsletters are needed on an on-going basis (at least monthly), I can build layers of income with just a few clients.
  • Finally – my favorite reason – the projects are short, simple, and easy – which is exactly the kind of project I love.

There are a lot more benefits, but you can probably already see why I’m so excited about this specialty.

Comment here if you’ll be specializing in e-newsletters with me. I’m excited to meet you!

Creating Email Newsletters

Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms

Imagine enjoying the writer’s life — the freedom, the pay, the satisfaction of helping businesses — while writing short, fun content. Discover a little-known-but-extremely-profitable writing niche. Learn More »

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Published: April 26, 2013

19 Responses to “The Short, Simple, Easy Projects I’m Really Excited About ”

  1. No, I'm not except for myself in my own freelancing. But yes, this sounds like a great way to go! Go, Girl!

    Guest (Katherine)

  2. I've been reading the emails and going back and forth, trying to decide. I've kept the window with the sign up form open!


  3. Hey Christina,

    Great pieces this week! And yes, I'm in with you. I purchased the eNewsletter course since it's totally the kind of writing I love to do and it will give me the flexibility to target different clients. Keep us posted on your progress!



    Sally Eastwood

  4. Bought the program last week, Christina, so this week's series was quite timely. ;-)

    Yes, I'll be joining you in specializing in e-newsletters and looking forward to the opportunity!

    Hope we can stay in touch and encourage each other in the journey.


  5. Count me in!


  6. Christina, I've enjoyed the week - and the information and advice you've shared. I am much more optimistic about my future as a successful copywriter. I've been studying to strengthen my background for white papers and case studies - but I am so excited about the e-newsletter opportunites! Think I enrolled in the program within a couple of hours of the first announcement. So yes - I'm specializing in e-newsletters, too - & looking forward to it!


  7. Hi Christina,

    Re: "Clients who already have print newsletters are an easy sell on e-newsletters."

    I do hope that turns out to be the case.

    Before becoming a freelance web marketer, one of my jobs where I worked was to publish two different monthly B2B newsletters for 10+ thousand subscribers.

    I know from experience that companies who want newsletters will likely have no one on staff that can - or has the time to - write them.

    That, as you say, opens a whole new opportunity!


    Dale Hansman

  8. Christina, I am in the copywriting program right now, but I too will join you in e-newsletters, probably next week! So excited!


    Eileen Zohdi

  9. I'm very exciting about this course. I don't know if I want to exclusively focus on newsletters, but it's definitely a big part of what I do want to do. I love the regularity of it.


  10. Christina, like Eileen I'm doing double learning e-newsletters & copywriting - freakishly excited about both so yay!

    Have to admit for my taste "customer relationship marketing" sounds like a huge specialty. I'm going with Alternative Health Care Providers, as though that's daunting <snickering>.

    Ah well, the joy of a new venture is sorting out what you really meant when you stated your purpose.

    To our success, Willow


  11. Christina: I'll be joining you, too!!

    I purchased the program and am planning to market my services to CPAs and financial advisors--as a CPA myself for the past 24 years, I have the distinct advantage of being able to speak the language of a CPA (but now knowing how to cut out the jargon and technical tax terms and write in simple to understand language).


    Diane Aksten

  12. Hi Christina,

    Thanks for your posts this week they were all very helpful and full of useful information. I just purchased the ENewsletter program and I am very excited hope we can all share information Thanks again

    Guest (Brenda)

  13. Hi Christina,

    I don't know about specializing yet, but I did purchase the program as I think I prefer a "non-salesy" approach to copywriting. I'll see how it goes . . .

    Loraine Degraff

    Guest (Loraine)

  14. My husband and I are just starting out with our business, using our AWAI training. We have identified a need for professionals to stay connected with their clients, customers, patients, etc. We will be offering a variety of services, such as revamping neglected web sites, regularly updating web sites with fresh content and sending out electronic newsletters. I have just bought the eNewsletter course, and can't wait to get started!


    Penny Zibula

  15. Yep, Christina, I am jumping in with you! I am too excited about this opportunity! Let's talk!


  16. Very timely. I'm excited to go with you on this road!


  17. i am interested!

    Guest (saint olaf)

  18. I see how e-newsletters can be effective for professional services providers. But is there any reason why the would not work for product based sales companies? Is there any basic difference in the design or function of the newsletter campaign?


  19. I'm halfway through this program and loving every minute of it! It's motivating and informative ... and e-newsletters are going to be a definite specialty for me. Thanks for all your posts this week, Christina.


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