Unlock Hidden Gold in Your Old Computer Files

Mindy McHorse, back to talk about making a killer passive income from e-books.

Yesterday, you picked a topic you enjoy and would love to learn more about.

If you’re hemming and hawing between a few topics, you might find it easier to make a final decision when you go through the next step:

Writing your e-book.

You’ve got loads of approaches to choose from. You can do a “how-to” or “ask the expert” book. There’s also “step-by-step instruction,” “what not to do,” or “reference guide.”

A good way to start is to take your topic and think about what you most want to know about.

That’s the approach I’m taking with my topic. (If you missed my email yesterday, I’ve decided to write about the world of triathlons. My husband is the professional triathlete, I’m the professional supporter-who-watches-from-the-shady-spot-in-the-grass.)

When it comes to things he wants to know more about, it’s easy: faster transitions, eating while racing, and avoiding injury.

I want to know more about tasty snacks I can throw in a backpack. And how to keep small children entertained without resorting to candy bribes.

You know, another approach you might consider is to take content you’ve already written and just repackage it. You might have to make some edits or add an introduction, or even update some of the copy, but most of your work is already done. Or, you could elaborate on a topic you’ve already written about.

Comb through your own writing archives and see what’s there. You might be surprised to find loads of files with existing content you can use. (Think you have something you can repackage? Let’s talk about it here!)

Take note — if you do writing work for clients, this is another reason to work in a niche you enjoy. As you build your client base and earn regular income, you’ll also be building your knowledge base and copy archives for projects like e-books.

After you have the content, the next step is telling people about it. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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Published: April 30, 2013

7 Responses to “Unlock Hidden Gold in Your Old Computer Files”

  1. Mindy, this is an exciting challenge. I'm thinking of writing an ebook on dating, with a friend, actually starting with letters we've exchanged back and forth on the subject, support systems we've explored, helpful sites, etc. You're right, a lot of the writing is already there!
    What does your husband think of your ebook project? Is he on board, helping you write it? Good luck!

    Barbara Carson

  2. Hi Mindy, You've got me excited! Yesterday, after reading your article, I did re-package and re-format a book for an e-book. I just need to get a final edit, an ISBN and market it. (I think.)
    I'm looking forward to learning more.

    Guest (Doc Boatright)

  3. I'm also looking to write some e-books on computer technology. How do you go about doing market research to determine if a book idea is something that people are interested in reading?


  4. Barry - Search for your subject matter on Amazon and see what the results are on Amazon. Say your subject is network security. Search for network security in books on Amazon. It will show you related searches like "hacking", "computer security", etc. Note the number of results for network security - 26,216. Go to the next subject. Search and look for the results. Is it more or less? You get the idea. Don't forget Kindle editions. - Jim


  5. Hi Mindy. I write comical hunting articles and I know the hunting industry is big. I am also into Spiritual writing.I believe the comical realm would be my niche. Spiritual thoughts I don't know unless the Christian side of it would be a niche. This is where I am in the Christian realm.

    I have enough in both worlds to produce a couple of e-books. What I don't know is how long (page count, word count, etc.) it needs to be. I don't even know how to format how to format for an e-book.

    Guest (Mark Anderson)

  6. Thanks for the suggestion about repurposing content you've already written, Mindy. A couple of years back I created an audio book and put it on Lulu - but then they stopped audio products and only do ebooks and print books now. I've done nothing with it since then.

    You've inspired me to get someone to transcribe the audio book and then I can edit it and turn it into an e-book.

    Daniel G Taylor

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